Sunday, March 26, 2017

Buddy Guy & John Mayer - JOHNNY ROCK'S HEALTH TIPS!.

WhenWhen I heard this song - I figured I'd stop jogging--- OK, I never did jog. In smokey cities, jogging will kill you. Especially if you jog at rush hour, which is pretty close to madness.
        Madness ---- something I have studied, even as they were studying me.

        What I'm trying to say - it's much better to dance than jog.
        So this AM I hear this song, I start dancing. I heard the song 20 times & never stopped dancing... We talking about health here --- health tips from JOHNNY ROCK, har! har!
But I wouldn't steer ya wrong.

        I've played the blues most of  my life, and I have one thing to say - I LOVE THE BASS RIFF IN THIS SONG!

      This riff frees up time for the soloists and the SINGER.... which I love....

       Buddy Guy is a hero of mine. He just might be the best guitarist on earth... so - he doesn't have to prove himself.  So he can laugh and introduce John Mayer, who plays real good himself... Buddy can enjoy Mayer's riffs and add a few himself... And laugh. And sing a few more verses just right himself.
      Music is meant to be a joy.  So why fuck it up with ego? What I say is, "LET'S DANCE!"
      Whatever sickness you have, laughter will cure... and if laughter doesn't cure your ailments, dancing will!

(C) 2017 by W.G. Milne

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