Monday, October 3, 2011


        I have been asked to elucidate  the nature of reality
and morality in ten points.



          This challenge comes out of a heated discussion with
a Doctor of Philosophy. I made the statement:

        "The difficulty with Western Philosophy is it creates problems
  where none exist."
        This angered him He called me some names, and I remember calling him a few ugly names two.  This "profound" discussion had degenerated into two children throwing sand at each other in the sandbox.
         He talked about the complexifIcation of matter into life. 
          And I said, "Yes, yes. I`ve heard the theory - energy complexifies
into life; life complexifies into consciousness; consciousness complexifies into Consciousness. "                                                  *
           "Through us the Earth comes to know itself"      ***

            "Exactly!" he said.  "Reality is complex. And so the
complexity of Western Philosophy is justified!"
            "No, it`s not!" I say. "What makes grasping the nature of reality
difficult... is not its complexity. What makes grasping the nature of
reality difficult... is its profound simplicity. Nobody sees the obvious."
             "Nonsense!" he says.
              And so I said, "I can elucidate the nature of reality 
in ten points."                   ((No one can do this, but...))

               Here goes!

        (1) Matter is energy.

        (2)  Spirit is energy

            It is all in how you focus your mind - which aspect of energy you choose to focus on. 
            In no way, in no place  and at no time does "matter" stand in opposition to "spirit".
       (3)Matter is spirit.

           There are not two worlds, but only one.  There is not a fallen world, called `the earth` and a higher world, called `heaven`.

           This kind of thinking allows us to debase the earth and not to respect our own lives.

        (4) We are already in heaven.

             Everywhere and in every place there is heaven. There is no place that is not divine. 
             Though I admit when you spend sixty days in solitary confinement, with very little light and no distractions whatsoever, at first it is hard to see the infinity and divinity of all things.

             Remember, I am not a philosopher; I am a mystic. There's a big difference. You won't find me having long intellectual discussions. The time for that is past.
             Instead it is time for realization and sight into the very nature of the soul.

          (5) We are already in hell.

                Hell is here, too. Every place is hell, if that's where we
choose to be
                The "sole and sovereign agent" is the human mind.  **
                With our mind we can choose to live wherever we want 
within the energy that has been provided us.
          (6) Eternal damnation does not exist.                 

               There is nothing in the future worth spending time anticipating.
                  The anticipation in itself becomes wrong. There are certain kinds of hope that are very bad for us, evil even.

          (7)  The present alone exists.
                This is the literal truth. The future and the past are just daydreams.

                     (Meister Eckhart agrees with this in his writings. See also
                      Northrop Frye, "The Great Code." "Myth is the language
                      of the present.")


                  Our teachers did not adequately teach us; our leaders did not lead properly. In history, those of them who had the audacity to call themselves 'priests' have not behaved in a priestly fashion.

                   "Those who had the keys to the Kingdom did not enter; and they did not permit anyone else to enter." ( The Gospel of Thomas).

                     (8) There is an inherent morality in all things.
                       No future judgment is necessary; we live where we deserve to live. This is judgment enough.  If you are possessive and grasping most of the time, chances are you are living
in the lower realms. If you are living in the chaste light of the bodhisatvas and saints, you may be living in an untold luxury of bliss. You might feel so light that you can float
away into the sky

                       (9) Evil is "the negation of what is."

                         After a proper seeking with the mind, we can be one with all things our  identity can become Identity.

                        (10)  mind seeks out Mind.



                         In fact, it seems very few of these heavenly beings choose to move on and reside in utter joy. They somehow reside in a
shared consciousness beyond death They stay with  the rest of us who are busy punching and pulling, speeding and grasping:
we who through the use of weapons make this world an utter hell, 
worse even than the realm of grasping needs to be.

         The sole and sovereign agent is the Mind. And by "Mind" I mean heart-mind, spirit-mind and body-mind.
         Many people seem to intensely believe that this life and this earth are some kind of preliminary preparation zone. We live here and then we get to our real life in heaven. And there is some truth in this, the spirit after death does travel on, like an eye crossing
            It is said that the Mind of the Buddha can travel through all the realms and this is certainly true of Christ as well. The closer we get to this Mind, which is the innermost mind of each and every one of us, the closer we get to Identity (it has also been called `Incarnation`) , the more light and free we are.
               To realize this Mind is to taste and know the eternal.
             The fundamental  nature of reality. The rewards of this study and this sitting is that consciousness goes deep.  We come to think in a new language, a language in which  'subject' is not opposed to 'object.`
              The divisions with which we habitually think and through which we see the world - they are very limiting - these artificial delineations, we can see beyond these, and when
we do, our intelligence is not so easily captured by those who attempt to engage us in conflicts. The method of manipulation is, "distraction, distraction, distraction"... "divide and conquer."

              "Spirit" vs "matter" is a division that does not exist. "Heaven" and "hell" are not two different places.  "Spiritual" vs "physical:" in fact, the physical world is not a lower reality. The spiritual world is not a higher reality.
                "As above, so below." 
                 The external galaxies and cosmos are no more vast than the universe within.(This could be point 11, but we have only 10 points) 
                 So it is with the artificial division: "man" and "God". We walk with  'The One Who Is Creating Us' with every step we take, with every thought we think. 
                Our mind is His Mind and His/Her Mind is our mind in the most fundamental way.
                In the most enlightened realms,"One knows and one is 
known."  (the Gospel of Philip.) 
                Meditation becomes like a mirror... in it
man is reflected by God.
               We can adequately speak of very few things, and certainly we cannot express a mystery such as this in words.
                 Why is this  important? If we continue to think with artificial  divisions locked in our minds, if we are chained to these divisions, mesmerized by duality, freedom will not come to us.
               Also, the soul-bending moralities that come with these limited ways of thinking... well, we see what happens - a cloud of delusion persists in the minds of our people.
                  In the midst of this ignorance and cloud of delusion, we are incapable of real thought; and we are easily manipulated.


                     Further Discussion

                    So we fight wars that make  obscene amounts of money for other people. 

                  Those rulers who know how to manipulate the greed and desires of the people they rule over. Such people control the attention span and cultural focus of our civilization - us!
                  As long as our cynical leaders and rulers are able to captivate our focus and attention with false issues, we will keep giving our deep intrinsic power of awareness over to them.
                 As long as we give in to distraction
such shallow leaders will  remain in power for a long time. 

                 People are cashing in on the lives of our own brothers and sisters at the expense of our own immaculate planet.
                 Once we realize the divine immensity of this dancing universe; once we remember the galaxies, the suns, stars,  and orbiting  jewels -  that they  exist within us...
                Once we apprehend the infinity within our own psyche, and  understand the fact that the individual is sovereign, we will not be so easy to manipulate.  

                                                                *Teilhard de Chardin
                                                                           **Ralph Waldo Emerson
                                                              ***D.T. Suzuki

                                                             Respectfully submitted,    R.R.

                                                   Discard nothing, everything
                                                   may serve.    Carpe Diem
                                                                        ______  _____

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