Saturday, September 9, 2017


OVER THE YEARS I've wondered who I wrote this song to.... Now I know... It is meant for everybody I ever met and cared about --- people I have hurt, people I have loved, people I've never met. As the years pass, this song gets stronger and stronger and more present everywhere I look. It started out as a lullaby to a woman I loved by the River Seine in Paris. Some wonderful nights.... But the song is more than this. When I ask who the song was written to now, I think I wrote it to myself... And, most of all, it turns out I wrote it to you.
This song, "WHEN I SAW YOU" is one of my favourite ballads that I've written. If I have the right tape, it's from a full studio recording - something that would be nice to give you, once in a while.
But my new equipment is not so good, The piece of equipment that turns these tunes from analogue to digital - it wavers a bit. Change in tempo means change of pitch in the voice et al.... so this one, too, might have a hallucinatory effect... as the music and my voice rises and falls in pitch.
It can be fixed, but not with what I have here. So I hope you can enjoy this love song.

(C) 2017 by W.G. Milne. All rights reserved.

"When I saw you,

Tears running down your


You were lost in time

And you'd lost your place,

Then I knew

Wherever you'd been

However you'd sinned

I'd see you through"

"When I saw you

And the world was wrong

You'd forgotten your dream

And you'd lost your song

Under the moon

When the streetlights were on

And your lover was gone

But the year was new"

"When I saw you,

Your sorrow in your hand,

Afraid to turn your head

And afraid to stand

When I saw you

By an ocean of sand

In a huge hourglass

And the sand had passed through"

"When I saw you

By the side of  the Seine

And the streetlights talked

By the river again

As the wind blew

Through your long flowing hair

The river whispered its truth

I was so glad to be there."

When I saw you.

(C) 1990-2017 by W.G. Milne and

       John Rock Corporation,

        All rights reserved.

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