Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A Few Premises:

(1) The Mind is not only in the brain. Stepping off the curb, you will sense
a car coming with your body as well as your head.
(2) Emotions are carried throughout the body-mind by chemical messengers.
Chemistry forms and carries our emotions.
(3) We think of chemistry as belonging to the external world of matter;
but clearly the world of matter (mass & energy) Is what we are.
(4) As above so below. Quantum processes have been seen to behave differently
when observed. It looks very much as if there is a consciousness in
sub-atomic processes.
(5) If there is a consciousness at the level of quantum physics, why do we assume there is no consciousness at the galactic level?


  1. We refer to the world of sub-atomic particles as
    the world of "Quantum Physics" where we study quirks and quarks and other phenomena smaller than atoms;

    Why don't we call the world that is the study of phenomena which are larger than galaxies, why don't we call this world the "SUPRA-GALACTIC"

    May I respectfully submit the following: that
    Consciousness may operate in a similar fashion
    in both worlds. "As Above So Below" is the most fundamental belief of the Hermetic Sciences.

  2. Why are we so sure that "As Above So Below"
    does not to modern science as well?