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ROVING REPORTER RANTS: DIVINE WISDOM, WEALTH AND SIMPLE MORALITY --- SCHO...: Wealth is difficult. All that we spend a lifetime collecting, all this we lose with age; dying takes everything away. ...


          Wealth is difficult. All that we spend a lifetime collecting, all this we lose
with age; dying takes everything away.
          But the process of dying is much more painful than it needs to be,
if we have to give up all that we have gained.
           Personal wealth involves personal ego; losing all this
money and high social position can be agony. This is an agony of anger,
rage, humiliation when we are already at our weakest! When we are
sick unto death, who needs to be humiliated also?
           I have seen this and it's not pleasant. Of course, eventually,
when we are really passing on, the angels come. The agony goes,
and we know forgiveness.
            It's better to lose it all when you're still young
and strong or better still to give it away. What do
we really lose except our pride and a false
sense of superiority?
          Wisdom is: when you see the God of all things,
the One who is creating us, that this one is as pure
as anyone ever gets, as courageous as any
warrior can ever be, as clever as the greatest
genius! This holy One already embodies the highest
science. Already is stronger than any strength we
may have.
          At best, our strength is the strength of
Christ, let's say, or the Lord of the Meeting Rivers,
or the Lord of Hosts, or Buddha. And His strength
is greater than ours can be, as a separate ego,
because He knows He is deathless. And She knows
She will always rise again: the all-forgiving Mother.
          I like to say "the One Who Is Creating Us", or
the True One, because this One is beyond sex
and beyond all contradictions. And it's harder to
argue about or be nasty to each other about
this "One".
          Ultimate Wisdom is not so difficult, if you
are willing to give it all away and be One with
this Universal Principle, Who is currently
and forever creating what we are.
            Our egos cannot partake of the deathless
divine. Only our purest self and soul, which 
is really no self at all, but All Spirit, All Soul.
           When you die to your own particularities,
you are free.
             This is not complicated. It is difficult
because of its very simplicity.
               But no one wants to see this "secret" 
truth, because no one wants to die completely.
              The good part is - when your ego dies
completely, then God is born within you. And
you Realize your Ultimate Identity.

               This is Realization; this is Great
Enlightenment, and this is obvious, really.

                Of course, I am using way too many
words. But this is the Simple Morality: we
must give everything away in order to receive
                 What we give, we receive.

                 If we want to be near what is holy,
we must give everything away, and die to our

                  For what is holy, never dies. And
the divine is our ultimate Identity.

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ROVING REPORTER RANTS: NO GRADES, NO SCHOOL, NOTHING TO CLIMB.: I've done just enough meditation to know that the spirit world is real..I can feel various minds and souls touch me at night s...


         I've done just enough meditation to know that the spirit world is real..I can feel various
minds and souls touch me at night sometimes when I'm doing some sitting.
         It is said that the Buddha mind could penetrate walls and reach people far away,
and sometimes several people at once.
          I don't pretend to know a lot about meditation (Meditation for the Christians;
zazen for our Buddhist friends). But I do know you must not cling to your thoughts.
Watch them pass through your mind like leaves being washed downriver. And if you are in difficult

situations - losing your wife, or losing your job - or if you are in competition with someone else
over something you both consider valuable. Try to set these dramas aside a bit, and don't
give them any more power than they already have. Let these situations float a bit downriver
         Allow some of these people, or situations, or valuable prizes to remain in the large
window of your mind - but off to the side somewhere. Believe me, you have that power
          Don't think that meditation is difficult; its easy, People avoid it because they think
it's hard work; in fact, it is a great luxury. It's the greatest luxury ever known
to human kind.
          Now the voices will come. The voices and memories and   pictures in you mind of
someone you have loved: maybe that person has passed away, or is lost to you for some reason.
Well, let these loves and bright moments enter  your mind. And take the time to examine
these beloved memories; and do not be ashamed to shed a few tears. We all do. Any macho
person who denies this  is lying.
          Tears are OK. And after a time, maybe after a few days days of communion with
loved ones, you are able to clear your mind. We don't talk of emptying the mind, or forcing
your mind to be silent and absolutely still. It's impossible! The river always flows
inside you. Don't try to stop it. In fact, do not try!
          Don't try to do anything at all. And  don't seek either. What is it that  we lack? What is it that we must seek,  that we do not have within us already?
            What is it  that makes us run back and forth purchasing things?


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        Just a few references:  

                                                 Wilhelm Reich: orgone energy

                                                  Kundalini: The ancient snake wisdom in sex and yoga

                                                   Tesla, the wizard of electricity

                                                   Places of Power

                                                   Food, growing it and eating where you live
                                                   God,  your ultimate Identity




                 As we reach higher  grades of Mysticism, there are more things we have to synthesize.
                Just as when you walk out your door in the morning onto, say, 42nd Street,
you see a vast array of apparently different existences: a multitude of men and women,
vehicles and machines. It can be confusing for the student, who wants to run here and
there, chase this and buy that, and eat more of this. But we are students in the School
of Mystics and we are not on holidays, and recess has not been called. Yet. And it is
our Work in this school to see the Unity underlying all things.

                First of all, the problem of Identity. We are all God, but we don't know it yet.
In fact, the entire Universe is God, but this is supposed to be a secret. And its God's
secret, and He has to believe it Himself, or how can He have have any fun? God's
favourite game is "Hide and Seek"and He likes to play it with the Universe.
                We are not actually separate from God. We are part of the Universe. And the Golden Mean and the great spiral in the conch shell and in our DNA are how the Universe unfolds.
And during all this unfolding in all our lives, Mind rides the bronco at the core of the soul.

               We are born with egos and minds, and our parents tell us how special we are
and we are special and all the children are special, and the process of birth and
fertility is the process that makes us all special. And in fact Jehovah was originally
a fertility god, one of the same gods the Bible condemns later.
                In fact, the original Name of God means fertility. But don't believe me on this. I'm not an etymologist.  Read some John Marco Allegro. His site is or something close to that. And he is an etymologist, one of the translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and he'll take you back to the wild and wooly world, pre-Greek and pre-Hebrew to the ancient Sumerian, when written language was triangular shapes
stamped in clay, and the Spiritual Realm was seen in the stars. The Sumerian language
is the link between ancient Greek and ancient Hebrew. Many Biblical words and phrases
can now for the first time be understood by understanding the original meaning of the words
in Sumerian.

                 In  the mind of early man, someone had to fructify the space between the empty
furrows  of the field. And whoever did that... moistened the fields with seminal rain... well
He was God. And He is God and so is She, the earth that drinks the warm salty seminal rain
of spring
               Orgone energy comes from being One with the fertility of the earth and the sky.Orgone
enery somehow involves electricity  And a man or a woman who is filled with this energy may easily
come to orgasm  Psychological Liberation  is closely tied to being  physically orgasmic.  
                Wilhelm Reich wrote and taught about what he termed, "orgone" energy. He was interested in orgasm and  electricity; also in the electrical reality of the earth and it implications in the making of rain. He was a psychiatrist and attempts were made to discredit him. He was kicked 
out of the American Medical Association (whatever its name was then).

                    Reich's study of the reality he called orgone energy is closely connected to  Tesla's
study of Electricity.
                  Tesla didn't achieve a Doctorate, but  he achieved everything else,  including the discovery of Alternating Current.   So he's a Doctor
in the School For Mystics.  So is the "discredited"  Doctor Reich,  the psychiatric-electrical
sexual Liberation therapist.
                  If you're reading this, you're probably already aware of these people who could have been  our former graduates: Reich, Tesla, and Allegro. And if you're not aware of these heroes, let's make it our homework in Grade Two in the School For Mystics to research them.
                  This is necessary in order to achieve the Synthesis that is our goal. For in order
to graduate in the School Of Mystics it is necessary to attain the ancient realization that is
our goal .This Realization is non-sectarian. It is not the product of any
religion exclusively. But it is the heart and core of all Spiritual Paths.
                    Psychological and sexual liberation are intimately related to this realization
of fundamental reality

                       Just as you ought to live where you want to die, you should be able to
grow and prepare food where you live.
                        It's time for me to learn about cooking and food, maybe visit some
bulk barns.
                         Food is given us by Our God of Fertility.  Food  is given us
so we may also be fertile. The One Who Is Creating Us  gives us fruits and vegetables 
with seeds so that His Seed will continue, and we may live, and our seed in turn will grow.
Seed is at the heart of the spiritual, and the source of what is holy in all different

                           Lightning strikes the earth. The warm salty rain of spring
inseminates the furrows of the fields. Seed is at the core of  human life, and all
life. There is no more moral issue than this.
                            Food and fertility,  orgasm and  electricity.
For the mystic, One synthesis.

                            Out of this Synthesis,  we see the beginnings of the Morality of Law.

                            Grade Two in the School for Mystics.



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               "If we acknowledge the existence of telepathy, we must be open 
                        to the possibilities of magic."


               The phrase "elucidate the nature of reality", I find this phrase a little arrogant. Up north here we have the notion of The Trickster God. 
                The existence of this aspect of reality is more than a notion.
                 I was sitting in a roadside bar by the ocean near St. Anne's Bay, Jamaica, one time. This
bar is basically a twelve by twelve tin box, but with a great view of the ocean. (You can feel the spray of the waves when a big one hits.)  About ten of us were sitting there drinking Wray and Nephew full strength over proof white rum. And we were telling stories about duppies. 
A 'duppy' is a ghost in Jamaica and you don't talk about such things unless you are drinking
something strong.
                  Duppies are taken seriously in Jamaica, and you don't usually laugh about such things. Anyway we were laughing, and one guy shouted out: "Truly, man. I've seen shit that'll 
turn you white!"
                   We were laughing then, but we didn't laugh for long. And I noticed, after that subject,
it didn't take long for the bar to clear.
                    Near where I lived when I was a kid, there was a path called "Duppy Walk." People sometimes used it during the day, but you'd rarely ever hear of anyone using the path at night, and during a full moon?  Forget it!  Only one man regularly walked it during the full moon, but he was
considered dangerous and mad. He was a close friend, but you had to watch him.
                     If you played polo against him, he'd charge you with his horse.

                     It's the same with the Trickster God.  Horrible things happen, which I suppose
a god might find funny -  but very few humans are laughing!
                     The sort of thing that happens, a man might be known as excessively tidy and careful about his lawn. Then he comes home one night and his house is on fire.
                      This is a bad example, but you get the idea.

                       Or you brag about how every time you see a black bear, the bear runs away.
And that very night after you go to sleep, a bear enters your tent.

                       So I want to be careful about using phrases like. "Elucidate the nature of reality."
There is consciousness in this universe in places where you'd least expect it.
                          When I get arrogant, things break down. Big things.
Or the northern lights descend around me and do a dance.                       
                         When you're setting out ten points defining the nature of reality,
you'd better leave room for a little magic. Because more than a little magic

                        You can't cover the whole waterfront in ten points.
                        So much cannot be contained in words.   I guess this is obvious.                                     We cannot rely on words to convey the deeper realities. For example, how do we explain
how consciousness travels before and after death? I have experienced this, but
can I prove it?
                        We know telepathy exists. Most of us have experienced some 
form of it. Can we explain it? Will words ever express such things? It is said,
"Not only is the universe more intricate and vast than we imagine; it may be
more intricate and vast than we can imagine."
                          We can't rely on words. I guess this is why we use music,
chanting and art.
                            It is also said: "Nobody sees the obvious."
                            And since it is nearly Thanksgiving, please permit me to
give thanks for the miracle all around us.




Monday, October 3, 2011


        I have been asked to elucidate  the nature of reality
and morality in ten points.



          This challenge comes out of a heated discussion with
a Doctor of Philosophy. I made the statement:

        "The difficulty with Western Philosophy is it creates problems
  where none exist."
        This angered him He called me some names, and I remember calling him a few ugly names two.  This "profound" discussion had degenerated into two children throwing sand at each other in the sandbox.
         He talked about the complexifIcation of matter into life. 
          And I said, "Yes, yes. I`ve heard the theory - energy complexifies
into life; life complexifies into consciousness; consciousness complexifies into Consciousness. "                                                  *
           "Through us the Earth comes to know itself"      ***

            "Exactly!" he said.  "Reality is complex. And so the
complexity of Western Philosophy is justified!"
            "No, it`s not!" I say. "What makes grasping the nature of reality
difficult... is not its complexity. What makes grasping the nature of
reality difficult... is its profound simplicity. Nobody sees the obvious."
             "Nonsense!" he says.
              And so I said, "I can elucidate the nature of reality 
in ten points."                   ((No one can do this, but...))

               Here goes!

        (1) Matter is energy.

        (2)  Spirit is energy

            It is all in how you focus your mind - which aspect of energy you choose to focus on. 
            In no way, in no place  and at no time does "matter" stand in opposition to "spirit".
       (3)Matter is spirit.

           There are not two worlds, but only one.  There is not a fallen world, called `the earth` and a higher world, called `heaven`.

           This kind of thinking allows us to debase the earth and not to respect our own lives.

        (4) We are already in heaven.

             Everywhere and in every place there is heaven. There is no place that is not divine. 
             Though I admit when you spend sixty days in solitary confinement, with very little light and no distractions whatsoever, at first it is hard to see the infinity and divinity of all things.

             Remember, I am not a philosopher; I am a mystic. There's a big difference. You won't find me having long intellectual discussions. The time for that is past.
             Instead it is time for realization and sight into the very nature of the soul.

          (5) We are already in hell.

                Hell is here, too. Every place is hell, if that's where we
choose to be
                The "sole and sovereign agent" is the human mind.  **
                With our mind we can choose to live wherever we want 
within the energy that has been provided us.
          (6) Eternal damnation does not exist.                 

               There is nothing in the future worth spending time anticipating.
                  The anticipation in itself becomes wrong. There are certain kinds of hope that are very bad for us, evil even.

          (7)  The present alone exists.
                This is the literal truth. The future and the past are just daydreams.

                     (Meister Eckhart agrees with this in his writings. See also
                      Northrop Frye, "The Great Code." "Myth is the language
                      of the present.")


                  Our teachers did not adequately teach us; our leaders did not lead properly. In history, those of them who had the audacity to call themselves 'priests' have not behaved in a priestly fashion.

                   "Those who had the keys to the Kingdom did not enter; and they did not permit anyone else to enter." ( The Gospel of Thomas).

                     (8) There is an inherent morality in all things.
                       No future judgment is necessary; we live where we deserve to live. This is judgment enough.  If you are possessive and grasping most of the time, chances are you are living
in the lower realms. If you are living in the chaste light of the bodhisatvas and saints, you may be living in an untold luxury of bliss. You might feel so light that you can float
away into the sky

                       (9) Evil is "the negation of what is."

                         After a proper seeking with the mind, we can be one with all things our  identity can become Identity.

                        (10)  mind seeks out Mind.



                         In fact, it seems very few of these heavenly beings choose to move on and reside in utter joy. They somehow reside in a
shared consciousness beyond death They stay with  the rest of us who are busy punching and pulling, speeding and grasping:
we who through the use of weapons make this world an utter hell, 
worse even than the realm of grasping needs to be.

         The sole and sovereign agent is the Mind. And by "Mind" I mean heart-mind, spirit-mind and body-mind.
         Many people seem to intensely believe that this life and this earth are some kind of preliminary preparation zone. We live here and then we get to our real life in heaven. And there is some truth in this, the spirit after death does travel on, like an eye crossing
            It is said that the Mind of the Buddha can travel through all the realms and this is certainly true of Christ as well. The closer we get to this Mind, which is the innermost mind of each and every one of us, the closer we get to Identity (it has also been called `Incarnation`) , the more light and free we are.
               To realize this Mind is to taste and know the eternal.
             The fundamental  nature of reality. The rewards of this study and this sitting is that consciousness goes deep.  We come to think in a new language, a language in which  'subject' is not opposed to 'object.`
              The divisions with which we habitually think and through which we see the world - they are very limiting - these artificial delineations, we can see beyond these, and when
we do, our intelligence is not so easily captured by those who attempt to engage us in conflicts. The method of manipulation is, "distraction, distraction, distraction"... "divide and conquer."

              "Spirit" vs "matter" is a division that does not exist. "Heaven" and "hell" are not two different places.  "Spiritual" vs "physical:" in fact, the physical world is not a lower reality. The spiritual world is not a higher reality.
                "As above, so below." 
                 The external galaxies and cosmos are no more vast than the universe within.(This could be point 11, but we have only 10 points) 
                 So it is with the artificial division: "man" and "God". We walk with  'The One Who Is Creating Us' with every step we take, with every thought we think. 
                Our mind is His Mind and His/Her Mind is our mind in the most fundamental way.
                In the most enlightened realms,"One knows and one is 
known."  (the Gospel of Philip.) 
                Meditation becomes like a mirror... in it
man is reflected by God.
               We can adequately speak of very few things, and certainly we cannot express a mystery such as this in words.
                 Why is this  important? If we continue to think with artificial  divisions locked in our minds, if we are chained to these divisions, mesmerized by duality, freedom will not come to us.
               Also, the soul-bending moralities that come with these limited ways of thinking... well, we see what happens - a cloud of delusion persists in the minds of our people.
                  In the midst of this ignorance and cloud of delusion, we are incapable of real thought; and we are easily manipulated.


                     Further Discussion

                    So we fight wars that make  obscene amounts of money for other people. 

                  Those rulers who know how to manipulate the greed and desires of the people they rule over. Such people control the attention span and cultural focus of our civilization - us!
                  As long as our cynical leaders and rulers are able to captivate our focus and attention with false issues, we will keep giving our deep intrinsic power of awareness over to them.
                 As long as we give in to distraction
such shallow leaders will  remain in power for a long time. 

                 People are cashing in on the lives of our own brothers and sisters at the expense of our own immaculate planet.
                 Once we realize the divine immensity of this dancing universe; once we remember the galaxies, the suns, stars,  and orbiting  jewels -  that they  exist within us...
                Once we apprehend the infinity within our own psyche, and  understand the fact that the individual is sovereign, we will not be so easy to manipulate.  

                                                                *Teilhard de Chardin
                                                                           **Ralph Waldo Emerson
                                                              ***D.T. Suzuki

                                                             Respectfully submitted,    R.R.

                                                   Discard nothing, everything
                                                   may serve.    Carpe Diem
                                                                        ______  _____

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               According to the above definition it's easy to go  mad. MAD not as in 'angry', but MAD as in loony, nuts, ranting, raving, bug-eyed crazy. As in CERTIFIABLE, as in "A danger to yourself or others..." Or someone you haven't even met yet.
               It used to take the signatures of two doctors to lock you away... Now it's a lot easier.
All you have to do is wrap a towel around your head and start looking like a terrorist.

                Sometimes I pontificate. But isn't this exactly what I'm complaining about? Too much Poping, and not enough of the real discussions between the Master and his disciples.
Trust me, ha! ha! but their sessions were a lot more like questions and answer exchanges
like this:

              Q: Lord, who are you?
               A: I am what you are.
               Q: Who am I, then?
                A:  He who drinks of the waters that bubble from my mouth
                       shall be as I am and I shall be he, and the hidden things will
                        be revealed to him.


                 I'm not making this stuff up! It comes straight from the Gospel of Thomas.
The early Master saying, Don't imitate my life.' Know me and you will know yourself.'He's talking about your innermost nature.
                  He's talking about  being your innermost identity, not what you read about in a book. Right here! Right now!   "Split a piece of wood and I am there"
                  It takes work to find out who and what you are. It's a quest. In fact, it's the Quest that is at the core of our culture.
                   What we need is for our brave sons and daughters to go on this quest. It's the only way to rejuvenate the heart of our culture.

                    This a quest that starts with the head and ends with the heart.

                     Whoops! Enough said. I was attempting to write about humour. And it's funny I'm writing about humour; I haven't laughed for a month and a half.
                      It takes other people to make you laugh.
                      I was a little harsh the other day with the "Born Again" path. Truth is, being born again can change your life and make you a better person. It's the path of the heart.
                       There's just a whole lot more to the circus.

                        It's said serious drinkers drink alcohol to regain a "sense of possibilities"
                        Truth is, I'm terribly hung over. I can barely see the keys as I type. So I'm not laughing yet...
                        Maybe by the next article           '                   


Monday, August 1, 2011


        It is a little known fact that there are ancient, sacred Indian sites located right here in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, not to mention a  number of other places which exist in North America.
         Everybody's always talking about Indian Burial Grounds, perhaps because they like to think of the Indian cultures as being dead. Or perhaps it's because of the respect most North American Indians have for the dead as well as the living. At any rate, there are a lot more sites around than just burial grounds. The native cultures always had respect for what are called, Places of Power.
         And so do I respect such places, why? Because it is a lot easier to have a mystical experience at a Place of Power than not at such a place - the Bat Cave at Bali, for example. Now the Bat Cave at Bali is a place of power, but it is a very busy place of power. And if you're at a very busy place of power, you are going to have a lot of trouble with your concentration.
         Now a busy Place of Power might be a good place for someone to start, if that person has 
a very busy mind. The Bat Cave might be good for such a person. Or there are several Monkey Temples available in India which serve exactly the same purpose. By observing the monkeys in ceaseless action, you can meditate on the monkey-like nature of the human mind, one thought endlessly chasing another, like monkeys in the tree tops, chasing each others' tails.
         But why are we in Grade One of the School For Mystics, and not in Kindergarten any more? Because we have learned that it's not necessary to go searching  two-thirds of the way around the world for a Place of Power, when you might have a better one in your own back yard - or within 500 miles or so, anyway.
        Now the Zen people might well scoff at places of power; they'll likely say, "The real Place of Power is within you." And they would be right and wrong at the same time. This is a discussion for another day, and maybe never..
        I should point out, also, that bat caves and monkey temples are not necessary in North America, and especially in Canada, because we have mosquitoes and black flies. And these will keep the busy mind quite busy indeed!

        At any rate, this particular site has seven circles of stone - let's call it one continuous pathway that climbs in circles. And you can see the places carved into the stone where the peace pipes were placed,
        Twenty years ago, when I first visited this spot, quite by accident, ha! ha!, I was told to take my shoes off.
         "This must be a sacred site, then," I said.
          The woman who was showing me around then said: "We're not sure. It's just that I've played here since I was a little girl, and whenever we played here we always took our shoes off..."

           So I took my shoes off, but rather than walk the full distance around and follow the stone circles, I stepped across them, and when I improperly reached the Place of Power at the centre and the top of the hill, a cat snarled at me.
            This place was still strong enough to animate a guardian at the core, even after a thousand years. I found this very interesting.
            Now very few Indians want to talk about this sort of thing with white men, because they are convinced that white men are too stupid to understand the meaning of the word, "sacred."
White men, it is thought, spend far too much time indoors to ever understand the spirits of living things, which all twine together into One Great Spirit.

            What was in the peace pipes? Well, let us say a mixture of herbs and mushrooms which, once smoked, to say the very least: increased the concentration of the aspirants.
             I asked my friend Joe, who happens to be an Indian who believes in the Socratic method of teaching, but I doubt he calls it that. I asked him what he thought the Indians were doing at this mysterious site one thousand (1,000) years ago. He was non-committal. Instead of answering me with a statement, he just asked me another question.
             "I can't say. It's really up to you, you know," he said, "What do you think?"

Sunday, July 31, 2011



        I was looking at my profile  some place and I saw the words: "Singer, Poet, Mystic, Rhythm guitar." And maybe it was early in the morning before my coffee, or maybe it was a low blood-sugar moment, or an instant of terminal guilt, but I thought the word, "mystic" was pretentious, and I removed it...
        Then I was thinking, "Jesus, the word, "poet" can be pretty pretentious, too!" And hell, yes, that's right - some people are poets some of the time, but are there any people who are poets all of the time?  Certainly not me. And not anybody I've ever met or read about, read, or written about either.... No.... Yeats worked pretty hard at it, and all in all you'd have to sum him up as a poet, but he was an idiot some of the time, just as I am.
         Willie Shakespeare, well there's a guy who almost thought entirely in poetry, but he had his dark spots, too - moments of really, angry, hopeless despair. But read his sonnets and tell me he's not a poet, well. no one's going to tell me that. And Coleridge, look at his essays
on various forms of meter, and he's a duck you really have to call a poet; just look at the focus and concentration he put into his trade. He got pretty good results, too.
         So the word poet fits, somehow, but the word, 'mystic'?  Who on God's Green Earth
would ever be presumptious enough to call himself/herself that?

          Well, take my time in Bali, for example.
           Bali is a beautiful mostly green island in the midst of Indonesia. Indonesia is a huge Moslem culture,  and marketplace in south east Asia.
             Bali is primarily Buddhist; and the people of Bali consider their Island to be the centre of the earth, maybe of the Universe
             One of the most sacred sites on Bali, however is the bat cave. Apparently the bat cave runs the entire length of the island and there are millions of bats in it (no exaggeration). And these are not North American sized bats, these fellas are quite a little bit bigger and faster.
              My friends and associates were throwing a big party on the beach, lighting a large bonfire. There was to be live music, lots of good food, wine, rice wine, hallucinogenic substances from natural sources, dancing, swimming, a real hoe-down to watch the tides come and go on the beach and the sun set and rise and set again... Lots of attractive women, etc., etc..
               Did I go? No!
               I sat outside the bat cave with water and nuts and a small pillow, so I could sit very still. I was there two hours before dusk, so I could see millions of bats swoop off and leave the cave. I sat fifteen feet away from an altar which was just covered in bat shit.
               The mouth of the cave was about twenty (20) feet in diameter. And when evening came, I sat very still and watched an unbelievable outpouring of bats out of the cave. I must admit to feelings of deep fear and terror. I put a rag between my teeth and bit down upon it
to stop myself from making horrible sounds.
                The outpouring lasted well over forty minutes. When I stood up, finally, my legs were shaking. I walked over to a steep hillside and watched the party from a distance. Two hours before dawn, I was sitting again and I felt the wind of an almost solid stream of bats returning to the large cave opening.
                 Once again I sat very still for hours.

                  Now you might think only an idiot would do something like that, when there was a perfectly good party going on nearby. I certainly was considering the nature of my own idiocy for a good part of the night.
                   But when the bats were flying, there was no time for such thoughts - my "piggy-back consciousness" had entirely disappeared. And I have to say, something touched me that night, more than just bat-wings. Perhaps I was waiting for the Voice of the One Who Is Creating Us to whisper something in my ear.
                    At any rate, I pulled vigils like this at different places all over the planet - a sacrificial platform on Easter Island, the steps of the burning ghats at Varanasi, well before dawn. And I have to say, at some spots, vision did come. And other places nothing much arose.
                    One thing I can say for sure is that "places of power" exist on this planet.
                     And it turns out there is such a place, here in my own back yard.

                      See Article - Archeological Find at Trout Lake, northern Ontario, Canada.
                       Now, let's be honest. The above noted attempt at mystical Realization is an example, of a young man still in the kindergarten of the School of Mystics, if there were such a school in the West, which there is not. (Although there is quite a reputable Zen Temple in Rochester, New York).
                       This article is so silly, I'm going to have to stop writing it.
                        Caveat Lector.

Saturday, July 30, 2011



               O.K, they  came to me out of the mists the other night at 3:00A.M., also out of the forensic wards of a major educational hospital located in the environs of the Province's Capital. And if that isn't vague enough for you, let me also say that this event was long ago and far away ha! ha! and well beyond the statute of limitations of all independent nations which speak in recognizable tongues.
               What was being said to me in the middle of the night was scarcely recognizable. But it sounded like this: "There is a woman who feels she must be branded.... in order to achieve what all women wish to achieve." (This blog is now available to all ages, so we must be delicate)
                "We've had her locked up for the past seven months, but we really do not feel justified in holding her any longer. She's basically an intelligent, witty, delightful person - with just one horrible and monstrous and psychic black hole of an obsession."
                 "Sound's interesting," said I. I just happened to be up at that hour, the  "hour of the dead"
in most hospitals, "Tell me more."
                 "Well, we tried ECT on her. (This means electrical shock therapy) And she seemed to enjoy it! Not the shock itself, of course, because she could scarcely feel that - but the idea of being strapped down to a table, fed a tongue depressor, and being hit with something that made her quiver and spasm..."
                  "I understand! I understand!" I say. I believe in shock therapy myself, but I am not licensed to administer electro-shock. I believe more in what I call,  MINDSHOCKS, sudden,
surprising moments that blow all thought out of the human brain, rather like a high pressure hose cleaning out the cylinders and pistons of the gasoline engine. I guess you can say I believe in "Blowing The Mind" as we used to call it, but only in a positive way and for a positive result - to facilitate further and better flow.
                    "She got it in her mind," the Good Doctor was saying, "That only by being tried down naked over a rock and branded on the buttock... could she ever achieve the orgasm she very definitely needs, and one might even say, ' requires'."
                      This called for a drink from the office bottle, which I keep in several hidden drawyers
in the counter beside my desk. (There is more than one office bottle). I pass the goblets around and I pour the brandy. Only brandy will do at such a time of inveterate introspection.
                        I asked the psychologist if she understood the direction this conversation was taking, and boy did she ever! She was ahead of me.  She said, "I vill go downstairs 'maintenant' and light
ze bed of coals."
                         "First a toast!" We all stand. And raise our glasses... "To science!" I say. We all clink glasses and drain our cups."
                          Our psychologist went downstairs. I heard a door slam and then the sound of the heavy garage door opening slowly at the end of its chains.
                           You must light the coals in an airy space.

                            "Where is she?" I ask the altruistic scientist.
                             "Over there!" he points out the window. I walk over and look down. Ye Gods there is a paddy wagon parked in the middle of my driveway!
                              "Of course, she must be restrained... always." says the good doctor.
                               "Understand," I say, "But at least let's turn off the lights!" Flashing blue lights
were circling across the trees and the lake and my neighbour's bedroom window. Oh, and there was my neighbour sitting on his porch steps, staring listlessly at the emergency vehicle.
                                It's O.K. My neighbour is also a medical man. He understands such urgencies.
But was he questioning his association with me, even back then? It was impossible for me to tell.

                               The psychiatrist spoke into a small radio in the inside of his lapel. The lights
went off immediately.
                                I do not think it's prudent that I finish reporting this entire case at this time. But let me only say, the woman was unshackled and then shackled again in a more compromising position. She did achieve her goal, but it was not exactly as she had imagined it would be.
                                 I must caution my readers that Fetish and reality can be disappointingly different. And only a very rare person will achieve orgasm the moment a branding iron touches her bare flesh. The pain is extreme and intense beyond all imagining, and not really conducive to pleasure of any kind.
                                   It is the aftermath which is sometimes rewarding.   

                                                                                              Case 7:  Respectfully submitted.



Friday, July 29, 2011


                I just spent 48 hours in the most mind-numbing pain imaginable. Every time  I put my foot down to attempt a step in the midst of a dark night, in a dark forest, in a pitch- black cabin above a dark lake; every time I put a little w eight on my left foot, the whole world would brighten noticeably.
                It was as if there was a 40 watt bulb inserted in unseen track lighting in the back of my skull. And that bulb was connected directly to my swollen left foot, ankle and toe. And every time I put weight on that foot (which was swollen up like a like a ten sausage boil) the incandescent bulb in my brain  would brighten noticeably
                 There I was standing on a flat rock circled by eight 100 foot red pine trees my foot'd
squeeze down on the ancient granite of the Laurentian Shield, and all of a sudden the forest was bright all around me... And I'm thinking, "Jesus, who turned on the lights?"
                 And the forest wasn't just suffused with light, but a strange intensity of sound helped light up all the trees as well, And after a few seconds of this strange experience of light and sound, all washing around the trees and lighting up towards the heavens, I realized that I was hearing the magnified sound of my own scream, which in some mystic way, penetrated the rocks and trees around me.
                 I was on crutches and as I lifted my left foot off the ground, the forest darkened and I couldn't see so well, and the wall of sound disappeared. But as I took the next step, all was brightness once again...

                It's a strange sensation, and it's one I'm sure that many of you have had when agony suddenly fills your being and pain rings your torso like a gong. At such times you hardly even notice the sounds you make because pain is the more immediate reality, the deeper existential fact.
               Now I come from an ancient northern people, a tribe that has known about pain from the beginning - a sudden mind-numbing pain such as you feel when some fool strikes you across both shins with a steel bar... everything goes quiet for a second or two, then there is this strange brightness and sound that seems to come from everywhere at once.
                The reason my family has always loved to focus on such events of sudden hideous unimaginable agony, is this: such surprise gifts from the cosmos of sheer, unexpected mind-twisting  pain, such moments are, almost entirely, the  source of the sense of humour of my
                 Uncle Fred tried to kill a large ugly fly against the wall of a log cabin, and as he swung
the bottom of the saucepan (8 inches in diameter) in an attempt to crush the fly, he connected with cousin Walt's forehead instead of the fly.
                  There had to be about twelve of us sitting around the woodstove drinking a mix of moonshine, alcools, and various juices ( called a "Purple Jesus Punch"). And after Fred connected
there was silence for three seconds, and the sound of a gong, then a wave of hilarity such as I had never heard in my entire life up to that point. Several guys were rolling on the floor; one man fell out through the door. And my entire  extended family was screaming with laughter, crying they were laughing so hard - laughing so that they couldn't catch their breath.
                It's one of those moments that stays with you for the rest of your life, and always gets a response out of you, if the person survives the event, and sometimes even if he doesn't. It's as if God's Flyswatter comes down and, "WHACK!" it's all over. And even if death occurs, if you look closely around the family circle, you'll notice that most of the buggers are surpressing a laugh

                As I was making my way out of the woods, down a goat path towards the lake, each time I stepped on the hot swollen foot, the night'd light up and my screams would fill the trees.
                 It was a forty hour ordeal without alcohol or painkillers, and about a six hour wait in the hospital with sweat running down my back, and down my forehead and between my eyes, trying all the while not to scream and scare the kiddies in the emergency room.
                    A few low-pitched quavering grunts of pain did escape my lips every twelve minutes or so when I moved my leg; and it was enough  to make two or three infants cry, but that was about it. I noticed that after about 2 1/2 hours they moved me into a back room, where I waited another 3  so hours. My hideous bellows were more acceptable back there.
                      I must say though, the experience of 40 continuous hours of agony, clears your mind in a most surprising way. Even now, back at my office, after I have swallowed a handful of anti-inflamatories of the highest strength available, even now the room seems preternaturally bright, as a thunderstorm sweeps the streets outside. I must say (now that's  its over), that it was a cleansing experience, rather like the rain just now below...
                       Ha! Ha! The experience of that quarter mile portage, dragging a canoe through the night, bellowing like a mad ox and swinging my axe at the stars - well, it will be one of those 'special' moments of my life. You never forget experiences of mind-bending  pain. And now that it's over (Oh please say that it's over!) I've already started to almost chuckle about it.
                       Well, no that's bullshit. It's too soon for laughs. All I get is quavers of fear, and I fall forward on my knees and beg and spit up flem at the same time.
               Then when I scuttle back and crawl up onto my chair in the twilight, a sense of holiness fills the room...                                                     
                This is how we pray in the north.
                                                                                                                             Caveat Lector.

Thursday, July 28, 2011



            The difference between being  (A) Being "Born Again"  and (B) experiencing  Christian  "Realization" is a great difference. A great divide separates the two.
             (A) The path of most modern day Christianity is the path that leads to the "born again"
experience. What is necessary for this path is to follow the principles of the "established Bible"
with blind obedience.
                  Unfortunately,  blind faith leads often to further blindness - the acceptance of "Creationism", six thousand years back to the garden of Eden and a world created in seven days. It's Daddy's World. And you know what?  There's nothing really wrong with blind obedience in daddy's world. I'm a daddy myself; and I do appreciate it when my children do what they're told, when they're told.
                  So long as they remain children, that is!
                  You have to say "no" to kids  or they don't feel loved. Also you have to say no or most kids wouldn't live past the age of 8.
                    But blind faith only takes a person  so far. There's a big difference between  'trusting' that things are all right and 'knowing' that things are all right.
                     Now that we are adults, and we know how to cross the street ourselves, neither the Church nor the Government needs  to keep ugly facts from us, unless, of course. they have something to hide!

                      (B) The path of Realization. Realization comes from  "a great spirit of inquiry." It is what happens at the end of the Grail Quest.  Christian Realization exists, though millions might argue otherwise. But in the spirit of honesty, Christian Realization does not differ much from Buddhist or Hindu "Enlightenment"; kensho or satori also exists in Islamic terms, which a study of the Sufis will make plain.
                        There is a purpose to the dance of the whirling dervish, and that purpose is to clear the surface mind and allow for "inquiry" deeper and  deeper into the psyche of the dancer.
Think of it in terms of "the zone" fine athletes all over our Globe understand' start with the zone,
an awareness without thought, then allow the mind to go deeper.
                         At the end of the journey, there is Realization. The problem with being born again is this: it's the same person who is born again. Realization involves a change of identity, so it's a very different animal.

                          This is what the earliest Christians taught, make no mistake. Now they are derided as being "gnostics". But the gnostics were just early Christians seeking a "knowing experience" of the Christ, who they knew to be their ultimate identity. Not some special  teacher with miraculous powers, but rather a heart-mind so basic as to be the eternal reality of all men and women. 
                          And when the Christ, the Anointed One, is known to be the basic reality of all men,
is this not the real proof of His divinity?And we are linked  to the Same? If this divinity is the innermost nature of us all, then what's the problem?  We don't need to study the life of a teacher who lived 2,000 years ago.  We don't need more priests! 
                          We need Modern Shamans, guides who can lead us on that longest journey - to the place that is closest of all - our inner Home, our soul, our innermost nature:  God within. "Cleave a block of wood, I am there. Lift up a stone and you will find me there." Gospel of Thomas.
                           In the east, when a person says, " I have found the answer, I am Buddha! Between heaven and earth I alone exist" he is congratulated. Then he is told he has  much work yet to do.
                           In the west, you start saying, "I have found my innermost nature: I am Christ!"
Believe me, you will not be congratulated."

                           All this will change as our society matures.
                            But the maturation of the Christian world could have started 2,000 years ago! Instead some evil deceptikons stole the keys to the Kingdom and camouflaged the way to the door.

                                                                     *   *  *


                    Almost without exception, the Empire Church has treated its flock as children or "sheep" if you would prefer. Let's be honest, it has been far more profitable for the church
to keep its congregation in an infantile state.
                    After all, there are lots of things that kids really should not know. The complete translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls, for example. It's better not to give a full translation. The church is looking out after you - it's considering your best interests - by not allowing a full translation.
                    You must remember, every one who was appointed to translate the scrolls
was a cleric of some sort, and by their actions, you can see they all agreed. There are some facts the congregation should not see. "Because it's past their bedtime!"

                     John Allegro was the only man who came up with a full translation of the scrolls and fragments he was allocated. And when he told the truth and personally released the translation
of his part of the task (within years, not decades) he was maligned, "discredited" and publicly rebuked. His career suffered terribly until his death
                 Note: He was never actually discredited, because his translations were dead on. And John Allegro has been completely vindicated in the last ten years, or so.  (See the work of Jan Irwin in "The Pharmacratic Inquisition" - Youtube). There is also a Russian scholar who has  completely vindicated Allegro.

                  Allegro took the time to learn ancient Sumerian, which turned out to be a key in understanding the hidden codes in both the Old and New Testaments. Sumerian, it was also discovered, was the unknown link between ancient Greek and Hebrew.

                  In 1945 there was  the discovery at Nag Hammadi, Egypt. It was the same situation as would be found later at Qumran. Scrolls two thousand years old were discovered hidden in earthen jars in caves by the Nile. In this case, actual gospels were discovered. Several of these gospels were meant to have been in the Bible.
                   I've written about these facts in earlier blogs. But I've got to say: "Some of this stuff really burns my ass!" The lies! The damned lies! The utter mendacity!



               Realization has been passed down to us over many thousands of years; it is ancient and
fundamental; it has even been called the "Fundamental Fact" of human existence. Through it subject and object become one; the lower I dissolves completely into the great I AM. Until there is nothing left, and integration is complete.
                But there must be nothing left of the old identity. Why so? Why did ancient priests sing
"Hymns to Annihilation"?  Why would they want complete ego death?"
                Because " Once you are nothing, you are everything", one mystic says; "You can see clearly, and "no longer through a glass darkly."

                But this is tricky, the psychologist says: "Complete ego death before a person achieves psychic health can lead to actual death - unless something arises to fill the void within."
                 Well, yes.  There is a down side. When we have a system in the West to re-assure the seeking pilgrim that he/she is not going crazy, it will help  in a major way. Each seeker, every one, must pass through the dark night of the soul and the Chapel of the Black Hand .                  
                 It's not easy... No one ever said it was. For it is a quest that will cost the journeyman not less then everything.
                 "And when I was nothing, I was everything!"  D.H.Lawrence wrote in his poem,  "Song of a Man Who Has Come Through."        (See his "Collected Poems.")