Wednesday, May 24, 2017


          I ALWAYS thought we were.

        But if you look at the history of the North American peoples in the last 30 years, it hasn't been great.
        And we followed the lead of the leaders
of our county.

        We were either complicit, or we were

        And that's all I have to say about that. I supported Trump during the last election
because of his sane policy of having some kind of detente with Russia.
          Hilary scared the hell out of me regarding
her bellicose attitude towards Russia.

          I don't know anything about the specific workings of the Intelligence  community. I am totally ignorant about the fine tuning that goes on there.
          But I have studied the situation in the middle east for thirty years. Syria has been Russia's client state for longer than that.
          We have a client state in the region, also.

         It's time for sanity, not idiocy. Look at the facts, that' all I ask.
         I am a Canadian patriot. No one can question that fact. I am not happy at Russia drilling for oil in Canadian waters. However, all this can be negotiated.

        But the press have a duty to report the facts. That's why the press have freedoms
granted by our founding documents.

        Both the United States and Russia have the ability to destroy the human world many times over.

       Get the facts people. Observe what has been happening through many sources. Read
history and don't trust all you read.
       We know the press slants things. But this shit is important. Derive a fair-minded position through you own studies,
don't trust me, either.

       I'm  hung-over. 

       Nevertheless, how about we tell the truth for a change.


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