Thursday, November 30, 2017



        This only --- survives funerals
         Love --- has wings
          Mind --- the Phoenix brings

           Anointed are birds that sing
            Little ones come unto me
             Across the Great Divide
              Of death --- and Spring.

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne

Finding poems and bits of poems
In a wondrous and post-apocalyptic
Landscape of notebooks.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

won't you please come and lie with me - SONG - with music and lyrics

Name doesn’t matter
For the water
Dancing where you are
Whatever you’re after
Whatever ladder
You follow to the stars

Won’t you please come and lie with me?
A lady smiled to say 
You've been with me for five centuries  
   Anyway                                                      (Hook)

Name doesn’t matter
For the waters
Dancing in the moon
Call me with rivers
Call me with laughter
Call me late or soon

And won’t you please come and lie with me?
A lady smiled to say
You’ve been with me
For five centuries

You are dancing 
With the river
Oh, you are dear to me
I'll miss you now
I'll miss you never
Do the rivers miss the sea?

And won't you please
Come and lie with me?
A lady smiled to say
You've been with me
For five centuries

These are words, 2 verses out of 3, for a song I wrote way back when during my periods as a folk singer. In all modesty, it's a lovely melody. And the transcendent aspect of the embrace between the two lovers over several
centuries - this excites me. And I know there's truth to it.

I think there's another verse to this song. IT's got a lovely hook.... I need more equipment to post in on You Tube, or here even.

I have the chords on a different site... no vocals you can hear yet. Won't be long now. I was playing the melody on an electric guitar using echo and wah plus something... The guitar part on Windows music player is enticing.
Now all this song needs is the equipment to do a little assembly.

A matter of days or weeks at the most

I hope we all like it/love it when it's done...
Cheers to us all!
And to you, especially.

(C) 1980-2017 by W.G.Milne and 
John Rock Corporation All rights reserved.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


 2 travelers --- W.G. Milne and Peter Rowland...
going to
                           PANAMA CITY


words by W.G. Milne

Voice, rhythm guitar and harmonica: 

Panama City is paradise for a character in the book I'm writing about Mainstreet.

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne     All rights reserved.

Johnny Rock and the Angels

Friday, November 17, 2017


The sun blasts in my face now like thunder
Silver sparkling bright on the cars'  fools' gold
The cosmos wheels round now without blunder
The past does not exist now on this heath

The sun brightens with a prayer such wonder
The Lord of hosts puts treasures in my hand
Words cannot express not here nor  yonder
The wondrous workings in this holy land

Lady in tight pants lifts her arm and thumbs
Picked up by a pickup and then away
I'm sitting on a chair  by the Rio Theater
The clouds are moving fast across the lake

The future is a faded song itself...
A song that soon will come and soon be gone
Like men who rise and climb to strut the stage 
All endeavours quickly pass on along.

The leaves are blown off all the polar trees
Autumn's sweeping fast all heat away
 Motorcycle blows all future from me
I sit atop a swirl of glory days.

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne


          Another saying that helps smash the eggshell ego of the intellectual, philosophical or
"rational" mind:


         This is a saying of the Christ, very early saying. This is not meant to put people in a 'religious' or 'pious' state of mind...
         No we're learning about focus - how to enter into deep focus. That place of silence where all your resources shine a light on one expression.
         These expressions - you can try to understand them - but that is a waste of time.
There can be no explanation of the deeper realities. Such presences resound in your mind as if you have struck a bell.
        It's best to deal with one saying at a time.
Choose one that resounds within you and focus upon it, let them arise... these deeper meanings.
Sometimes these sayings reach to you from across the centuries.
       Focus, not analysis, is the practice of the mystic - the deeply honoured mystical tradition.
You will not be alone in your practice. Other minds will hear the resonance of what you are doing.
       Wondrous things start to happen if we show a little patience in our search.

        Don't think of searching for externals. You search for something you already have - you just don't know it yet.

        Consciousness arises in a new dawn upon the earth, starting with your search.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


"He was nailed to a tree and he became
the fruit of the Knowledge of the Father. The
fruit did not, however, cause destruction
because it was eaten, but to those who ate it,
it gave cause to become glad in the discovery.
and he discovered them in himself, and they
discovered him in themselves."
                                           The Gospel of Truth  

                          I'm going to post

paragraphs from the Gnostic Gospels, 

the real Gospels discovered in Egypt in 

the year 1945.

              The passages I choose will have 

the full Seed within them

Close study/meditation on any one of these

paragraphs may well lead you into 

a Gnosis that can cause     

 Realization (foundation experience).

              So I'll choose deep meaning 

passages that cannot be explained.

It is necessary to bring your full focus

into perceiving the meaning of 


              A mindshock is necessary to 

shake the very foundation of your being.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

PANAMA CITY - song by J.Rock & the Angels....

Panama City........... Harper dreamed this was Paradise.


psychic traveler

so I have
dark mystic dreams
of you
dark dreams
that penetrate to the depths
of the lake

the deep bottomless
the mysterious 
the spring-fed
the loon-calling
sand-piper walking
lake of broken dreams
and hope renewed;

lake of dark-pined
islands and rocky
dreams of impossible
and gentle waves
the duck-mothering
chicken running
of ancient passageways
to the interior
lake of voyageurs
heroic psychic travelers
dark dreams of you
in the silence
somehow I left my shoes
at your place
as the dark whispering wind
sings on

(C)1987 to 2017 by W.G. Milne

From the collection, "GYPSY LIVES"

Friday, November 3, 2017


I WROTE THIS SONG IN THE FIELDS NORTH OF TORONTO. (C)2O17 by W.G. Milne...All rights reserved




            I'm a mystic, a guy involved with the spiritual: don't confuse me with those religious fools!

            I'm trying to help this (fucked-up) therapist with a major opiate withdrawal happening. I'm looking at the sky. It's 7:00 AM. Then it's 8:00AM. Now it's 9:30... the sky is still dark. WTF?
          Now I realize it's PM not AM... If this is the state of my organization --- how can I presume to advise anyone.

             We think of sex... then we think of the Spirit at a wholly different time. Don't we know these so-called extremes are part of the same energy?

        If you were to know how many heroin withdrawals I've been through, I suspect you'd consider me a moron.
         Anyway, I know a hell of a lot about drugs and their results --- doesn't matter what time it is.

        I hope she hasn't gone into the bathroom to slice up.

        None of us, however brave we are, can fight depression or loneliness.

        I've been accused of writing exceedingly mournful ballads... the singing in a bar rule is - don't play more than 2 in a row. Or half the audience will edge off to the bathrooms to slice up.

      A joke... and  partially true .I REALLY can't sing more than 2 of my ballads on stage -
the bartenders told me that.

       One night I just sang one ballad in Newfoundland. A fiddle player  and a very adept accordion player joined the band...
      They kept giving me shots of this clear white liquid which I soon discover was moonshine.. called, Newfie Screeh! Not the stuff U buy in the liquor stores... this stuff is three times stronger.

      So I launch into one of my beautiful but mournful ballads, and then the fiddle joined in
I found the fiddle moving.
      Then the acordion came in atop the bass,. drums and me. I was more moved. I had 7 shot glasses of the original screech lined up on the top of my amplifier right behind me. Rapidly, in quick succession, I poured 3 of these shot glasses down my throat.
             Then quickly I drank sips of water ...'cause my head was getting hot. And my chest and belly, too --- the hot flash was moving south in my body with speed and ease.
             After the instrumental solo, I started singing the next verse. The whole fish-cleaning parlour was getting brighter and more clear.
              The verses of the song were driving me to emotion...

              "When I saw you
                 Your sorrow in your hand
                   Afraid to turn your hear
                    And afraid to stand

               When I saw you
                On a mountain of sand
                   In a huge hour glass
                     And the sand had passed through...

I started weeping. Tears flowing down my face. I was a trifle embarrassed - then I looked down at the audience... They were crying too - - all of them.

        You can't sum this stuff up, no matter how you try. Life is not meant to be assessed logically.
         One century soon western philosophers will figure this out.
         And maybe... start to relax.
          Music beats philosophy every day of the week. Try some dancing if you want to cleanse your soul.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017


G                           Em
I've been waiting in love for ages
C                                         D                    G
But you don't... you just don't come up

Yeah, waiting in love for ages 

But ya just don't --- ya just don't come up

Now you paid me a little visit, lady,
So I could show my love
And you held out five fingers, baby,
So I would kiss your glove

7Em                           3C
And when I hear you shout
7Em                      3C
When I hear you cry out           HOOK
C                 D                 G
Let's do it all over again!
C                 D                 G
Let's do it all over again!

I will walk the streets with flowers for you
We'll see the dawn come in
I'll take you  to Paris, Lady,
Your favourite restaurant by the Seine

I've been waiting in love for ages
But you just don't, you just don't come up
I see you across this smokey  room
Still you just don't, you just don't come up

I wanted to love you, sweetheart,
You said I wasn't man enough
I said I'd love you like a woman
But you wanted sterner stuff

And now we're lying in the dawn
And I find we can get it up
So I gave you a rose at breakfast
And I bought you your favourite book

Hook---And when I hear you shout
When I hear you cry out
Yes, when I hear you shout
Let's do it all over again!

I said I'd take you travelling
But I don't get around so much
We didn't go to Paris
So I took you to the bush

And now I see you're holding (7Em)
My promise in your hand
When promises are honey
And we're walking in the sand

Orion now is rising
By the red eye of the beast
Aphrodite and the hunting dogs
Are dancing in the east

And now when I hear you shout
Yeah, when I hear you cry out
Yes, now as I hear you shout
Let's do it all over again!

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne

This is a song I haven't recorded yet but I can hear it
in my head.