Thursday, July 30, 2015


             This slideshow is of random pictures,
but the next one won't be. I don't know how to combine audio and video yet for Youtube. Please excuse repetitions and photos of typed pages (?)  Where did they come from?

           Since I'm writing about music so much,
and the joys of playing on stage, together with the scuzzy backstage dressing rooms and rooms under the stage and rooms up a circular ladder above the stage...and the parties we had there
and in nearby hotels; and serious conversations
into the dawn, and laughter and comic routines
all night long, and laughter, laughter and
loud music... after already playing for hours...
a good jam always made sense.  And some of the best songs were written in the wee, small
hours of the morning.
            The idea is to tell the stories around each song, as a sort of living framework  put together into a musical round... playing
guitar and learning how to use the mike, and
how to keep a crowd interested, how to hide behind towers of amplifiers, then creep out
on your hands and knees and start to sing a love song.... How to use all the stage equipment
and the psychology of dealing with the crowd -
until you are an expert.
             My memory isn't great about
a whole lot of things... But I remember where I was and what was happening, and who was where, when I wrote each song.
            So I'm going to do this - a partially audio book.  If the wind don't come up and
the waters don't rise!

            Problem is, when you put a song on Youtube, the songs need a video component.
So I'm starting with slideshows.
            Tho I don't know how to add the music -
add original music, which seems to be more difficult than just grabbing a tune from a list.
            So this is my first try at adding a video-like component. Unfortunately, the audio track has not yet been added, because I don't know how.
            Many songs to come.

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