Thursday, June 11, 2015



           I've been working at popularizing the
Source Gospels for some years now*. And
writing articles about them from about 10 different sites.
       One thing about the internet - new ideas
flash through the synapses of collected
minds, like wildfire in the tops of trees
on a windy day.
        When I talk about the Source Gospels,
of course I'm talking about
the miraculous and devastatingly real
conveyance of the earliest Christ Consciousness
into this "modern" day and age.

          There are mysteries that we have
not delved , there are daily miracles
that we do not see, there is the vast
field of interpersonal and cosmic telepathy:
we have hardly stepped into this field!

          What if we ask questions about
our identity or the meaning of things?
What if the One Who Is Creating Us
can answer these questions telepathically?
What is logical and rational then? When
you hear profound answers in the silence of your mind?
          I have seen the phrase the other day
"Quantum Spirituality."   Is there consciousness in the quantum world?
Do we know? Can we say?

 Of course, we can't!


Or how deep the rabbit hole goes...
Or the way earlier cultures worshiped
the spirits and divinity of this earth!

Nothing! We know nothing about the
 vast  extents of consciousness - how it
works and how it can work
when listening to silence of the mind,
when travelling along untold paths!

We are a species which has lost its
memory. We are a 'species with amnesia' **

We don't have a clue about what great
things might have happened in the  4 1/2
billion years the earth was alive before us.

Don't let anybody characterize for you
life's great pageant of the past.
No one is qualified.

And I hear people blithely say they
don't believe in God. And they laugh!
It's modern to be an atheist.

Well, which God are you talking
about? The God as taught in the churches?
I don't believe in that God, either.

But the God of the quantum world, the God of outer space, the telepathic God, the holy One
who is creating us, the Trickster God - a whole
lot of research ought to be done before we're atheists about these Faces of God - we just don't know enough to be atheists.

And unless we have experienced God
through deep forms of mysticism, or maybe just through  simple acts of love - we don't know enough to be theists, either.

That is why voyagers go down the longest rivers before us, rivers of the psyche,
oceans of the unconscious, and tales of
mystical revelation emerge from some of these heroic voyages.

We can't talk of  frontiers of the future. But as for now - the final frontier is the Mind;
as discovered by some of these great travelers.
Only with the mind... very few have voyaged there before us.

It is rude to disbelieve all their reports.

* "Most Ancient Gospel Found Anew"
Also, Blogger sites: "The Second Coming of
and "The Whip and the Cross",
plus other sites.

** Phrase coined by Graham Hancock

(C) 2015 by W.G.Milne