Tuesday, July 14, 2015


So I'm riding down Main Street
on my smallish, rusted red woman's bicycle.
Apparently my silver hair flies behind
me about 2 feet, which looks funny to some people; and it look's horribly offensive
to other people. Some of the burly truck
loaders and box deliverers, they
are horribly angered by my very appearance.
And the fact that I appear to  be
quite satisfied with my meager means of
          Granted, my bicyle is not a car.
But the wind is in my face when I ride
it and weave thru traffic, I like this.
But some people are deeply offended - like this
less than intelligent 300 pound
delivery boy, an errand boy really
despite his appearance as a man.
          Now I am master of one martial
art, the kindest one on earth - judo.
And I am highly proficient fighting
with staffs, steel pipes, 12 inch blades
and full long swords.
          I happened to have a sword with
me, tho no one could tell by my
elderly, apparently weakened demeanour...
I could have circled around and removed
his head as he was bent forwards trying
to read the words on his delivery form.
          Shout in my ear, will you?  As I
pass by on a pleasant shopping jaunt,
with my former lady, ex and sometimes
not so ex woman who was riding her bike
right before me, as we both pedaled down the
           No one would have been the wiser.
No one was watching. No one cared.

(1) It is best if your enemy underestimates
      you drastically.

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