Monday, January 9, 2017


Darkness is absolute
In the black night of the soul.
She is dark, so dark she
Absorbs the depths of me,
She who is my love.

I enter her body,
Body which is my rest,
Body which is our heart
And she enters me
When the spirit becomes flesh;

Realization is clear
This azure morning
In the bright darkness
Of my lover's breast.

Embracing inter-galactic distances...
Tide that makes the streams flow,
That wakes the burning spear
In the flowering buds
Bright and warm it makes the womb glow;

The mystery of  Mind beyond
Birth and dying grows
With a child who digs his toes in the mud.

I fully accept the soul
As ultimate and final reality;
And that the spirit and flesh
Are born with the same breath
Of a wind that blows
From beyond the grave.


Touch the Soul which is here always
Lit with suns that rise
And waters that float
An unseen dream...
To the other that is me

Present horizons suffice now.
All we see will always be
Unfolding in the light of the stars,
Moving at the heart of galaxies.

                                     (C)2016 by W.G. Milne

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