Tuesday, September 12, 2017


        These are the words spoken by the living
Jesus, the living words spoken between teacher
and disciple, master and brother, seeker and the one who has reached the end of the path -
the Son who sets out to find his Father, and the Father who waits for the living Son, for His words to come to be.
       So it is then, these are the words spoken
with immediacy. This is not an historical Gospel, but the living words are accurate.

        So the Lord directed me, so sayeth
the living Poet: "to make use of my ultimate
        "I would not be a member of this esteemed
gathering, were it not for the gift the Father
has given me, and these words would have
been released years previously, were it not for
my cowardice and psychological immaturity,"
so said the poet.
        "Follow me through the labyrinth of Light
the Lord of Hosts has bequeathed me, and
through me - thee. Here we shall be still.
         "We already partake of the currents of One sea of tranquility. Follow me to the 
source of this inner fountain."

          "There is One who has overcome death.
He is what you are."
           "His message cannot be heard by the ear,
touched by the hand, nor felt by the heart;
without words he send his message to you.
Without taking a step he carries the fruit 
to you."
           " Can you taste it without opening
your mouth?"

              This fruit which flowers and grows
ripe beyond the fabric of time, this rose
that flowers without the watering can,
contains the meaning of the words of the
Christ: "Before Abraham was, I am."

              Your own soul blossoms and 
grows sweet; in the silence the message
is heard: taste the gift He gives beyond
the fabric of time, the gift He gives
to man.

              I felt Grace enter through
my window this morning: I felt strength
from the gathering of saints and 
Bodhisattvas whose Consciousness
surrounds the earth.
              It is the Lord of hosts and all
his saints who bring me to this:
              These are the words of the
Living One.

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