Thursday, May 25, 2017


There are a bunch of stories called, 'LIGHTHEARTED TALES OF ISOLATION AND PANIC.' Some pretty wild stuff about a town (which I made up) on the East side of The Mackenzie River, a couple of hundred miles south of Inuvik....just west of Great Bear Lake.... It's a village of foxholes because a fly-boy bombed the place out of jealousy...
The town is like Orillia in Steven Leacock's day, but it is far, far, far more savage

Have you ever been left abandoned in a strange remote place... and the plane that comes 4 times a year has left without you... and you're from New York City, and after 4 hours of utter silence you start teetering on the edge of totally unrefined madness... and you start crawling and weeping in a most undignified way... And you realize you are the only entertainment the village of weirdos living in foxholes have....
And they try not to laugh in your face, but it's difficult for them. You're the first tourist they've seen in 3 years...
and pretty soon they're on their knees laughing. Especially when you panic and run down towards the river, but you run smack into a tree instead.
See it from their point of view. There's no T.V. up there. The postman's been shot. Once every couple of weeks they might get a hint of radio.
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You'll find the whole story there.
(C) 2013-2017 by W.G. Milne . Hope you enjoy. Some of these stories are over 18 only.

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