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zzzzz  AS I LOOK BACK NOW (C)1990-2017 by William G. Milne. Would you guys do me a favour? I wrote this song 20-30 years ago. It's been posted on You Tube and other sites for a long time. Check out LA LA LAND and tell me if the hook (Chorus) in this song is not the same melody they are using as a central theme in LA LA LAND. If you hear similarities, as I do, please message me.  

You start hearing snippets of the song after the female lead (Emma Stone) has had a bad audition, and she is driving in her car past the RIALTO (REALTO) movie theater. The song is slowly introduced until it goes into full flow in later scenes.

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ReplySeptember 25 at 1:38pm
Walker Ballantine I've been writing songs and singing all my life and now I don't have the money for even a basic studio. So that's my situation..... The musicians in the film are terrific and they do a great job at my melody, but still it is what it is. And what it is, I wrote. CHECK IT OUT, please.

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ReplySeptember 25 at 1:41pm
Walker Ballantine The song really starts playing in the observatory scene... when they start floating in air. Of course there are variations on the theme...

  •       Towards the end of the movie, when Sebastian sees Mia enter his jazz club: they drift into a dance and a dream of life playing out a different way... all through this later segment of the film they play my melody to wrap up the movie. Not much doubt about it. I'm touched. But also a tad disturbed.
  • Just as Emma Stone is driving past the Realto theater, after a bad audition, they start to thread the song into the movie.... when the 2 leads are floating in the air at the observatory, they play a few verses of the melody from the chorus of "AS I LOOK BACK NOW". I was half asleep watching the show then the music woke me right up saying: "HEY, THAT'S MY SONG!"
  • AS I LOOK BACK NOW (C)1990-2017 by William G. Milne. Would you guys do me a favour? I wrote this song 20-30 years ago. It's been posted on You Tube and other sites for a long time. Check out LA LA LAND and tell me if the hook (Chorus) in this song is not the same melody they are using as a central theme in LA LA LAND. If you hear similarities, as I do, please message me

"AS I LOOK BACK NOW"(C)1990-2017 by William G. Milne and John Rock Corporation. All rights reserved.

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That's a head-scratcher, all right.

"Who said that?"

                                "That's what I said."









               VAST SPACE


No, he was not in Jamaica

No, he was sitting here

           in the midst

Of a tropical paradise

           of snow.


They are unmolested by any attempts
                 at disaster.


As soon as you think you're wise, you're
in big big trouble. It means the Universe is about to kick you in the ass.

The gods have always hated hubris.


Do not deny the existence of any gods
or entities. No matter how outrageous
some assertions may be, it's always best
to say, "Maybe."  Maybe so.

I choose to live in a mysterious Universe,
and I've rarely been disappointed
in reality.


In fact, the Universe is not just stranger than we imagine... 

it is stranger than we can imagine.


I find this encouraging because what we build we tend to screw up. We have not incorporated
the principle of fluidity or the circle sufficiently into our architecture - let alone the Japanese principle of asymmetry.


All is One but two are walking down the road.



                                                           Father Belyea


* said by one of the early Zen patriarchs 

(C) 2017  by W.G. Milne

Tuesday, September 12, 2017



I won't play
Won't play your game anymore
Knocking on the bankers door
Trying to find my face on the floor
Where your teller wrote my name

It must be
A financial fallacy
That nothing grows from trees
That you'll ever get what you need
At the five and ten

(bridge)  It's not you
It's not your name
It's not the truth
It's just a game
Frightened people play

I won't play
Can't take your phony disguise
What you hide underneath those eyes
Can you say?

A fire is burning at the break of day
Everything will pass away
Your silk suit
And your pictures from the holidays

I won't play
I've seen it all before
That hungry dog you keep behind your door
Not gonna feed it anymore
There's just no way

I won't play
Going to the further shore
Far from the smoldering war
Those restless shadows on the floor
They'll have to pay


I won't play
Won't play your game anymore
Knocking on the bankers door
Trying to find my face on the floor
Where your teller wrote my name

It must be a financial fallacy
That nothing grows from trees
That you'll ever get what you need
At the five and ten

It's no you
It's not your name
It's not the truth
It's just a game
Hungry people play.

(C)1990-2017 by W.G. Milne and John
      Rock Corporation.  All rights reserved.


        These are the words spoken by the living
Jesus, the living words spoken between teacher
and disciple, master and brother, seeker and the one who has reached the end of the path -
the Son who sets out to find his Father, and the Father who waits for the living Son, for His words to come to be.
       So it is then, these are the words spoken
with immediacy. This is not an historical Gospel, but the living words are accurate.

        So the Lord directed me, so sayeth
the living Poet: "to make use of my ultimate
        "I would not be a member of this esteemed
gathering, were it not for the gift the Father
has given me, and these words would have
been released years previously, were it not for
my cowardice and psychological immaturity,"
so said the poet.
        "Follow me through the labyrinth of Light
the Lord of Hosts has bequeathed me, and
through me - thee. Here we shall be still.
         "We already partake of the currents of One sea of tranquility. Follow me to the 
source of this inner fountain."

          "There is One who has overcome death.
He is what you are."
           "His message cannot be heard by the ear,
touched by the hand, nor felt by the heart;
without words he send his message to you.
Without taking a step he carries the fruit 
to you."
           " Can you taste it without opening
your mouth?"

              This fruit which flowers and grows
ripe beyond the fabric of time, this rose
that flowers without the watering can,
contains the meaning of the words of the
Christ: "Before Abraham was, I am."

              Your own soul blossoms and 
grows sweet; in the silence the message
is heard: taste the gift He gives beyond
the fabric of time, the gift He gives
to man.

              I felt Grace enter through
my window this morning: I felt strength
from the gathering of saints and 
Bodhisattvas whose Consciousness
surrounds the earth.
              It is the Lord of hosts and all
his saints who bring me to this:
              These are the words of the
Living One.

Monday, September 11, 2017

BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS - with all lyrics

Published on 23 Jun 2017

This is an older song of mine which I wrote sitting on a rock in the middle of Duchesnay Creek. Sitting in the middle of the river flow and playing the guitar, the song unfolded naturally. The song is called, "BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS" but it's very much the river's song. The river becomes a person in the song and is the core of everything. Our lives and everything around the river - the birds, the trees, we arise and fade, but the river seems eternal.
Anyway, I've never published this song or recorded it in any kind of studio, but the song is very much worth preserving. And I can imagine what a real production of the music and words would sound like - pretty fantastic!
As usual, it's: (C)2017 by W.G. Milne and John Rock Corporation. All rights reserved.
Hope you like. This tune's been in the back of my mind for decades. This is the first public hint of it.

........... I had another crack at the one tape I have of BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS. I slowed it down a bit and I added reverb. Basically a singing voice needs a touch of echo or it sounds dead. In the old days with no equipment, or in the middle of the night at some hotel, I'd sing and record in a bathroom, a hallway, or in a stairwell. Now it's a touch easier - it's a whole lot easier if you're running through a board, which I'm not.
The way I look at it, if these are the biggest problems I have, I'm doing pretty well. No one's dragging my sister off into the woods against her will... no one's shooting my dog and no one's trying to kill my children. Anybody attempting a home invasion would be insane to try it here... so, all is well - more or less. Let's see how you like this one. Sung by W.G. Milne of JOHNNY ROCK AND THE ANGELS... Johnny Rock playing guitar. The two of us working exactly as one!

I wrote this song while sitting on a rock 

the middle of the river. Listening to thius 

takes me back a long way to a different 
age and time, when I used to hike around

the lakes here and climb the hills and 
follow the rivers along. On the flat rocks 
of the Laurentian shield, I'd lie with my lover and we'd have sex  on the 
smooth warm rocks naked under the sun.


'Went to church, what did I see?
I saw the congregation in a dream

Preacher reached out his hand to me

Said: "Sit down, son, And let it be"

Said: "I can't do that I got to go

Down by the river     where the night 

          wind blows  

Where the stars turn round the clocks

And the river echoes on the rocks

 ......     But it's easy to see

   Your people have been...

    Such beautiful dreamers

     Beautiful dreamers

      Beautiful dreamers'


Went to see the president

Just took car fare and fifty cents

He said: "You know we just can't relent

Don't you know this land is heaven sent

I said: I don't know bout that

BBut every man's gotta rise and take his     

Going to the source of the river flow

Going to the source where the four winds 


Then each man will know

Each man will know

    A beautiful dreamer

     Oh such a beautiful dreamer

Went down to lower Mainstreet

I heard a drunkard he call my name

He said, "I remember you from somewhere

You look like you're going to some  

              country fair"

I said: "Where do you go?"

He just looked at me

He said: "To one silent place I know

At the heart of the city..."

     Then he looked at me

      And laughingly

Said, "You're such a beautiful dreamer
            Such a Beautiful dreamer

             Beautiful dreamer

              Such a beautiful dreamer

                Beautiful dreamer     


I stand at the center of the river here

Right at the birthplace and the death of 


The river I know it calls your name

It don't care who's to blame

This silent birthplace as the seasons 


As the titillating twitches twirl

After you've found and lost your girl

Come join me where the waters curl

The river has    such   virility (word?)

It passes seasons with you and me

Nothing ever stays the same

Come to the river and learn your name

You'll see yourself

You'll see

Such a beautiful dreamer


The children they climb stone after stone

They climb up the river and they're not 


Will they find a new life here?

With the river in their ears?

Then they come with their lovers near

Sweet music to the river's ears

Then they're gone in a couple of years

New children come

Does the river shed tears?

Over these beautiful dreamers


You know I remember you

When you were young and your branches


Now I know you'll soon be gone

As the river passes on...over you

You beautiful dreamers

Beautiful dreamers

Oh, you beautiful dreamers.

                                         End of lyrics

OK, these are the verses. The words are not exactly

the same as the original. I couldn't always 

make out the lyrics. That's why I typed them here.

Thank you for spending time with me. Hope you enjoy 

this song.

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne, Johnny Rock and the Angels

Saturday, September 9, 2017


OVER THE YEARS I've wondered who I wrote this song to.... Now I know... It is meant for everybody I ever met and cared about --- people I have hurt, people I have loved, people I've never met. As the years pass, this song gets stronger and stronger and more present everywhere I look. It started out as a lullaby to a woman I loved by the River Seine in Paris. Some wonderful nights.... But the song is more than this. When I ask who the song was written to now, I think I wrote it to myself... And, most of all, it turns out I wrote it to you.
This song, "WHEN I SAW YOU" is one of my favourite ballads that I've written. If I have the right tape, it's from a full studio recording - something that would be nice to give you, once in a while.
But my new equipment is not so good, The piece of equipment that turns these tunes from analogue to digital - it wavers a bit. Change in tempo means change of pitch in the voice et al.... so this one, too, might have a hallucinatory effect... as the music and my voice rises and falls in pitch.
It can be fixed, but not with what I have here. So I hope you can enjoy this love song.

(C) 2017 by W.G. Milne. All rights reserved.

"When I saw you,

Tears running down your


You were lost in time

And you'd lost your place,

Then I knew

Wherever you'd been

However you'd sinned

I'd see you through"

"When I saw you

And the world was wrong

You'd forgotten your dream

And you'd lost your song

Under the moon

When the streetlights were on

And your lover was gone

But the year was new"

"When I saw you,

Your sorrow in your hand,

Afraid to turn your head

And afraid to stand

When I saw you

By an ocean of sand

In a huge hourglass

And the sand had passed through"

"When I saw you

By the side of  the Seine

And the streetlights talked

By the river again

As the wind blew

Through your long flowing hair

The river whispered its truth

I was so glad to be there."

When I saw you.

(C) 1990-2017 by W.G. Milne and

       John Rock Corporation,

        All rights reserved.