Saturday, August 4, 2018



         The difficult aspect of Mind work is finding a peaceful place to pursue your endeavours, and finding the will to begin.
         It's rather like writing in this respect,
because the roughest thing about writing is getting yourself to the typewriter and making a start - facing the virgin page.
        I know all the theories. I am no longer interested in theories.
Scholastic pursuits no longer interest me.

'Rational' arguments -- I avoid like the plague.

It is even more difficult to find a Place of Power
upon which to employ your meditations --- a place you can access daily.


I searched all the heights of a large peninsula. I climbed to the top of each rise and I sat there to see if I felt grounded - if the place welcomed me and inspired me.
              I found such a place and I built a hut there. We are lucky living in Canada, because there are lots of empty places - places that seem empty.
           But in Canada, of course, you have to build a shelter that is strong enough to be warm in the winter.

          Sounds echoed from the hills across the bay, and the winds would blow up suddenly. After a time, when I had sat long enough, when I was one with the place, the winds seemed to have Spirit in them.
        It was then I started to pray.And when I prayed, after various lengths of time, my prayers were answered.
        A Voice was passing through me, as if I were transparent, as if I were a hollow reed,
as if I was like a flute --- an empty vessel.


        I wrote some words derived from these new, most ancient Gospels. I started the passage and wrote a few paragraphs, but often it was the silent Voice that finished the passage.
        After a while I knew who the Voice was. It was the Voice of the Lord of Hosts, Lord of Israel, Lord of Albion, Lord of Jacob and Isaac
and Abraham - Lord of the red earth, Lord of the Meeting Rivers, Lord of the Islands of the Caribbean - a Voice that rang out over all the nations over the earth, and in my inner ear especially.
If I wish to teach anything, it is how to access that place of silence within you. We must make a space - so that Grace may enter.


(C)1980-2018 by W.G. Milne

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