Thursday, December 23, 2010


Lately I've been getting into discussions about the existence of God. Each time
I find the discussions descend into rational arguments. And both people
in the discussion leave the talk dissatisfied, intellectually pleased,
but emotionally and spiritually destitute.
I have been letting myself and other people down. The truth is, after
various experiences in your life, you either know or you don't know about
God, Jahweh, Revelation, the One who rides the clouds, Lord of the meeting rivers,
Lord of Israel, Lord of Albion, Gate of Enlightenment, Allah the merciful,
the Mirror of deep meditation, the One who opens the clouds when I pray,
the One Who Is Creating us, Vishnu, Shiva, the One who destroys all maya,
Krisna, Christ, the One who is here with us now.Lord of all the heavens,
You who are the Light Eternal, O Buddha, you who have shown
the path to Satori: I AM THAT I AM.
I AM is the best name for God, whose holy Name cannot fully be said,
anyway: Cosmic Consciousness. JAH! Rastaferai!

I left the city and took "the narrow path to the deep north". In the north
I built a cabin out of oak logs on top of a 150 foot cliff. In that cabin
I worked on clarifying the meaning of some of the texts found at
Nag Hammadi, Egypt, 1945.
Most times when I have difficulty with a passage, the sunlight would pour through. On a cloudy day, the skies would open and the passage would write itself.
Once I was working by a campfire in the bush at night, and I was totally stifled.
A passage in the Gospel of Philip had me stumped. I was staring into the campfire
and couldn't do a thing. After a few moments the Northern Lights descended
and the woods lit up all around me, and the passage basically finished itself.
No further thought went into the matter. The pen just wrote.
Later I was wondering whether I had imagined the whole thing. But I had
a visitor in the cabin, and she came running out and said, "The cabin just got
really bright."
This sort of thing was not a rare occurance, but happened frequently.
Many different kinds of experience struck me as not merely odd, but
certainly a sign of Divine Intelligence within all things.
Remember, the native people up here in northern Canada
have their "Trickster" god, and they don't want to mess with him.
Because what's funny to the Trickster might seem an utter disaster
to we humans with our so-called "ordinary" lives.
Trust me, or take my word for it, at least: a lot of strange things
happen up here in the bush. And many of them cannot be explained
by anything like rational science.
I have a lot more experiences to mention, but I won't
bring them up all at once.
This blog is way too long already.

But let's not forget the female names of God! For the One God has created
many other gods within Him for many purposes. Aphrodite is another
name of God, the mother of great mercy who resides
mysteriously throughout the world. She also has many names, and Her
Mercy is great. People in all countries pray to Her in many different
She may come to you in various dreams, say of the corn harvest,
and a golden straw house in the midst of the fields, and within that
house She blesses you with great comfort. She is warm and compassionate
as your mother; she is all-embracing and loving and sweet as your lover:
she is all things to all men, and without Her none of us would ever exist,
or want to.
God is Great! All the gods and goddesses that have existed throughout
the entire history of our many peoples, are resolved within Him. Do you think
the Mind of God is deceived by names? No! It is we in our smaller egos and identities who are confused and motivated by names.
We built the Tower of Babel; God did not build the Tower of Babel.
It is we through our own psyche that we confuse ourselves continually.

Through Realization. or Revelation, or Satori, Enlightenment,
the Knowing of the early Christian Gnostics, through this Experience
which is fundamentally the same in all cultures, "identity" becomes
"Identity" and the seeker becomes One with God. Through an annihilation
of the ego, an implosion occurs which destroys the shell of the egg,
and the mystic achieves spiritual maturity. This is by no means
an easy process.

What we have forgotten, because we have been lead astray, is this:
it is not the name that is important. All our holy men have been murdered;
our heros have been slaughtered, because of names. These holy ones
would be horrified and enraged if they knew their names
are being used for such hellish purposes!
The very names of our holy men have been used as a justification
for slaughter! Also our names for God. In the name of Christ,
in the name of Allah, in the name of Krisna, we kill each others' children.
Then distracted, we allow those who have lied to us for thousands of years,
those who are aligned with Power and Greed, we allow them to fool us again -
we allow them to suck the blood of the sufferers!

Certain gods do not exist on their own but can be invoked by calling
up hatreds among the human masses, by watching with twisted pleasure
the deaths of other people. Satan can be called up. And it seems
we have done so.
Satan (It) is the Lord of miscommunication and confusion;
It ranges freely over the earth and gets us fighting over holy names
It is the Lord of the Flies, the Lord of the Air. It mixes up the minds
of our peoples so we are not clear what to do. It is Moloch
who wants us to devour our children in the cause of personal greed.
It can be invoked through a mass consciousness of hatred,
and evil notions of the superiority or inferiority of various races.
There is no race inferior or superior to any other race on this planet.
We are all the chosen people of God.
The Lord of light cannot be invoked. His grace is like the wind;
it goes where it wishes. When Grace fills you,
the room seems to lighten up a bit. Other people notice it, too,
that the room has brightened. Suddenly your are filled with
love and confidence. We can all be mystics.
Satan does not belong to one country alone. In fact, Satan belongs
to no country and shows loyalty to no one. Evil is the negation
of what is, the greed that is filling the mechanized groin of the world.

Mass confusion is sown deliberately. Out of this confusion
over names, war comes. And out of war comes massive profits
from the sale of arms.
It is known that some entities encourage hatred
on both sides of an issue. A war is stirred up and started like a fire,
inflammatory remarks fanned on both sides. Then these same entities
sell arms to both sides of the conflict, reaping massive profits out of the bodies
of the peoples involved. If this is not Satanism, I don't know what is.

A righteous anger arises within me when I write of these things.
but what am I to do with this anger, kill someone else? I have killed already
and it was not what I wanted to do.
The answer is to take the energy of this anger and use it as fuel
for meditation. Take the fuel of this rage and look within to the
new country of the soul, the pure land where men cease from grasping.
Look within and see until the mirror appears,
the mirror that is no mirror, but is the eye through which
you see God. And God sees you also through the same mirror,
and you know and you are known. The two become one,
the division between you and God disappears.
It becomes apparent to you, the land of the Buddha's Light
within every atom, the Light that is the Mind of Christ
penetrating to the very corners of our existence,
the utmost reaches of the Universe, the One Light shines eternally,
and will forever shine within true men and women the world over.
There are many pathways to One Place. It is simple.
Do not be confused by names. Your duty is the Holy
Quest to your soul, to that which you have always been,
even before your parents were born.
I asked God one time, "What am I?" God answered in a loud Voice,
"You are an empty vessel." It is through this empty vessel
that I write to you these words.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


First let me give you a few quotations from the holy gospels
which have been found in 1945 at Nag Hammadi, Egypt,
2000 years after the life of Christ:

"While we are in this world, it is fitting for us to acquire
the resurrection, so that when we strip off the flesh we shall be
found in rest and not walk in the middle."
(Gospel of Philip)

"Those who say that the Lord died first and
(then) rose up are in error, for he rose up first
and then died... first attain the resurrection."
(Gospel of Philip)

"God is a dyer. As the good dyes, which are called "true"
dissolve with the things dyed in them, so it is with those who
God has dyed."
(Gospel of Philip)

Jesus said:"He who drinks the waters from my mouth
will become as I am. I myself shall become he,
and the things that are hidden will be revealed to him."
(Gospel of Thomas)

Jesus said:"What you look forward to has already come,
but you do not recognize it."

Where to begin? Unenlightened people in the early days
of Jesus were called "the dead". It was necessary for those
who are dead to be awakened. One must go through the
Great Realization in this life, in order to experience
the Resurrection: one who has gone through
this experience is called, "risen from the dead".
Realization is a mystery in which "the two become one",
the seeker and the teacher become One in the same.

When the Master teaches you,
you do not gain something,ie: like gaining
knowledge. No, when you are taught
by the Christ, you become something.

"Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift up the
stone and you will find me there."
(Gospel of Thomas)

This is not to say that the Resurrection does not
continue into the next life. In fact, if you have
Awakening in this life, you will know where
you are going in the next.
I am perhaps doing you a disservice in
setting out an explanation as to how this
experience works.
Let me be clear. There is NO EXPLANATION
for these things. For what happens and how it
happens is God's own mystery. What we must do
is prepare a place within, a space for God's Grace
to enter in.
What we do is meditate and wait for the One
to speak.

It is a gift from Christ that this Realization
teaches us the meaning of eternal life.
Through the mystery of the Resurrection,
the one who waits in meditation and the
anointed one of God become One.
In this mysterious union which is Resurrection,
the seeker changes, and in changing sees
Life Eternal. And this experience
is a joyous experience, and the joy remains
afterwords for a long time.

"He who realizes the meaning of these words
will not taste death." (Gospel of Thomas)

The promise of life beyond death: that the
realization that awakens the experience
of life eternal exists and is available
to all who seek, is what has
given hope to the earth - not hope based on
the future, but hope that arises out of
present reality.

"Knowledge makes them capable
of becoming free."

"Love never calls something its own.
It never says, "This is yours" or "This is mine".

Love says: "All these are yours."
(Gospel of Philip)

Saturday, March 6, 2010


We all face times of great doubt and times when our bad habits get
us down. This is normal. In fact, it is necessary to doubt greatly
if one is to come to great realization. Without first having the
question, there can be no answer.
It is needed that the small mind, the mind of so-called rational
thought, find its own limitations. This is likened to the old gray rat
going into the dead-end alley, the place where analytical questioning
must end.
A higher faculty of mind must take over when one seeks answers to
questions about human meaning. The question is: "What is the
meaning of life?" This question used to torment me when I was
a young man. And the answer will not be provided by the rational
The difficulty with Western Philosophy is: it creates a problem
where none exists.
In the East this higher faculty of mind is called prajna and its
activity seems to takes place in an area behind the center of the
forehead. It has also been called the third eye. And this is the
place of spiritual reasoning.

I undertook to do an inquiry into Christian Origins. And it seems
as if I have gotten to the bottom of things. This is the most difficult
assignment your Roving Reporter has ever been sent on.
Jesus Christ grew out of the Essene community. If you wish
to research the Essenes, John Allegro has a blog that touches upon
them. I should say, "A man called Jesus Christ" because the history
of the matter is unclear.
Christ is important, not because he was a highly special God-
man who performed miracles. No, these notions just make the
Christ a hot property which the church could monopolize for
incredible profit, cash, and respect in the community. In fact,
the Christ is important because he is so ordinary: that this
wondrous Vision of God came out of the poverty of the ordinary
And the Vision is one of love and knowledge. It might take
blind faith to get to the place where the Vision exists; but it
takes a knowing experience in order to realize the Vision.
Christ is more important as a state of Mind than He is as
a particular person who lived two thousand years ago.
I put capitals on words pertaining to Christ, because
once the Mind that is Christ is realized, it is the Vision of God.
Out of the ordinary soul, there is thisVision that is divine.

This material ends up being very simple. As Father Belyea
used to say: "Nobody sees the obvious."
But what is indeed miraculous is that this Heart-Mind
that spans the centuries comes out of the most ordinary soil.
And what changes the ordinary into the divine? This is the same
question as, "What is the Meaning of Life?" Or, "What's
going on?" Let us call the agency that transforms the ordinary
into the divine, let us call it, "the Eucharist."
But it is not the eucharist you will be offered in church.
Or at least not in what passes for church in this day and age.
The mystery has been taken out of our religion. The Bible has
been emasculated.
And it has gotten so bad that the church has negated
the very existence of the Great Realization.

This is the very heart of what the earliest Christians were
confronting, as they were emerging out of the Essene community:
the mystery as to how this man they knew as an ordinary man
in the very midst of them became the Son of God.
They knew he was the carpenter's son, from Galilee. And who
believes a prophet that comes from your own town? You knew him
when he was growing up and when he did really stupid things.
As it says in the Bible: "Can anything good come out of Galilee?"
Well, something did.

The other day I heard a song from Jamaica, and the singer
was assuring his people that "Revelation will come." Well,
it has come and it is here. And any ordinary person can
put him/herself in that place where Revelation will come.
But first it is necessary to empty a place within you.
Empty yourself of the monkey-like mind that always
has another thought; empty yourself of erroneous thought.
Empty yourself of ignorance which is like a fog that prevents
you from seeing. In fact, empty yourself of everything you
have ever been taught.
Prepare a place within you and Grace will come. And
in that place, Christ will arrive also. And Christ is the Vision
that is the Meaning of the Eternal.

"Whoever finds the meaning of these words will not taste death."
(Gospel of Thomas)

Jesus said: "If the flesh came into being because of spirit,
it is a wonder. But if spirit came into being because of the
body, it is a wonder of wonders. Indeed, I am amazed
at how this great wealth has made its home in this poverty."

What I am saying to you, you will not hear it in the churches
of this day. You would have had to live in the first century A.D.
in order to hear this - the earliest message of the one who is
called Christ.
Rather than go to church, open a church, a temple within you.
Open an empty place and tend it as you would a loved one's
grave. Be patient and wait, and I assure you... the sacred will come.
Join me. For in this church, the doors can never be locked.

This is the church of the open road.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


The idea is this: allow the death of the small self (also called
the ego, but this phrase can be confusing, associated with much
psychological paraphernalia).
The name that your parents gave you, going back seven generations,
allow this to die and awaken to your Fundamental Self, formless and
free, also called the Christ. (But this, too, causes much confusion -
this word, this phrase, Christ - especially in the West, where rediscovering
your innermost nature as Christ is very much associated with
Allow the anointed one to arise within you.
I would not bother with this teaching if there were
anyone else in our culture
exposing this.
Great poems have been written and wondrous drawings
made - all by half-forgotten artists and seers. And the best of them
do not care to be remembered.
The key is to awaken to the Fundamental Self,
which identity arises without attachments, beneath and beyond the
world of grasping. Do not be enslaved to grasping.
These words come after much travel on my part
and incessant study, all thoughts of which have been
After all, I say only this:

"The willows are green
And the flowers glow."

(Not my poem).

Sit in the silence, away from all expectations. Allow the
quiet to reign. One fine morning, after all intricacies, all
intellectual debate and after all philosophical issues
are quelled, you will awaken to your ordinary mind,
which is the holiest ground of all.
After the journey or ten thousand miles, the sense of wonder
will grow.
Then you will know me and know yourself and you will
REALIZE the holy one, man of no titles.

Request in prayer the blessings of all the saints as you begin
the most difficult journey around all the worlds: to voyage to that place...
where you already are.

Happy Easter

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The power of the Roman Empire and the empire's church destroyed as
many of these early gospels as could be found by the Tenth Legion
entering Egypt. Those legions that were to follow continued the destruction
of holy books that the Roman Empire and its church denounced as
being "heresy", as being "abominations". The fact of the matter is
the texts the empire church condemned were actually the True Vine
of Christ's Vision and message.
So the very earliest followers of Christ and His Eucharist,
those who knew how to partake of real Holy Communion with the Christ,
these holy men and women from the time of the Saviour and the
hundred years after his "death" were forced to run for their very lives.
It was necessary to escape to the hills or else be put to the sword.
The Roman empire and its church were not going to put up with a
bunch of dangerous revolutionary crazies who actually were sharing their property and food in common and were living the way of life taught by
the Christ, the holy One of God.
They gathered together in a ceremony in which their leader allowed his
Flesh to be eaten as food for the Spirit,
and allowed His Blood to be drunk as nourishment for the Soul...

In order to be fair and see both sides of the issue, I'm sure
it all seemed a little nuts to the Romans - especially the part about
relinquishing your personal property.The Romans took property law
especially seriously. They were nothing if not practical.
Also, this bit about drinking the blood of the leader and eating his flesh
seemed a bit barbaric, even to the Romans! This is saying something!
The Romans were people who participated in blood baths themselves,
standing under the slit throat of a sacrificed bull, or some other dying,
bleeding beast; they allowed the blood to pour down all over them
in sacrifice to one of their gods or another.
So if the Romans thought you were far out there, beyond the pale: too
weird to trust and too barbaric to be tolerated, well... you either had to be
a real monster, or the propaganda against you had to be monstrously
Propaganda (ie:the lie) is not just rampant in our 21st century.
The Roman Empire knew all about its uses, too. The Romans were
conquerors; they knew how to discredit an enemy before they
attacked them. This is exactly what they did to the early followers
of Christ.
They saw there was money and power in this growing religion
following a so-called Messiah who had been crucified in Jerusalem.
The Roman Empire knew all about money and power. So when they saw this growing movement, they wanted some of the action. But some of the more
foolhardy beliefs (to the Romans) of the early Christians simply had to be
So they took the earliest gospels and hired a ghost writer. The gospels
took on an even narrative line, which is a mark of later, more sophisticated
literature. The early holy books were changed to become acceptable to
the Roman way of life. Almost all of the mysticism was taken out of
the holy texts. The gospels became middle of the road. And one thing
the Romans knew how to build was roads.
Some gospels didn't even make it into the Bible. The gospel of John
was very nearly excluded by the council of Nicea, 425 A.D. This was
essentially a meeting of the religious Chamber of Commerce, which
tossed out any heresies, oddities, abominations, and especially
any inconvenient truths those nasty little books had to offer.
The truth of the Messiah was being made respectable, which is to say
it was being controlled.

So the earliest disciples of Christ were portrayed as being monstrous barbarians , who were suspiciously communist, and who were blasphemers
of the Roman Jupiter. And later, after the Council of Nicea, after the
church at Rome had taken over the cash business of the forgiveness of souls,
these earliest ones who communed with Christ were condemned as
heretics and discredited. They were also murdered. Burned at the stake,
thrown to the lions, put to the sword and banished.
So it was also with the earliest, arguably the most faithful gospels.
None of them made it into the Big Book. They were just too revolutionary
to be tolerated by a comfortable, materialistic society with its deceptively simplistic religion now called Christianity. All the hard parts have been
taken out.
The Bible had been emasculated.

Western religion has been hijacked by a bunch of thugs. And the first
thing these thieves did was control the supply. They created a monopoly
in the God business. Then they set about stepping between God and man
and demanded a percentage of everyone's income as the price of
Unbelievable! And then they insisted that you "believe"
based on no evidence at all. They tore the guts out of the real
Eucharist, the real Communion with Christ, and they handed you a dry
wafer and expected you to nod your head in blind agreement.
And if you disagreed publicly, then they sent in their enforcers and
they made you squeal out your agreement under torture.
The message was: "Don't mess with our supply!"
"This is our territory; you mess with us, you're dead!" The
Inquisition lasted a very long time indeed. It wasn't just one hundred
years of thuggery. It was something like six hundred years of strong-arm
tactics, torture and murder. And the worst part of it was that the God
drug was cut! There wasn't any product there at all! Nothing real!
Because the Truth really will make you free... And the church of the
Empire instinctively knew this. Once men got a taste of the real thing,
there was just no way anyone would take those priests seriously...

Jesus, the Christ, the Anointed One of God said this:
"Woe to the pharisees,for they are like a dog sleeping in a manger
of oxen, for neither does he eat nor does he let the oxen eat."
(Gospel of Thomas.)

The pharisees were the priests of His time. They wanted the same thing
many of the priests of today want. They want power and control and to be
seen as important. They also want the cash necessary for them to assume
their high place in society - comfortable cars, comfy homes and the
unearned respect of their fellow men.
And they keep the keys to the doors of the church, the keys to the
altar of God, keys which are too often used to lock those doors and keep
other people out. Just try getting into a church at night!
These are the guys who arranged for the crucifixion of Our Saviour.

Luckily there are other altars of God out of doors, places of power
throughout the world where the true followers of the Vision
may meditate and pray.
It has been written:

"I will not send my son again to be crucified among men.
Instead, in this new age, men shall be crucified upon the Christ."

Make of this what you will... 2,000 years after the persecution
of the Saviour.

Christ has been made to appear so unique, so exceptional, so
impossibly above the ordinary man that the wrong impression is given.
If the Christ is that much of an exception, that different and special,
of a virgin birth, etc. then what man can hope to commune with Him?
No one can hope to realize the Christ within. To approach God, you need
the intervention of the priests. And that costs money.
It pays those who support the church hierarchy to make the Christ so miraculous and unapproachable that the ordinary man is alienated
from Him. This way the empire church can monopolize this unique jewel
that no one else has.
In fact, Christ is the innermost nature of all of us. He is not so different
and not so far away:

"Do not call me Master, for he who drinks the bubbling
spring of waters from my mouth,
he shall become as I am
and I shall be he,
and the hidden things shall be revealed to him."
(Italics mine). Gospel of Thomas.

I keep repeating this phrase, because it is essential to show the ancient
vision of communion with the anointed Christ and the mystery of
identity that is the core of it. This vision has been lost in modern times. We
are in desperate need of this true vision.
Our very survival depends upon it. The ancient knowledge of the
mysterious nature of the Eucharist; we must reclaim it, rediscover the
knowing experience.
It is the meaning we are growing towards;it is the flowering of our
future, it is the blossoming of our destiny.
It is the Way.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Now regarding matters of the Christ there is a Fundamental Issue,
a Fundamental Position that must be grasped. And it is a different problem than anyone supposes.
In approaching Christ, it is not enough to cling to blind faith and belief.
It is also impossible to follow His way. Who wants to lift up the cross and
be crucified? In practical terms, what do we do?
"Just take Christ into your heart," we are urged, "Have faith. Believe."
All this is fine, but it is not enough. What is required is that you prepare a place
within, a cavern, an empty space not filled with thought.
Prepare a place for Grace to come, which comes as a gift from the Father,
who sends his Comforter to you. The spirit that comes to fill you is the
Holy Spirit, which will not come by invocation.
You are preparing for the dark night of the soul. You are preparing to
meet the Christ in the most intimate way. You are preparing for
illumination, an entirely different way of seeing.
We are preparing for the Great Realization, Liberation. In all the world,
there is just one. There is no other.
It is the Realization of God and of your ultimate identity, through an
ultimate realization.

Christ is not separate from what you are.

It is necessary first to clear your mind of rational thought. The brain is busy -
like a monkey chasing its own tail. Stop trying to analyze everything. Stop trying to achieve anything. You've got to , "TRY NOT TO TRY". How's that for a
We are talking about Mindshocks here, about attaining an entirely different sense of reality. I am not saying, "Just have faith."
I am saying we've got to dig a little deeper. There's work to be done
to prepare yourself for Realization of the True One!
This is the Light at the end of the path.