Friday, May 5, 2017


I love this tune! Wrote in on returning from Toronto, having played the clubs there for five (six? seven?) years, needing to relax in the Bay. Spitting up things in pails and needing a few good friends and a hideout. Well, I found both, and it was a magnificent, purifying period of time. Was I ever lucky!

Took a while for me to find this out out of my notebooks & music files, not so well organized, after all. There's something magical about this song. Maybe the magic comes from the friends who saved my ass & soul, way back when..

I remember sitting by a river with her, relaxing on the flat smooth granite rocks.
With the sound of the waterflow in our ears,we smoked a joint, breathed the free air, kissed a bit and drank rye whisky.
Free from the dirt and the power lines and the smog - free from the stage for a while and the pressure to perform.
Free to laugh and watch the firelight,
see the sparks disappearing up into the night.

((C) 2016 by W.G. Milne and John Rock Corporation.

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