Thursday, August 9, 2018


               I saw the most amazing thing today -- especially  when I consider how we coddle are children...

              I heard a strange cawing - it was a young crow, almost fully grown but still a baby and used to being fed.
              The mother would parade back and forth with a dangling worm in her mouth. The same beak that fed this big baby, now it denied him.  And it teased him with this dangling morsel...
              The young bird was cawing in protest and he kept following his mother. But she kept turning away.  
            She would give him nothing - only tease the baby crow she had always fed before. She was giving him not a thing. Yet she kept teasing him with obvious food.  
         She kept teasing and when the young, cawing protesting crow approached, she'd turn away... keeping the food just a little bit out of reach.
              "What is she doing, " I asked myself: "Has she no mercy?"

               Then it hit me. This was a training episode. She wouldn't always be there. She had plenty of mercy...
                She was teaching him to fight for his food.


(C)2018 by W.G. Milne

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