Sunday, January 27, 2019


At this dark tide of the moon
My heart is swaying
Wondering if you love me true
"I do," you say to me, "But
Are you staying?"

So long as sunlight plays
Across the weathered fields
So long as that which crushes
Monuments crushes still
So long as the wild and turning
Chromosomal Will of One greater
Than us all burns the sun
A fireball in the sky; moon
That is night, stars that 
Were your eyes, tears that
Run from mine as I am forced
By the evil wind to stay
On the far side of the dark river...
Where I have been since I was a child

And now you offer comfort to me
Beyond any I have known...
Stay with you? So long as the
Grasses grow in spring fields,
As the young girls dance at spring
As the god falls to pain and suffering
And rises again; I stay with you
Remain as I have been before the bird
Swallowed the seed that is now
The world, I will remain
Eternal as the nightwind...

(C)1999-2019 by W.G. Milne
 This poem was written at least 20 years ago

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