Tuesday, November 22, 2011


         I've done just enough meditation to know that the spirit world is real..I can feel various
minds and souls touch me at night sometimes when I'm doing some sitting.
         It is said that the Buddha mind could penetrate walls and reach people far away,
and sometimes several people at once.
          I don't pretend to know a lot about meditation (Meditation for the Christians;
zazen for our Buddhist friends). But I do know you must not cling to your thoughts.
Watch them pass through your mind like leaves being washed downriver. And if you are in difficult

situations - losing your wife, or losing your job - or if you are in competition with someone else
over something you both consider valuable. Try to set these dramas aside a bit, and don't
give them any more power than they already have. Let these situations float a bit downriver
         Allow some of these people, or situations, or valuable prizes to remain in the large
window of your mind - but off to the side somewhere. Believe me, you have that power
          Don't think that meditation is difficult; its easy, People avoid it because they think
it's hard work; in fact, it is a great luxury. It's the greatest luxury ever known
to human kind.
          Now the voices will come. The voices and memories and   pictures in you mind of
someone you have loved: maybe that person has passed away, or is lost to you for some reason.
Well, let these loves and bright moments enter  your mind. And take the time to examine
these beloved memories; and do not be ashamed to shed a few tears. We all do. Any macho
person who denies this  is lying.
          Tears are OK. And after a time, maybe after a few days days of communion with
loved ones, you are able to clear your mind. We don't talk of emptying the mind, or forcing
your mind to be silent and absolutely still. It's impossible! The river always flows
inside you. Don't try to stop it. In fact, do not try!
          Don't try to do anything at all. And  don't seek either. What is it that  we lack? What is it that we must seek,  that we do not have within us already?
            What is it  that makes us run back and forth purchasing things?


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