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Trout Lake Monster

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The Trout Lake Monster is an alleged animal, identified neither as to family or species, but claimed to inhabit Trout Lake inOntario. There is a controversy amongst the residents of North BayOntario regarding the existence of the creature. Some residents say that there have been long-time stories of large swells of water, shadows, and figures of various proportions and sizes, while others say that these claims have only come about in modern times. The story of the monster amplified after the mysterious disappearance of Margaret and Allen Campbell (along with their family dog) who went missing May 25, 1956. Apparently, after eating lunch they went out in their fiberglass boat, and were never seen again.[1][2] In 2006 the Ontario Provincial Police, on a lead from a recreational fisherman; using high-tech imaging equipment were lucky to discover both bodies on the bottom of the lake, not far from the couple's cabin. Their boat was also found nearby on the bottom of the lake. Additionally, a local resident on Trout Lake discovered a large tooth when swimming at Camp Island. This tooth was brought to the Ministry of Natural Resources and destroyed in an alleged conspiracy.
Local sightings of the "monster" have included monstrous muskie, crocodile/alligator-like creatures, and serpent-like creatures.[1]


There is a local North Bay band called The Trout Lake Monsters.[1]

I have known the Trout Lake Monster, because it used to sleep on my property. 

Sometimes when I awake at 3:00A.M. and the moon is full,
 I hear snuffling and grunting under the pine forest and among birches... it appears to have irridescent scales. It crawls on it's stomach sometimes and slithers like a snake amid the sacred mushrooms. It marks its territory often... and leaves a disgusting viscous scent, which is sticky if stepped on.

 He has teeth like a werewolf and yellow eyes at night, which turn an evil red in the morning. Whether it is reptile or humanoid, I'm not sure, as yet. The beast can rise on his hind legs and howl... a chattering high-pitched howl that makes the dogs bark past midnight, all along the shores of the bottomless lake.

The other morning I almost screamed when I saw my own eyes in the mirror. They were an evil red, also. More on this later... I almost dropped to my knees and prayed to the Great Spirit.

"Lord, tell me I haven't mated with the beast. And my eyes are changing already."

It is well-known folklore around deep Trout Lake. No one knows how far these caverns go, how dark and how distant... There are rumours. And we all know in this territory...

 All things are possible in the dark.

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