Sunday, May 29, 2011

Judgment Day? Karma?

         The Zealots were expecting the Messiah to be a temporal king who would liberate the land from Roman rule.
          The Christian Messiah, Christ or anointed one, it turned out, is not concerned with a regime of one specific time or place, but rather a timeless realm, beyond history: a realm that exists and will exist only in the  'eternal present'. It's rather like the "dream time" which Joseph Campbell discusses, an archetypal time, which has nothing to do with history.
             Some Jewish friends tell me that they do not think the Messiah has come yet.
              In the year 1000 A.D. flagellants walked through medieval towns in Europe naked or in tattered clothes, whipping themselves or dragging heavy crosses. They figured it was 
Judgment Day then, ie: "The day is at hand; the end is near!"
                Only it wasn't, and it isn't.
                  Judgment Day is impossible to compute, and I think we all know that. The earth has
another 4 billion years of life in it, if all goes according to a plan that is so immense as to be
beyond our calculations as to time and place.
                Of course, if we take the notion/fact of karma seriously, every day is Judgment Day,
so we don't have to worry about dates.  As it is said, if we deserve it, we are going to get it in the end.

                  The real question is, how do we get to that golden, eternal, timeless place of definitions.


Thursday, May 5, 2011


         "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson

           Just as we have had to set aside the laws of Newtonian physics when we focus on sub-atomic
particles and enter in to a much more unpredictable, even weird world, so does our whole
approach to sacred reality have to change.
            In centuries past, priests were speaking to an uneducated public. In fact, the public was not allowed to educate itself. Education was illegal and besides all the books were written in Latin
not the spoken language of the public. So the priests were allowed to get away with teaching
fairy tales, and for quite a long time no one could prove them wrong.

            Well, times have changed!
             I see no division between science and religion!
              There is no need for such a split.  If your local mystic (shaman) does not apprehend
reality completely, it's time to get another mystic!
                The first law of the new universe is that subject and object no longer exist. So also,
all the old dualistic notions have to be thrown away. But have we really thought out or
discovered the implications of non duality?
                  How about the division between man and God? That no longer exists either.
So maybe when people say, "I am God" after a long night, maybe we should takes them
more seriously.
                    How about the division between flesh and spirit?  This division must be thrown out also! This will screw up the old church's moralistic methods.

                 In the quantum world of endless possibilities and the sea of "empty" space, which is actually seething with unimaginable massive energy, what happens is not determined by anything that is part of the physical universe.
                 What's really mysterious is sub-atomic processes change when observed. In fact 
the process changes according to how it is observed! This suggests something like intelligence
in the formative space of emptiness.

                  O.K. Anyone who has studied the mystics of the various religions will know that
intelligence in the midst of emptiness is an ancient notion of holy men everywhere.
                   What's happened is that science has caught up to the mystics.

                    People who go into deep meditation often use the phrase that:"It's like a mirror."
The one meditating seems to be in the midst of intelligence, even an intelligence that reflects back
to the mind of the meditator.
                     What's happening is you are in the midst of the Mind of the universe.
                      Bringing it back to the Christian world (which is more stunted than most religions),
this happens: the one lost in deep concentration facing a saying such as "In the beginning is the Word" has an earth-shattering experience. At least, it is earth-shaking to him.
                        If you   focus on an expression which cannot be grasped or understood with the rational mind, say "Before Abraham was, I am", and if your concentration is absolute you
may undergo an implosion. The implosion is like an eggshell collapsing inwards revealing the life within. Or a T.V. set tossed off a hotel balcony, it also implodes. When this happens to you inwardly, you might hear a loud noise. Then the whole world changes for you, even your identity.
                            Intellectual problems will no longer exist for you. Paradoxes will make you laugh! 

Monday, May 2, 2011


        Well. today's my birthday and I feel great! So I'm probably going to talk too much.  But I've got a few points rattling around in my brain, and this is bugging me. I like my brain to be absolutely
empty of all thoughts, but humming with a warm/hot energy of focus. Like when you play a sport
and you're panting hard, staring down field. You don't have a thought in your head! You have total focus on the ball.
         These few points:
          I went to church the other day (Easter Sunday).  I normally avoid churches because the preacher/teacher/minister/priest always speaks of the Christ in the past tense. And his special resurrection is in the past, too.
            Well, I've been getting a few unpleasant threats, some even in Latin, and little notes telling me I'm going to hell. 
              Here's why:  Gospel of Philip: "If you are not resurrected in this life, you will not be resurrected in the next."
                Resurrection/Realization occurs here and now. And this is the aim.  This is the golden
fleece. This is Ithaca - Home.
                  The Christ is not so special. The Christ is the "anointed one". The one who speaks for God at any given moment. God is speaking now. Christ is the ultimate Identity of every man or woman on this planet.  (Although Christ is sometimes called Buddha, or Krisna, Mohammed or
Allah).  Earthly religions are really not that different: asks the mystics of each religion how different  they are, and whether these  differences are worth fighting over!
              The mystics are the ones who know - they are not agnostics; they are not intermediaries
between you and your Source. They are the ones who have gone into the wilderness, themselves,
and have starved themselves or done any number of things in order that after days pass, and days and days and days - they have a glimpse of the meaning of things.
               If you want to ask about the Truth which is timeless and which is the very Mind of God,
ask a mystic. Do not ask someone who takes a wage in order to support the established view!
                Do you see now why I get all these threatening notes? If I were uncertain, well, I
guess I would be worried about hell and these Latin curses. But I am certain. I am a mystic
and I know what I know. I have (literally) sat on the cliff top and watched the winds pass
through me. 
                  I have no worries at all!
                   Though I am trying not to get verbose.

                      Hail to you, in the name of the Most High, Rastaferai, Lord of the Meeting Rivers, Eternal Mind which is the Eye of the world,  Jahweh who is the fertility of all the fields, greetings and love!
                       Your time has come.