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            The difference between being  (A) Being "Born Again"  and (B) experiencing  Christian  "Realization" is a great difference. A great divide separates the two.
             (A) The path of most modern day Christianity is the path that leads to the "born again"
experience. What is necessary for this path is to follow the principles of the "established Bible"
with blind obedience.
                  Unfortunately,  blind faith leads often to further blindness - the acceptance of "Creationism", six thousand years back to the garden of Eden and a world created in seven days. It's Daddy's World. And you know what?  There's nothing really wrong with blind obedience in daddy's world. I'm a daddy myself; and I do appreciate it when my children do what they're told, when they're told.
                  So long as they remain children, that is!
                  You have to say "no" to kids  or they don't feel loved. Also you have to say no or most kids wouldn't live past the age of 8.
                    But blind faith only takes a person  so far. There's a big difference between  'trusting' that things are all right and 'knowing' that things are all right.
                     Now that we are adults, and we know how to cross the street ourselves, neither the Church nor the Government needs  to keep ugly facts from us, unless, of course. they have something to hide!

                      (B) The path of Realization. Realization comes from  "a great spirit of inquiry." It is what happens at the end of the Grail Quest.  Christian Realization exists, though millions might argue otherwise. But in the spirit of honesty, Christian Realization does not differ much from Buddhist or Hindu "Enlightenment"; kensho or satori also exists in Islamic terms, which a study of the Sufis will make plain.
                        There is a purpose to the dance of the whirling dervish, and that purpose is to clear the surface mind and allow for "inquiry" deeper and  deeper into the psyche of the dancer.
Think of it in terms of "the zone" fine athletes all over our Globe understand' start with the zone,
an awareness without thought, then allow the mind to go deeper.
                         At the end of the journey, there is Realization. The problem with being born again is this: it's the same person who is born again. Realization involves a change of identity, so it's a very different animal.

                          This is what the earliest Christians taught, make no mistake. Now they are derided as being "gnostics". But the gnostics were just early Christians seeking a "knowing experience" of the Christ, who they knew to be their ultimate identity. Not some special  teacher with miraculous powers, but rather a heart-mind so basic as to be the eternal reality of all men and women. 
                          And when the Christ, the Anointed One, is known to be the basic reality of all men,
is this not the real proof of His divinity?And we are linked  to the Same? If this divinity is the innermost nature of us all, then what's the problem?  We don't need to study the life of a teacher who lived 2,000 years ago.  We don't need more priests! 
                          We need Modern Shamans, guides who can lead us on that longest journey - to the place that is closest of all - our inner Home, our soul, our innermost nature:  God within. "Cleave a block of wood, I am there. Lift up a stone and you will find me there." Gospel of Thomas.
                           In the east, when a person says, " I have found the answer, I am Buddha! Between heaven and earth I alone exist" he is congratulated. Then he is told he has  much work yet to do.
                           In the west, you start saying, "I have found my innermost nature: I am Christ!"
Believe me, you will not be congratulated."

                           All this will change as our society matures.
                            But the maturation of the Christian world could have started 2,000 years ago! Instead some evil deceptikons stole the keys to the Kingdom and camouflaged the way to the door.

                                                                     *   *  *


                    Almost without exception, the Empire Church has treated its flock as children or "sheep" if you would prefer. Let's be honest, it has been far more profitable for the church
to keep its congregation in an infantile state.
                    After all, there are lots of things that kids really should not know. The complete translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls, for example. It's better not to give a full translation. The church is looking out after you - it's considering your best interests - by not allowing a full translation.
                    You must remember, every one who was appointed to translate the scrolls
was a cleric of some sort, and by their actions, you can see they all agreed. There are some facts the congregation should not see. "Because it's past their bedtime!"

                     John Allegro was the only man who came up with a full translation of the scrolls and fragments he was allocated. And when he told the truth and personally released the translation
of his part of the task (within years, not decades) he was maligned, "discredited" and publicly rebuked. His career suffered terribly until his death
                 Note: He was never actually discredited, because his translations were dead on. And John Allegro has been completely vindicated in the last ten years, or so.  (See the work of Jan Irwin in "The Pharmacratic Inquisition" - Youtube). There is also a Russian scholar who has  completely vindicated Allegro.

                  Allegro took the time to learn ancient Sumerian, which turned out to be a key in understanding the hidden codes in both the Old and New Testaments. Sumerian, it was also discovered, was the unknown link between ancient Greek and Hebrew.

                  In 1945 there was  the discovery at Nag Hammadi, Egypt. It was the same situation as would be found later at Qumran. Scrolls two thousand years old were discovered hidden in earthen jars in caves by the Nile. In this case, actual gospels were discovered. Several of these gospels were meant to have been in the Bible.
                   I've written about these facts in earlier blogs. But I've got to say: "Some of this stuff really burns my ass!" The lies! The damned lies! The utter mendacity!



               Realization has been passed down to us over many thousands of years; it is ancient and
fundamental; it has even been called the "Fundamental Fact" of human existence. Through it subject and object become one; the lower I dissolves completely into the great I AM. Until there is nothing left, and integration is complete.
                But there must be nothing left of the old identity. Why so? Why did ancient priests sing
"Hymns to Annihilation"?  Why would they want complete ego death?"
                Because " Once you are nothing, you are everything", one mystic says; "You can see clearly, and "no longer through a glass darkly."

                But this is tricky, the psychologist says: "Complete ego death before a person achieves psychic health can lead to actual death - unless something arises to fill the void within."
                 Well, yes.  There is a down side. When we have a system in the West to re-assure the seeking pilgrim that he/she is not going crazy, it will help  in a major way. Each seeker, every one, must pass through the dark night of the soul and the Chapel of the Black Hand .                  
                 It's not easy... No one ever said it was. For it is a quest that will cost the journeyman not less then everything.
                 "And when I was nothing, I was everything!"  D.H.Lawrence wrote in his poem,  "Song of a Man Who Has Come Through."        (See his "Collected Poems.")

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