Sunday, October 1, 2017


Name doesn’t matter
For the water
Dancing where you are
Whatever you’re after
Whatever ladder
You follow to the stars

Won’t you please come and lie with me
A lady smiled to say 
You've been with me for five centuries  
   Anyway                                                      (Hook)

Name doesn’t matter
For the waters
Dancing in the moon
Call me with rivers
Call me with laughter
Call me later or soon

And won’t you please come and lie with me
A lady smiled to say
You’ve been with me
For five centuries

These are words, 2 verses out of 3, for a song I wrote way back when during my periods as a folk singer. In all modesty, it's a lovely melody. And the transcendent aspect of the embrace between the two lovers turns me on.

I think there's another verse to this song. IT's got a lovely hook.... I need more equipment to post in on You Tube, or here even.

I have the chords on a different site... no vocals you can hear yet. Won't be long now. I was playing the melody on an electric guitar using echo and wah plus something... The guitar part on Windows music player is enticing.
Now all this song needs is the equipment to do a little assembly.

A matter of days or weeks at the most

I hope we all like it/love it when it's done...
Cheers to us all!

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