Friday, January 18, 2019



“Illumination comes… through the space created
by your psychic insecurity”… ie: abandonment
complex… becomes the pearl in the half-shell… the
space through which the angels come… the jagged
hole in the chapel wall… allows… the glorious pink
fingers… the purest white chaste light of humility,
prayer and forgiveness… the white chapel sun light
of the forgiving love of God…. the law – creates the
pain, like the sand- the pearl, out of pain… and
the wound creates the space necessary, the crack
through which the dawn comes, and Maitreya, and
the returning Christ… the light of whom even now is
a suggestion of purple out of twilight… the hint of the
dawn of the new age which transcends this base
period, Iron Age, Kali Yuga, age of doubt and
material grasping… out of this wound and pain
out of which blossoms tearful kneeling prayers
and need for that which is beyond our powers
to come and peck at the crack in our psyches
like a mother bird does to the eggshell both
protecting and confining her baby… she breaks
open the crack…. lets in the light… out of the
crack in the eggshell ego comes the annihilation
of the shell… complete removal of confining
protection… and if the psychic space is there,
the tears and the need for prayer…. Grace will come
like a rain of forgiving light more chaste and pure
than anything you could have imagined…. and in
this divine forgiveness, this holy welcome… you
see where you are as you step out across the infinite
galactic spaces – you have come home.
        And all the Universe and Mind and Eye and
heart and soul of Soul of God overflows within you
with its blessed greeting of forgiveness… and you see…
for the first time… with eyes washed clean and
made new… that all the cosmos is your bed
and pillows, and the milky way your blanketing
warmth, and the holy blossoming fountain of eternal
truth is your comforter. For you are home… and
you know now your true identity – and you are not who
you thought you were. And you are glad. For you are
deathless as the spring.
       The wound of your early life, the bane of your
adolescence, the pain of your earlier maturity… all
have been necessary and useful so that you could
hurt sufficiently that you would seek… and lift your
head and climb the tree at the heart of the world –
all for this – that you may see the Time of Morning.

(C)1990-2018 by W.G. Milne/ Walker Ballantine


Clifftop Writings:
"The poet knew that he had
tasted the Mind of God
He had been taught and schooled
by the Lord on cliff tops,
promontories into deep lakes
and wild seas. In many such
places the Lord of Hosts revealed
the eternal presence of His seeing
in His holy light.
The poet had been astounded
repeatedly and anointed by the Lord,
through none of his own
doing, but by Grace only.
That all things are of God:
matter and soul and spirit originate
in Him, and all returns to Him.
All is in the crystal shower
of the incandescent throne,
The holy fountain that erupts
and subsides again: the awareness
which is the eye of the seashell
And of the hurricane and the tornado:
The burning blaze at the heart
Of the atom; the restless charge
That leaps throughout the adhesion
Of molecules; the pure eye of the
Baby child newly in her cradle:
The leap of a bright butterfly off a
summer branch,
The yellow eye of the sun
The eye for which all all time
is present
The past and the future exist
To the Mind of God:
"I see Moses in his day and
Adam and the birth of my son
In whom I am well pleased;
I am Alpha, Omega, and I am
the unity of the Universe."
"I am the living and fiery essence
that burns in the light of the stars;
I am the white light of holy dreams
and realities,
The chastity of the bride
The white wedding of the Mind;
I am the poet's poetry
The prophecy of the sage
I am the potter,
You are my clay:
I give to you, even this
New heaven and earth
Born again in this page.


John Saunders and I wrote this song about the
plight of the farmers in Central America, dodging between the government death squads and the rebel fighters.... Merely
trying to save their families.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


       I've done a lot of writing and 
songwriting in dark places - what
you might call dark places - dark,
either because there was no light
or dark because the company was odious.
In  WAIT-A-BIT in the dark 24 hours
a day six to ten months a year ( sometimes
it seems longer).
       You could call the Preacher dark company
here in this flickering light from the yellow
gun powder-flecked candles. His breath is bad and he's flatulent. The gruff words he utters are
like barks from a fat dog down a well.
        Susie is writhing on top of the bar stool.
Can't sit still.

         "Hey, Artie!  It's dark as fuck in here!
Light an oil lamp, will ya?"
          Artie's out back. Shouts back: "Can't find the oil!"  He emerges behind the bar. "I can always burn some liquor."
          "No don't do that!" Frank says. (I'm Frank)

           The wind is howling like 3 dreaming fiends outside the bar door.  Every so often it sounds like someone kicks the door.  But it's only the wind. 
            That wind would blow you right down along the ice on the river.

            "The weather's so miserable it's starting to cheer me up~!" says Frank.

(C)2019 by W.G. Milne

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


MILAREPA was an early Indian poet, singer and magician. His verses are still available to us.
        OK. this is not a dance song... It's structure is based on the Indian raga... although this version is primitive. My voice when it comes in is rather high... But recording something at 3:00 AM, you should not expect perfection. I post this for interest's sake. Still there's a sweet tune in there... support for DREAMING WHILE AWAKE, my meditative technique. Sitting for the half way lazy man, and for the adventurer in the vast inner realm, who damn well will not be told what to do. This version is only seven minutes. I have another one that is 17. I like this song " HOMAGE TO MILAREPA" because this is the way it emerged out of the dark.

Sunday, January 13, 2019



        This book is A VOLUNTARY REGRESSION... into the EARLIER PRIMAL WORLD OF CHILDHOOD... childhood
into this strange interior land, which only certain artists and self-hypnotists enjoy the vast wealth of... possessing the key.
       Rare is the man who hold the key to the GREEN DOOR WITHIN. More rare still is the man who knows how to use the key without disrupting the very core of his personality, without destroying the very foundation of his being.
        Such an artist must be able to play like a child, to fantasize,
potentialize others, feel primordial awe for his own feces, ask fundamental questions of the Void and God.... Eg: "What are dreams for?""What does God know? What's it like to die?"
And at the same time he sees the mystery of that shady little alley under the eavestroughs at the back of his white house.
        The artist regresses voluntarily so he may immerse
himself again and again in that primal edenic world of WONDER that is the domain of childhood., the kingdom and realm of the very young.
         And the source of horror.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


"Whoever is near to me,
is near the fire; "
"Whoever is far from me,
is far from the Kingdom." Jesus said.

John Sallie How does that jive with, "Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and outside of you."



Walker Ballantine Fire is inside and outside of you. The kingdom is laid out upon the earth and men see it not.



John Sallie True. And now even Quantum Mechanics is hypothisising this very fact. The universe, they imply, for all intents and purposes is holographic. If so, then something is projecting this hologram. My own personal belief is that this hologram is in fact theconsciousness of God projecting itself. In this regard, there is no escaping the "kingdom" because it is All the kingdom. You couldn't be outside of it even if you wanted to be. Lol Just simply my belief. 😊



John Sallie And this, to me, is why Thomas said,

"If I tell you one of the words he said to me, you will pick up stones and throw them at me..." 

And what do I believe Jesus said to Thomas?

That, "You Are God."



Cathy White Sample omg, I got major chills when I read that, it is True



"The heavens opened and the whole creation shone in an unearthly light, and a boy appeared unto me, but I saw the form as an old man, within whom there was light. And the forms of the one before me were numerous owing to the light; the forms kept appearing through one another. I looked on him but did not understand this wonder."

Walker Ballantine The heavens opened and the whole creation shone in an unearthly light, and a boy appeared unto me, but I see the form as an old man,


Walker Ballantine within whom there was light. And the forms of the one before me were numerous owing to the light; the forms kept appearing through one another. I looked on him but did not understand this wonder."

Walker Ballantine How is this for a hologram?

John Sallie Such experiences are very personal in nature. I, as you, have experienced similar type visions albeit totally different in their content and context.

Walker Ballantine Yes, and when discussing such visions, Grace entersthe room...An entirely different situation arises, one that no one is expecting. 

Walker Ballantine A further vision emerges.

Cathy White Sample Many years ago I had a dream where I was shown the formulae , incredibly long, for the hypercube turning in on itself to the 4th dimension. of course I couldn't remember the whole formulae. this to me is the same essence as the hologram of the individual when in no time there is no age