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        Just a few references:  

                                                 Wilhelm Reich: orgone energy

                                                  Kundalini: The ancient snake wisdom in sex and yoga

                                                   Tesla, the wizard of electricity

                                                   Places of Power

                                                   Food, growing it and eating where you live
                                                   God,  your ultimate Identity




                 As we reach higher  grades of Mysticism, there are more things we have to synthesize.
                Just as when you walk out your door in the morning onto, say, 42nd Street,
you see a vast array of apparently different existences: a multitude of men and women,
vehicles and machines. It can be confusing for the student, who wants to run here and
there, chase this and buy that, and eat more of this. But we are students in the School
of Mystics and we are not on holidays, and recess has not been called. Yet. And it is
our Work in this school to see the Unity underlying all things.

                First of all, the problem of Identity. We are all God, but we don't know it yet.
In fact, the entire Universe is God, but this is supposed to be a secret. And its God's
secret, and He has to believe it Himself, or how can He have have any fun? God's
favourite game is "Hide and Seek"and He likes to play it with the Universe.
                We are not actually separate from God. We are part of the Universe. And the Golden Mean and the great spiral in the conch shell and in our DNA are how the Universe unfolds.
And during all this unfolding in all our lives, Mind rides the bronco at the core of the soul.

               We are born with egos and minds, and our parents tell us how special we are
and we are special and all the children are special, and the process of birth and
fertility is the process that makes us all special. And in fact Jehovah was originally
a fertility god, one of the same gods the Bible condemns later.
                In fact, the original Name of God means fertility. But don't believe me on this. I'm not an etymologist.  Read some John Marco Allegro. His site is or something close to that. And he is an etymologist, one of the translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and he'll take you back to the wild and wooly world, pre-Greek and pre-Hebrew to the ancient Sumerian, when written language was triangular shapes
stamped in clay, and the Spiritual Realm was seen in the stars. The Sumerian language
is the link between ancient Greek and ancient Hebrew. Many Biblical words and phrases
can now for the first time be understood by understanding the original meaning of the words
in Sumerian.

                 In  the mind of early man, someone had to fructify the space between the empty
furrows  of the field. And whoever did that... moistened the fields with seminal rain... well
He was God. And He is God and so is She, the earth that drinks the warm salty seminal rain
of spring
               Orgone energy comes from being One with the fertility of the earth and the sky.Orgone
enery somehow involves electricity  And a man or a woman who is filled with this energy may easily
come to orgasm  Psychological Liberation  is closely tied to being  physically orgasmic.  
                Wilhelm Reich wrote and taught about what he termed, "orgone" energy. He was interested in orgasm and  electricity; also in the electrical reality of the earth and it implications in the making of rain. He was a psychiatrist and attempts were made to discredit him. He was kicked 
out of the American Medical Association (whatever its name was then).

                    Reich's study of the reality he called orgone energy is closely connected to  Tesla's
study of Electricity.
                  Tesla didn't achieve a Doctorate, but  he achieved everything else,  including the discovery of Alternating Current.   So he's a Doctor
in the School For Mystics.  So is the "discredited"  Doctor Reich,  the psychiatric-electrical
sexual Liberation therapist.
                  If you're reading this, you're probably already aware of these people who could have been  our former graduates: Reich, Tesla, and Allegro. And if you're not aware of these heroes, let's make it our homework in Grade Two in the School For Mystics to research them.
                  This is necessary in order to achieve the Synthesis that is our goal. For in order
to graduate in the School Of Mystics it is necessary to attain the ancient realization that is
our goal .This Realization is non-sectarian. It is not the product of any
religion exclusively. But it is the heart and core of all Spiritual Paths.
                    Psychological and sexual liberation are intimately related to this realization
of fundamental reality

                       Just as you ought to live where you want to die, you should be able to
grow and prepare food where you live.
                        It's time for me to learn about cooking and food, maybe visit some
bulk barns.
                         Food is given us by Our God of Fertility.  Food  is given us
so we may also be fertile. The One Who Is Creating Us  gives us fruits and vegetables 
with seeds so that His Seed will continue, and we may live, and our seed in turn will grow.
Seed is at the heart of the spiritual, and the source of what is holy in all different

                           Lightning strikes the earth. The warm salty rain of spring
inseminates the furrows of the fields. Seed is at the core of  human life, and all
life. There is no more moral issue than this.
                            Food and fertility,  orgasm and  electricity.
For the mystic, One synthesis.

                            Out of this Synthesis,  we see the beginnings of the Morality of Law.

                            Grade Two in the School for Mystics.



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