Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In the name of the most high, the one who is the Eye of the world,
To clarify a few things about God:

(1) Of course, there is no Santa Claus in the sky!
No, things are more mysterious than that. There are many paths
to the pure land. I prefer to choose a pathway of mystery and wonder
in a world where anything may happen. This is how I see the world
and wondrous things have happened to me.

(2) Consider the possibility of an Intelligence presently in the process
of creating all things, One who creates the spirals of DNA, One who
stares back at you when you are observing the particles and waves of
quantum physics, and the particles change when you observe them,
One who is the singing of the universe, a Mind that dances from

"The eye through which you see God is the eye through which God
sees you." Meister Eckhart

The world is not "The Creation" or "the Created" past tense.
The universe is right now, this very instant, creating itself with
divine intelligence in a never-ending process. One who meditates deeply
can partake of the Mind of God.

(3) Those of us who go on a Vision Quest invariably report a
spirit guide, who aids them in their quest when they are destitute,
when they are at that last extreme and cannot think any more
because thinking is not enough; when the old grey rat enters
the dead end alley from which there is no escape: a higher faculty
may come to your aid at such times when you are finally able to
listen: a higher faculty of Mind which is within you and outside of

It is said a person who had just had a Realization experience once
shouted: "Between heaven and earth, I alone exist!"

This sounds like the height of egotism. In fact, it is utter

The Fundamental Fact is the Realization experience. It is not preached
in modern day Christianity, but it was taught 2,000 years ago by
the early followers of Christ.

Christ, the anointed one, is a name for the fundamental Mind that
is the core of this universe, the eye of spiral galaxies, the golden mean.

When a seeker has passed through the "Chapel of the Black Hand", the
dark night of the soul, he is ripe for sudden illumination! Lightning
might strike; the implosion may occur.

I do not preach at you. I do not ask you to believe. I merely wish to
encourage you who are searching for the meaning of life. A path
exists but it has been obscured.

I wish to re-open the path for modern day Christians. I don't want
what happened to me to happen to you. I had the Liberation Experience
when I was twenty-three and I had no idea what had happened.
There was no support system in place to aid those who travelled
towards the goal. Finally, through the study of Hindu texts and
with the help of our Zen brothers and sisters, I discovered what
the hell had happened to me.

I had Realized. I had the fundamental knowing experience. There
is really only one such Experience, though it comes in many shapes
and sizes, through many paths. I had Realized Mind. Throughout
the entire universe, one eternal Mind.

I had Realized Christ as Mind. And this is the meaning of eternal
life and not tasting death: this Realization Experience. In the
east it is called Enlightenment, kensho, satori.

In the east, there is a system that supports the quest to see
this Fundamental Fact. We ought to build such a system in the West.

"Woe to the Pharisees, for they hold the keys to the kingdom, and they
do not enter, neither do they allow anyone else to enter."
Gospel of Thomas.

What you seek is within you and waiting to embrace you, and is the
fundamental fact of your existence. It is what you are. And there's nowhere
to go but where you are.

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