Monday, July 13, 2015


      The more we are different
the more we are the same.
Each generation believes it is going
to change the world.

       I suppose this is  supreme
arrogance; but at the same time it is

  each generation's Grail quest...
contained within this beautiful, caring arrogant dream.

The earth does not need to change...
 we need to change;
we have meditative work
to do to
to attain to the wisdom of dogs!

let alone  meet the level which is the
sensitive, inter-related

wisdom of the earth.


Some work can be done in the spirit of
play. Dolphins play in
the deep blue sea. Why can't
Dolphins have bigger brains
per body size then we do. But we
make up for that. We have hands,
Fingers with opposing thumbs!

We can throw things over an
intermediate distance with
amazing accuracy.

Dolphins might be smarter
than we are, but we are more dangerous.

Have you ever seen a dolphin
light a fire?


         Elizabeth used to travel 150 miles
in order to visit me and clean my kitchen.
Then she'd get naked and run a bath and we'd b
hop in. She was a very attractive
woman... so I'd want to have sex.

More than once she said: "Oh, no!"
"Billy, Billy, Billy!......Man is a playful creature."
She wouldn't have sex with me.

She said:

        "If I have sex with you now, you'll never 
          write about me."

         Well, we had no sex,
and I'm writing about her now
thirty years later.

       I guess she was right about
a few things.

        The more things change, the more they
remain the same. Talking about the passing
of generations,
I was amazed when I discovered that
bellbottoms were in fashion once again in the 1990's.
         I was running a large bar at the Concert Hall
in Toronto (Davenport and Yonge). That's
where I saw the returning bellbottoms
on folks attending the concerts.

Those pants hadn't been in fashion since the late sixties.

          Also, I swear I saw a clone of Lionel Ritchie!
            The clone was singing exactly the
same kind of songs that Lionel Ritchie used

to sing. The same party was going on,
but a different generation was doing the

         Things recycle and return in human

....    even  people. Archetypal
identities recur.
        I used to sit by the sidewalk and
watch the crowds pass on Yonge St., Toronto.
The crowds passed and I watched them and I saw
the same   karmic  groups strolling past,
with almost identical faces as those I had seen decades before.

         The same groups recur.
        Again and again they pass... and it seems as if I
am watching again.
        Maybe I am fulfilling

an archetypal role also.  The role of the poet-
observer. This role has a long lineage,

going all the way back to Homer.
        I was sitting by the sea once, north of

        The earth does not need to change.

       The human world, of course, does need
to change. We can't keep shitting in
our water supply.

I'm using the word, "shitting"
as a metaphor for all the nasty

twisted chemicals and substances
we create in city dumps... to leach
out and poison the groundwater.
And the sources of our food.

A large pipeline company
analyzed the chemicals leaching
out of the old city dump in North Bay
and they found thousands of chemicals -
including chemical compounds that are unknown
to man!

            It's not fair to point at just North Bay.

 All of us know this.
             The mechanical
monster we made to serve us - this monster
can do much to effect the clean-up, if we have

the will. The clean-up
will take time - maybe fifty years - before tuna
can thrive again in the ocean's depths.
          And if we only live once, we can say,

"Fuck it! I'll be gone. Who cares!"
           But what if we don't live just once?
            What if the eternal return is a certainty?

             Chemicals are important.

The emotions we feel
are carried through the blood as
chemical messengers. We embody hundreds
and thousands of chemical processes, most of them

We have to change our way of thinking and
That's not easy.

"Be the change you want to make
in the world"                 *

Michael Jackson's song, "Man in the Mirror,"

is apt.

 Most of the mystics are very aware.
  It really does come down to the
Man in the Mirror.

The mirror, amazingly enough,
even if it is a metaphorical mirror, the
mirror comes into evidence
in most mystical pursuits, after a certain

amount of sitting is done.

I see the shining face of Philip
Kapleau, zen master of the Rochester
Zen temple, the man in large part responsible
for bringing zen to the west...

I see his face
when I talk of the mirror and
mystical pursuits. He comes
to me and confronts me one more
time, with an understandng smile.

The first time he saw me, he frowned.

He appeared just now. What a joy
it is to see him!

So it is all true, after all, is it not
wondrous teacher? It is said you died
years ago... But somehow you  are alive
and you come to me across distances,
still conscious. You just proved

there is really no death.

One smile from a Buddha or a Christ
can teach you more than all the conversations
you have had in all your days with other people.
Peoples' minds are distracted... Not so
the mind of master  Philip Kapleau.

He is one of the saints and bodhisattvas
who make up the CONSCIOUS NO-OSPHERE
around the earth.

I hail them every morning: "O you holy saints
and bodhisattvas, I honour thee!"

"O Great One who is creating us, I praise thee!"

 Each time  I have a difficult task
... this communal array

of conscious minds thinking as one -
any name will be insufficient -

THIS GANG OF GOD-MINDS, incredibly, inexplicably
they help me, and after my task is done, I know I have had their help.

How do they help me? I can't say.

In the same way E.S.P. works... in the
same way sub-atomic particles can be conscious...
That's how they help me.

I have no idea how the universe works! Or
How the earth is inexplicably conscious in
various places... I have no idea how. I know only that I have been there...
that this consciousness exists.

In my lifelong pursuit as

I have had many deep experiences of weird shit
and also experiences of transcendental

 realms where the past and future are
known in one burning presence.

                             PART 2      


         I give a happy shout out to Terrence

     He, too, has found conscious entities through various membranes beyond time - riding the wave of semi-legal BRAIN CHEMISTRY.

NOTE - Part 2, "Chemicals, Folklore and the Bill of Rights"   will be continued in the following
                        * * * * * * * *

on a peacock's tail

On a peacock's tail there are many eyes,

Within you, jewels are hanging from the trees

Pearls and rubies of worth beyond imagining.

There is not one Big Bang, there are many!
BOOM! There goes another one!

In the frucktifying Mind of the Multiverse,
Crystals and diamonds twist in the galactic wind.   

I may see the same view through an electron
microscope as I do through a telescope.
Inner is outer - literally.

You don't have to go anywhere else
to buy your true love jewelry.

You don't have to go half way around the world to find the answer.

The answer is within every
molecule of all things, both inner and outer.

The answer is within you, and it is out
in the midst of the rollicking stars,

Oh boy! What fun!


 What you have to do sometimes is go
a little crazy... in order to join the dance.

"Some people never go crazy, what horrifying
lives they must lead" **





                                              * Ghandi

                                             **Charles Bukowski

(C)2015 by W.G.Milne                                         

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