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Trout Lake Monster

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The Trout Lake Monster is an alleged animal, identified neither as to family or species, but claimed to inhabit Trout Lake inOntario. There is a controversy amongst the residents of North BayOntario regarding the existence of the creature. Some residents say that there have been long-time stories of large swells of water, shadows, and figures of various proportions and sizes, while others say that these claims have only come about in modern times. The story of the monster amplified after the mysterious disappearance of Margaret and Allen Campbell (along with their family dog) who went missing May 25, 1956. Apparently, after eating lunch they went out in their fiberglass boat, and were never seen again.[1][2] In 2006 the Ontario Provincial Police, on a lead from a recreational fisherman; using high-tech imaging equipment were lucky to discover both bodies on the bottom of the lake, not far from the couple's cabin. Their boat was also found nearby on the bottom of the lake. Additionally, a local resident on Trout Lake discovered a large tooth when swimming at Camp Island. This tooth was brought to the Ministry of Natural Resources and destroyed in an alleged conspiracy.
Local sightings of the "monster" have included monstrous muskie, crocodile/alligator-like creatures, and serpent-like creatures.[1]


There is a local North Bay band called The Trout Lake Monsters.[1]

I have known the Trout Lake Monster, because it used to sleep on my property. 

Sometimes when I awake at 3:00A.M. and the moon is full,
 I hear snuffling and grunting under the pine forest and among birches... it appears to have irridescent scales. It crawls on it's stomach sometimes and slithers like a snake amid the sacred mushrooms. It marks its territory often... and leaves a disgusting viscous scent, which is sticky if stepped on.

 He has teeth like a werewolf and yellow eyes at night, which turn an evil red in the morning. Whether it is reptile or humanoid, I'm not sure, as yet. The beast can rise on his hind legs and howl... a chattering high-pitched howl that makes the dogs bark past midnight, all along the shores of the bottomless lake.

The other morning I almost screamed when I saw my own eyes in the mirror. They were an evil red, also. More on this later... I almost dropped to my knees and prayed to the Great Spirit.

"Lord, tell me I haven't mated with the beast. And my eyes are changing already."

It is well-known folklore around deep Trout Lake. No one knows how far these caverns go, how dark and how distant... There are rumours. And we all know in this territory...

 All things are possible in the dark.

Saturday, August 18, 2018



        There are  scores of hard-working,
earnest women in this country, who cannot quite
reach orgasm – due to a fucked-up
religious upbringing… with all those
hidden messages…
         “You can`t do this… God will never forgive you;
you can`t do that, you`ll be stepping into
the devil`s lair” Hogwash and bullshit! But if
we have these hidden, unspoken messages 
deep down inside… they can be terrible inhibitors.
         These messages we absorb from early
childhood never have to face a critical
arbiter … They have crept  into your system
before you could think, before you ever
wanted to think.
         So now you have these unseen messages
in your system which inform your actions…
and you don`t even know about them…
A religious voice from your grandma could 
be saying, “You can`t relax now… not when
you`re naked. People want to USE  you!
So tighten up, tense up and be on your guard!”
          And these messages will not be overcome
unless the stimulus is strong.  That`s why
I advocate the use of vibrators in stubborn cases,
and pneumatic drills if necessary!
          Whatever it takes! There must be
a coup within… The unseen moralistic
voices must be overthrown in your inner kingdom.
          It`s often not easy….In a thirty-five
year old woman, the inner regime has had
lots of time to build up its defences – 30 years
of re-enforcing the walls… You`ll never reach
orgasm with normal sex… maybe later, yes,
but now what you need, dear lady, is an
irresistible invading force that will break
down any resisting scruples you have…
when you`re “doing the dirty deed”, “acting
like a dog in the street”
 dealing with the urges that come from
“Down There!”
           Perhaps this is why most women
have secret rape fantasies that they tell no
one about… because they need that restrictive
moralistic citadel within to be overthrown.
           Often it takes more than one person
working together in the `invading force`
in order to breach the walls.
          All those sayings parents come up with
when they`re trying to tell you how special
you are: “A person of your quality need never cry.”
That`s a dandy one.
          Parents are not trying to twist and screw
up your love life beyond all recognition. No,
parents for the most part are trying to protect
you. And you knew that and your trusted them and
you believe everything they say….
        No critical arbiter  need be passed. These
parental sayings in early childhood never have to
“clear customs, so to speak”.  They never pass
through a rational assessment… And deep
down inside. they might be your dearest beliefs.
         There are many kinds of tragedy, and being
blown up by a bomb is just one of them, living
in a psychological trap is a kind of death
          For this reason the psychologist should stay
here, deal with the stricken you have around
you. Forget about going East.
          The clinic needs the help. We need every 
psychologically-trained brain and every sense
of humour we can find.

          Laughter’s just the tiniest bit like
orgasm, isn’t it?

(C)2015 by W.G. Milne                

Sunday, August 12, 2018


When I was relatively young, I had a Realization, foundation experience in Christian terms I had no idea what had happened to me. There are no recent writings about this in Christian literature... I had to go to a Zen temple to find out what had happened. Philip Kapleau helped me. He was the master there and a great guy. ........It is necessary to create a tradition in terms of the Christ............ The Gnostics knew about it thousands of years ago....But that stream of enlightenment practice was terminated by the Empire church ...............................................................................That is why I am teaching this now. It is necessary to re-establish the path.

        I went to  a party last night. We brought
 mickeys of vodka. Then it turned out my
 host had hidden 2 more bottles away.
          Everybody has anger and grief 
problems. All of us are walking away with 
horrible problems of tension, despair and
and confusion... The path was
 DELIBERATELY obscured... the path to 
deep truth.

          When I learned these facts to be 
actual, as a young man I was enraged. The
supposed source of spirituality lied to us
and told us a simplistic fairy tale.
          The Empire church hid the real 
sources of the Christian path --- and put a 
simplistic Monopoly in their place... They 
lied to us! And then they offered us 
forgiveness for a price. Talk about sin!
          We were conned. Lied to about the 
nature of sin and they controlled us...

           That's what I say.

            It's good to have a blowout party 
from time to time, under these 

            Get rid of all that tension, shame
 and guilt that was artificially induced.

(C)2018 by W.G. Milne

Saturday, August 11, 2018


This song I had written years before,
but finally we did this recording of it
above the Zanzibar Strip house and Tavern.
I had a room upstairs where we used to rehearse.
         We even recorded some of the girls. Just because you're a stripper doesn't mean you don't have a song in your heart.

         I played my red Gibson 330. Bobby Dean Blackburn played his Fender Rhodes keyboard.
We went through the song a few times and this is what we got --- recorded on a 2 track.
         The song starts off with some weird noises, but it comes around.

         The Zanzibar days were full of joy, doubt , anger and passion. I didn't know my own mind yet, as I was being pressured to do all sorts of other things.

         But I meant this song and I still do. Don't throw your song away, don't lose your dream... Or you might lose everything.

         People seem to like this song and I like it a lot, too.  I hope you enjoy it.


(C) 1990-2018 by W.G. Milne

All rights reserved

Thursday, August 9, 2018


               I saw the most amazing thing today -- especially  when I consider how we coddle are children...

              I heard a strange cawing - it was a young crow, almost fully grown but still a baby and used to being fed.
              The mother would parade back and forth with a dangling worm in her mouth. The same beak that fed this big baby, now it denied him.  And it teased him with this dangling morsel...
              The young bird was cawing in protest and he kept following his mother. But she kept turning away.  
            She would give him nothing - only tease the baby crow she had always fed before. She was giving him not a thing. Yet she kept teasing him with obvious food.  
         She kept teasing and when the young, cawing protesting crow approached, she'd turn away... keeping the food just a little bit out of reach.
              "What is she doing, " I asked myself: "Has she no mercy?"

               Then it hit me. This was a training episode. She wouldn't always be there. She had plenty of mercy...
                She was teaching him to fight for his food.


(C)2018 by W.G. Milne

Saturday, August 4, 2018



         The difficult aspect of Mind work is finding a peaceful place to pursue your endeavours, and finding the will to begin.
         It's rather like writing in this respect,
because the roughest thing about writing is getting yourself to the typewriter and making a start - facing the virgin page.
        I know all the theories. I am no longer interested in theories.
Scholastic pursuits no longer interest me.

'Rational' arguments -- I avoid like the plague.

It is even more difficult to find a Place of Power
upon which to employ your meditations --- a place you can access daily.


I searched all the heights of a large peninsula. I climbed to the top of each rise and I sat there to see if I felt grounded - if the place welcomed me and inspired me.
              I found such a place and I built a hut there. We are lucky living in Canada, because there are lots of empty places - places that seem empty.
           But in Canada, of course, you have to build a shelter that is strong enough to be warm in the winter.

          Sounds echoed from the hills across the bay, and the winds would blow up suddenly. After a time, when I had sat long enough, when I was one with the place, the winds seemed to have Spirit in them.
        It was then I started to pray.And when I prayed, after various lengths of time, my prayers were answered.
        A Voice was passing through me, as if I were transparent, as if I were a hollow reed,
as if I was like a flute --- an empty vessel.


        I wrote some words derived from these new, most ancient Gospels. I started the passage and wrote a few paragraphs, but often it was the silent Voice that finished the passage.
        After a while I knew who the Voice was. It was the Voice of the Lord of Hosts, Lord of Israel, Lord of Albion, Lord of Jacob and Isaac
and Abraham - Lord of the red earth, Lord of the Meeting Rivers, Lord of the Islands of the Caribbean - a Voice that rang out over all the nations over the earth, and in my inner ear especially.
If I wish to teach anything, it is how to access that place of silence within you. We must make a space - so that Grace may enter.


(C)1980-2018 by W.G. Milne