Thursday, December 8, 2011


          Wealth is difficult. All that we spend a lifetime collecting, all this we lose
with age; dying takes everything away.
          But the process of dying is much more painful than it needs to be,
if we have to give up all that we have gained.
           Personal wealth involves personal ego; losing all this
money and high social position can be agony. This is an agony of anger,
rage, humiliation when we are already at our weakest! When we are
sick unto death, who needs to be humiliated also?
           I have seen this and it's not pleasant. Of course, eventually,
when we are really passing on, the angels come. The agony goes,
and we know forgiveness.
            It's better to lose it all when you're still young
and strong or better still to give it away. What do
we really lose except our pride and a false
sense of superiority?
          Wisdom is: when you see the God of all things,
the One who is creating us, that this one is as pure
as anyone ever gets, as courageous as any
warrior can ever be, as clever as the greatest
genius! This holy One already embodies the highest
science. Already is stronger than any strength we
may have.
          At best, our strength is the strength of
Christ, let's say, or the Lord of the Meeting Rivers,
or the Lord of Hosts, or Buddha. And His strength
is greater than ours can be, as a separate ego,
because He knows He is deathless. And She knows
She will always rise again: the all-forgiving Mother.
          I like to say "the One Who Is Creating Us", or
the True One, because this One is beyond sex
and beyond all contradictions. And it's harder to
argue about or be nasty to each other about
this "One".
          Ultimate Wisdom is not so difficult, if you
are willing to give it all away and be One with
this Universal Principle, Who is currently
and forever creating what we are.
            Our egos cannot partake of the deathless
divine. Only our purest self and soul, which 
is really no self at all, but All Spirit, All Soul.
           When you die to your own particularities,
you are free.
             This is not complicated. It is difficult
because of its very simplicity.
               But no one wants to see this "secret" 
truth, because no one wants to die completely.
              The good part is - when your ego dies
completely, then God is born within you. And
you Realize your Ultimate Identity.

               This is Realization; this is Great
Enlightenment, and this is obvious, really.

                Of course, I am using way too many
words. But this is the Simple Morality: we
must give everything away in order to receive
                 What we give, we receive.

                 If we want to be near what is holy,
we must give everything away, and die to our

                  For what is holy, never dies. And
the divine is our ultimate Identity.

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  1. When I talk of "giving everything away", I'm
    primarily talking about throwing away all aspects of the ego.
    Of course, this is a process that usually takes many years... and then some.