Saturday, August 6, 2011


               According to the above definition it's easy to go  mad. MAD not as in 'angry', but MAD as in loony, nuts, ranting, raving, bug-eyed crazy. As in CERTIFIABLE, as in "A danger to yourself or others..." Or someone you haven't even met yet.
               It used to take the signatures of two doctors to lock you away... Now it's a lot easier.
All you have to do is wrap a towel around your head and start looking like a terrorist.

                Sometimes I pontificate. But isn't this exactly what I'm complaining about? Too much Poping, and not enough of the real discussions between the Master and his disciples.
Trust me, ha! ha! but their sessions were a lot more like questions and answer exchanges
like this:

              Q: Lord, who are you?
               A: I am what you are.
               Q: Who am I, then?
                A:  He who drinks of the waters that bubble from my mouth
                       shall be as I am and I shall be he, and the hidden things will
                        be revealed to him.


                 I'm not making this stuff up! It comes straight from the Gospel of Thomas.
The early Master saying, Don't imitate my life.' Know me and you will know yourself.'He's talking about your innermost nature.
                  He's talking about  being your innermost identity, not what you read about in a book. Right here! Right now!   "Split a piece of wood and I am there"
                  It takes work to find out who and what you are. It's a quest. In fact, it's the Quest that is at the core of our culture.
                   What we need is for our brave sons and daughters to go on this quest. It's the only way to rejuvenate the heart of our culture.

                    This a quest that starts with the head and ends with the heart.

                     Whoops! Enough said. I was attempting to write about humour. And it's funny I'm writing about humour; I haven't laughed for a month and a half.
                      It takes other people to make you laugh.
                      I was a little harsh the other day with the "Born Again" path. Truth is, being born again can change your life and make you a better person. It's the path of the heart.
                       There's just a whole lot more to the circus.

                        It's said serious drinkers drink alcohol to regain a "sense of possibilities"
                        Truth is, I'm terribly hung over. I can barely see the keys as I type. So I'm not laughing yet...
                        Maybe by the next article           '                   


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