Monday, January 16, 2017


All of these, all of these, my love.

In the air now is sweetness of the greenery
From the shore the bird flies, wings beating               quickly
And the water is calm
And the stillness upon the day

And the heart beating quietly within you
And the blood and the memory
The uncertain glances, friendships
The moment so closely together 
         we forget ourselves.

The silence so soothingly upon us
And there is rest here, finally here
Quietly, soothingly here at last
O come, come my love.

These words a few faint traces
A glimpse, a brief appearance
All things and nothing
Finally here
But come, the shadowy ways
Come away, away
For there is silence here and the waiting
        has ended
And what is said so faintly
And can never be remembered
O come, come my love and enter, all of these.

(C) 1974 by William G. Milne
From "In The Time of Morning".

NOTE: Why is this poetry? It is in the rhythm of the words,
               describing a moment of intimacy and fluid beauty,
a moment making love, not just to each other but to the
earth around us - so much so that the communion of love
also embraces the trees and the waters of the bay, the flight
of birds, the shadows and silence of the day.

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