Thursday, October 13, 2011


               "If we acknowledge the existence of telepathy, we must be open 
                        to the possibilities of magic."


               The phrase "elucidate the nature of reality", I find this phrase a little arrogant. Up north here we have the notion of The Trickster God. 
                The existence of this aspect of reality is more than a notion.
                 I was sitting in a roadside bar by the ocean near St. Anne's Bay, Jamaica, one time. This
bar is basically a twelve by twelve tin box, but with a great view of the ocean. (You can feel the spray of the waves when a big one hits.)  About ten of us were sitting there drinking Wray and Nephew full strength over proof white rum. And we were telling stories about duppies. 
A 'duppy' is a ghost in Jamaica and you don't talk about such things unless you are drinking
something strong.
                  Duppies are taken seriously in Jamaica, and you don't usually laugh about such things. Anyway we were laughing, and one guy shouted out: "Truly, man. I've seen shit that'll 
turn you white!"
                   We were laughing then, but we didn't laugh for long. And I noticed, after that subject,
it didn't take long for the bar to clear.
                    Near where I lived when I was a kid, there was a path called "Duppy Walk." People sometimes used it during the day, but you'd rarely ever hear of anyone using the path at night, and during a full moon?  Forget it!  Only one man regularly walked it during the full moon, but he was
considered dangerous and mad. He was a close friend, but you had to watch him.
                     If you played polo against him, he'd charge you with his horse.

                     It's the same with the Trickster God.  Horrible things happen, which I suppose
a god might find funny -  but very few humans are laughing!
                     The sort of thing that happens, a man might be known as excessively tidy and careful about his lawn. Then he comes home one night and his house is on fire.
                      This is a bad example, but you get the idea.

                       Or you brag about how every time you see a black bear, the bear runs away.
And that very night after you go to sleep, a bear enters your tent.

                       So I want to be careful about using phrases like. "Elucidate the nature of reality."
There is consciousness in this universe in places where you'd least expect it.
                          When I get arrogant, things break down. Big things.
Or the northern lights descend around me and do a dance.                       
                         When you're setting out ten points defining the nature of reality,
you'd better leave room for a little magic. Because more than a little magic

                        You can't cover the whole waterfront in ten points.
                        So much cannot be contained in words.   I guess this is obvious.                                     We cannot rely on words to convey the deeper realities. For example, how do we explain
how consciousness travels before and after death? I have experienced this, but
can I prove it?
                        We know telepathy exists. Most of us have experienced some 
form of it. Can we explain it? Will words ever express such things? It is said,
"Not only is the universe more intricate and vast than we imagine; it may be
more intricate and vast than we can imagine."
                          We can't rely on words. I guess this is why we use music,
chanting and art.
                            It is also said: "Nobody sees the obvious."
                            And since it is nearly Thanksgiving, please permit me to
give thanks for the miracle all around us.


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