Tuesday, May 16, 2017


                This song is about growing up in Jamaica.
My parents were throwing rather luxurious parties, and they were gone a lot.
        So I was under the care of Miss Gwendolyn Dickens of St. Ann's Bay. She took care of me and told me stories of how the police disciplined people and other tales of Jamaican lore.
        Most of all, Miss Gwen could laugh. And she knew when I was lying, which I did quite a bit in those days. Even then I was telling stories... Ha! Ha!
       About shooting snakes in California... I was six at the time.
       "When was this?" the portrait painter asked me.
        "Oh, a year or two back," I said confidently.
        The guy must have been a pretty good artist. When my mother saw the painting
and saw the expression on my face Antoine Verpilleux  had captured. She said:

       "You were lying to the man, weren't you!"

        There was no way out of that one. I was caught.
        Miss Gwen was the person who told me every week, "A man's strength is in his hair, Bill."
       Logical or not, I now believe it. I've had long hair ever since. And I do feel stronger with it.

(C)2017  by W.G. Milne

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