Thursday, December 23, 2010


Lately I've been getting into discussions about the existence of God. Each time
I find the discussions descend into rational arguments. And both people
in the discussion leave the talk dissatisfied, intellectually pleased,
but emotionally and spiritually destitute.
I have been letting myself and other people down. The truth is, after
various experiences in your life, you either know or you don't know about
God, Jahweh, Revelation, the One who rides the clouds, Lord of the meeting rivers,
Lord of Israel, Lord of Albion, Gate of Enlightenment, Allah the merciful,
the Mirror of deep meditation, the One who opens the clouds when I pray,
the One Who Is Creating us, Vishnu, Shiva, the One who destroys all maya,
Krisna, Christ, the One who is here with us now.Lord of all the heavens,
You who are the Light Eternal, O Buddha, you who have shown
the path to Satori: I AM THAT I AM.
I AM is the best name for God, whose holy Name cannot fully be said,
anyway: Cosmic Consciousness. JAH! Rastaferai!

I left the city and took "the narrow path to the deep north". In the north
I built a cabin out of oak logs on top of a 150 foot cliff. In that cabin
I worked on clarifying the meaning of some of the texts found at
Nag Hammadi, Egypt, 1945.
Most times when I have difficulty with a passage, the sunlight would pour through. On a cloudy day, the skies would open and the passage would write itself.
Once I was working by a campfire in the bush at night, and I was totally stifled.
A passage in the Gospel of Philip had me stumped. I was staring into the campfire
and couldn't do a thing. After a few moments the Northern Lights descended
and the woods lit up all around me, and the passage basically finished itself.
No further thought went into the matter. The pen just wrote.
Later I was wondering whether I had imagined the whole thing. But I had
a visitor in the cabin, and she came running out and said, "The cabin just got
really bright."
This sort of thing was not a rare occurance, but happened frequently.
Many different kinds of experience struck me as not merely odd, but
certainly a sign of Divine Intelligence within all things.
Remember, the native people up here in northern Canada
have their "Trickster" god, and they don't want to mess with him.
Because what's funny to the Trickster might seem an utter disaster
to we humans with our so-called "ordinary" lives.
Trust me, or take my word for it, at least: a lot of strange things
happen up here in the bush. And many of them cannot be explained
by anything like rational science.
I have a lot more experiences to mention, but I won't
bring them up all at once.
This blog is way too long already.

But let's not forget the female names of God! For the One God has created
many other gods within Him for many purposes. Aphrodite is another
name of God, the mother of great mercy who resides
mysteriously throughout the world. She also has many names, and Her
Mercy is great. People in all countries pray to Her in many different
She may come to you in various dreams, say of the corn harvest,
and a golden straw house in the midst of the fields, and within that
house She blesses you with great comfort. She is warm and compassionate
as your mother; she is all-embracing and loving and sweet as your lover:
she is all things to all men, and without Her none of us would ever exist,
or want to.
God is Great! All the gods and goddesses that have existed throughout
the entire history of our many peoples, are resolved within Him. Do you think
the Mind of God is deceived by names? No! It is we in our smaller egos and identities who are confused and motivated by names.
We built the Tower of Babel; God did not build the Tower of Babel.
It is we through our own psyche that we confuse ourselves continually.

Through Realization. or Revelation, or Satori, Enlightenment,
the Knowing of the early Christian Gnostics, through this Experience
which is fundamentally the same in all cultures, "identity" becomes
"Identity" and the seeker becomes One with God. Through an annihilation
of the ego, an implosion occurs which destroys the shell of the egg,
and the mystic achieves spiritual maturity. This is by no means
an easy process.

What we have forgotten, because we have been lead astray, is this:
it is not the name that is important. All our holy men have been murdered;
our heros have been slaughtered, because of names. These holy ones
would be horrified and enraged if they knew their names
are being used for such hellish purposes!
The very names of our holy men have been used as a justification
for slaughter! Also our names for God. In the name of Christ,
in the name of Allah, in the name of Krisna, we kill each others' children.
Then distracted, we allow those who have lied to us for thousands of years,
those who are aligned with Power and Greed, we allow them to fool us again -
we allow them to suck the blood of the sufferers!

Certain gods do not exist on their own but can be invoked by calling
up hatreds among the human masses, by watching with twisted pleasure
the deaths of other people. Satan can be called up. And it seems
we have done so.
Satan (It) is the Lord of miscommunication and confusion;
It ranges freely over the earth and gets us fighting over holy names
It is the Lord of the Flies, the Lord of the Air. It mixes up the minds
of our peoples so we are not clear what to do. It is Moloch
who wants us to devour our children in the cause of personal greed.
It can be invoked through a mass consciousness of hatred,
and evil notions of the superiority or inferiority of various races.
There is no race inferior or superior to any other race on this planet.
We are all the chosen people of God.
The Lord of light cannot be invoked. His grace is like the wind;
it goes where it wishes. When Grace fills you,
the room seems to lighten up a bit. Other people notice it, too,
that the room has brightened. Suddenly your are filled with
love and confidence. We can all be mystics.
Satan does not belong to one country alone. In fact, Satan belongs
to no country and shows loyalty to no one. Evil is the negation
of what is, the greed that is filling the mechanized groin of the world.

Mass confusion is sown deliberately. Out of this confusion
over names, war comes. And out of war comes massive profits
from the sale of arms.
It is known that some entities encourage hatred
on both sides of an issue. A war is stirred up and started like a fire,
inflammatory remarks fanned on both sides. Then these same entities
sell arms to both sides of the conflict, reaping massive profits out of the bodies
of the peoples involved. If this is not Satanism, I don't know what is.

A righteous anger arises within me when I write of these things.
but what am I to do with this anger, kill someone else? I have killed already
and it was not what I wanted to do.
The answer is to take the energy of this anger and use it as fuel
for meditation. Take the fuel of this rage and look within to the
new country of the soul, the pure land where men cease from grasping.
Look within and see until the mirror appears,
the mirror that is no mirror, but is the eye through which
you see God. And God sees you also through the same mirror,
and you know and you are known. The two become one,
the division between you and God disappears.
It becomes apparent to you, the land of the Buddha's Light
within every atom, the Light that is the Mind of Christ
penetrating to the very corners of our existence,
the utmost reaches of the Universe, the One Light shines eternally,
and will forever shine within true men and women the world over.
There are many pathways to One Place. It is simple.
Do not be confused by names. Your duty is the Holy
Quest to your soul, to that which you have always been,
even before your parents were born.
I asked God one time, "What am I?" God answered in a loud Voice,
"You are an empty vessel." It is through this empty vessel
that I write to you these words.

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