Monday, October 19, 2020


O LET SILENCE COMPEL US TO SEE MYSTERY WE ARE HERE NOW BOTH YOU AND ME, DO YOU NOT THINK "WHAT IS THIS GOING? Where's this wind blowing To a heartland of bliss?" Beginning and ending Who makes the rules? Without some real insight We are the fools! From wonder to wonder Each tender kiss O teach us to see straight It's too good to miss! You who now doubt The very rock where you step You were born here, Agnostic, Tell me, What's this? (C)2019 by W.G. Milne

Saturday, October 10, 2020


MOONSHINE SKETCHES OF A PICKLED TOWN I don't know whether you know WAIT-A-BIT!, if not it is of no consequence. For if you know the North of Canada at all, you probably know a dozen towns just like it. There it lies in the Moonlight, sloping up from the Big River, the Mackenzie River sweeping along its range of mountains rolling down along its miles of woodlands, the wide river runs rolling on towards the sea. And silence, the wide wild silence of the Arctic, tempered by the caw of ravens, sweetened with the howl of wolves, and seasoned through all seasons, by endless light and interminable darkness. There it lies in the Moonlight, sloping up from the wild river at the foot of the hillside on which the town is built. There is a wharf beside the river, and a moveable section of floating wharf which forms a “T” into the river. There are three boats upturned beside the wharf. The boats go nowhere. Men used to go fishing in them, but the freshwater sharks that come down from the ocean inhibit the fish from coming to this corner of the river. The bears still catch fish north of here, ion the shallows where the river runs very wide. And indeed the 100 pound weasels, known as wolverines; they have been seen eating the occasional carcass of a shark. There's a pair of binoculars at Artie's Bar... And we watch the weasels cavort over the shark carcass down the hill on the mudflats by the river. The boats go nowhere. The distances are too great, the immensity is so vast... So the remaining inhabitants of Wait-A-Bit!, the ones who have survived ( and I am lucky to say that I am one) we sit here, sons and daughters of Intemperance, and we observe the immensity... The inhalation of solvents is discouraged, but the use of alcohol has been approved of once again, as being indeed necessary to contemplate the Eye of the Universe which is looking back at us. (c) 2013 by William G. Milne All rights reserved. Posted 7th December 2013 by WILLIAM MILNE

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 The finest woman you'll never see

Is singing close and distantly

In a cavern whispering

By a fountain in the forest eaves

Will you always stand alone

by the waters and the moon?

Will you be returning soon,

Will you lead your poet home?

Love can make a man go mad

In poets such madness is terminal:

She stares full face into my eyes

Says, "This is your birth or your funeral."

Her smile's a holy sight,

A reward beyond imagining;

We rise to love then fall to die

And I

I write verses for you others sing.

(C)2018-2020 by W.G. Milne


ROSEMARY with band..JOHNNY ROCK returning from JAMAICA

This take of Rosemary was done with a full band. Barry played like an angel in this song. Rob Joanisse's drumming is fab. It's a more stirring version that the duet version which is unemotional.There are a few tempo shifts which are disturbing, but not too bad. Let's see how it sounds...(It's done at the same session as 'Exhausted Man Blues") So the band is pretty hot, I love this song but it has to be sung with intensity or it's no good. This one's pretty intense.
(C) 1980-2017 by W.G. Milne and JOHN ROCK CORPORATION, all rights reserved

Joe Rogan Experience #606 - Randall Carlson

Sunday, September 6, 2020



I went to see my sister
She had nothing to help with me
She asked me: "What s the matter with
I said nothing at all, my lady
Cept I am and I been blowing down low

So she took me to a doctor
He said: "He strange but he can
     open his eyes"
If you want more of his music...
     stare at his face
And stroke his thighs.....

So I took him to Matilda...
She slipped a wire into his tool
Yeah, she took him to Matilda
Slipped a hot wire into his tool

H woke up real sudden
Said: "These gals gottas go
To my special girl thief school
And when I teach them to bend over

I'm gonna show them the big
Golden ruler rule.

Howlin' Wolf - Back Door Man

Friday, August 14, 2020


HYMN TO PAN, DIONYSUS... this is another of the three or four longer songs I wrote in that solitary time in the Caledon Hills. If you ever played this song on the radio, you'd likely have to cut it into two segments... The song speaks pretty much for itself. I don't know what this version is like --- tho I think maybe I recorded it just once in one take - and this is it. Let's see. (C)2017 by W.G. Milne. All rights reserved.
I'm curious to hear this song. Also, the words of "NO REST FOR THE INNOCENT" seem to be drifting back into my head... This will happen faster if I start playing the chords. I'd love to find this song, too. A whole lot of verses - none of them stale or dull. Here's part of the first verse.
"A black dog walked across the road
Down by the bushes where the river flowed
And I thought of you with your heavy load
No rest for the wicked
Or for the innocent who are beginning to grow"

"A man can be two people,
Three if he really needs
To keep the ball in the steeple
Rolling and free
He can lie, he can devise
He can do most anything
And he's all yours, my darling
If he just finds a song to sing
And no rest for the wicked
Or for the lonely ones
Who are beginning to sing".....