Sunday, June 3, 2018


IT IS ASTONISHING TO ME that these very important, most ancient documents would come
to light just when they were needed. The Christ said: "I will come again." Now 2,000 years
after his death on the cross these scrolls emerge out of an earthen jars hidden
in the darkness of a cave in a cliff above the Nile River.
It cannot be stressed too strongly, the fact that these Gospels exist at all is nothing short of miraculous. So many things could have gone wrong in the sands of Egypt.
Some of these gospels are more ancient than the gospels that exist in our present Bible, 
and closer to the source.

What we are receiving is an entirely different direction and thrust of the 
Christian Mind and message than what we had to swallow earlier as being complete. 
The Anointed One really did mean:
SO NOW, not only do we have to study some of these rather complex texts, but we must learn methods of looking within in order to attain Gnostic Realization.

At first this path is difficult, but then it becomes luxurious.
Various forms of "DREAMING WHILE AWAKE " can create
a magnificent inner tour of an undiscovered country.

There is also "RIVER-WATCHING MEDITATION" which is another method
I have used. I've written about it and I'll attach those writings when I find them.
Do not try to quiet the mind. Rather watch the river of your thoughts and emotions
pass by in the river within.



"All born of mortal body shall perish accordingly:

all born of beasts shall die of beasts; but you, my 

Children, you are born of Me. And whoever is born of 

Me shall never die, but shall live."

"For My Kingdom has come now. And those of my

true ones who have eyes will see Me."

"Within the endless bestial realms, there is the fire 

that burns in the bodies of men, the lustful fires: beasts 

beget beasts. But I am the true Bridegroom and I am She 

who is the Bride. And I am the Bridal Chamber in which 

you shall find Me; and through the Bridal Chamber you 

shall find peace, for there you shall procreate as my 

children, not in the manner of beasts, you shall beget

that fruit which is nourishing."


The Clifftop Writings, page 88


I'm going to make the Clifftop Writings available. I can't edit them, unless I live
another 30 years. The words are taken more or less verbatim from the Nag Hammadi Gospels and Books, being extended meditations on these Gospels, meditations done in a holy place. 
My tendency is not to change a word - but to remove obvious repetitions.

(C)1970-2018 by W.G. Milne

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