Monday, May 2, 2011


        Well. today's my birthday and I feel great! So I'm probably going to talk too much.  But I've got a few points rattling around in my brain, and this is bugging me. I like my brain to be absolutely
empty of all thoughts, but humming with a warm/hot energy of focus. Like when you play a sport
and you're panting hard, staring down field. You don't have a thought in your head! You have total focus on the ball.
         These few points:
          I went to church the other day (Easter Sunday).  I normally avoid churches because the preacher/teacher/minister/priest always speaks of the Christ in the past tense. And his special resurrection is in the past, too.
            Well, I've been getting a few unpleasant threats, some even in Latin, and little notes telling me I'm going to hell. 
              Here's why:  Gospel of Philip: "If you are not resurrected in this life, you will not be resurrected in the next."
                Resurrection/Realization occurs here and now. And this is the aim.  This is the golden
fleece. This is Ithaca - Home.
                  The Christ is not so special. The Christ is the "anointed one". The one who speaks for God at any given moment. God is speaking now. Christ is the ultimate Identity of every man or woman on this planet.  (Although Christ is sometimes called Buddha, or Krisna, Mohammed or
Allah).  Earthly religions are really not that different: asks the mystics of each religion how different  they are, and whether these  differences are worth fighting over!
              The mystics are the ones who know - they are not agnostics; they are not intermediaries
between you and your Source. They are the ones who have gone into the wilderness, themselves,
and have starved themselves or done any number of things in order that after days pass, and days and days and days - they have a glimpse of the meaning of things.
               If you want to ask about the Truth which is timeless and which is the very Mind of God,
ask a mystic. Do not ask someone who takes a wage in order to support the established view!
                Do you see now why I get all these threatening notes? If I were uncertain, well, I
guess I would be worried about hell and these Latin curses. But I am certain. I am a mystic
and I know what I know. I have (literally) sat on the cliff top and watched the winds pass
through me. 
                  I have no worries at all!
                   Though I am trying not to get verbose.

                      Hail to you, in the name of the Most High, Rastaferai, Lord of the Meeting Rivers, Eternal Mind which is the Eye of the world,  Jahweh who is the fertility of all the fields, greetings and love!
                       Your time has come.

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