Tuesday, September 8, 2015


September 8, 2015


RED WOMAN enlarged detail
Meditation is a form of prayer, make no mistake.
Or “sitting” as I like to call it, or “zazen” as the zen
people phrase it.
The big different is you are not focusing on
an external Source, rather you focus on an internal one.
But this is too simple, because after you are used to
sitting, external becomes internal. Prayers or questions
that are asked of the Lord of Hosts are often answered
through some kind of internal telepathy.
We are fools if we think that the Lord of Hosts is
working only externally. Why would we think this?
Because social norms are based on superficial
distinctions. And our understanding is all too often
based on social norms.
We assume God is external in the West. But of
course this is erroneous.
The golden fleece is hanging on a branch and
we must journey to find it. The holy Grail is a silver
chalice, is it not? Or is it a rock, a stone? Or is
it the fertile generative vulva of a maiden?
Yes, we must journey to find the Grail.
But the most important travelling we do is the
journey we do in the ‘dream time’ while
The silver mountain is within. And it is also
external. There are mountains and clifftops which
are places of power. Such places will give you further
energy in your sitting.
But really there is no need to go anywhere
once you find a place that is the axis of your own world,
your own hopes and dreams, your own guilt, shame and
regret.  Throw it all away!
But stay balanced in your sitting.
The SILVER MOUNTAIN is a symbol, an image.
When we travel through the dream time, the collective
unconscious of our species is within. We travel from image
to image, from symbol to symbol in a vast world
of half-understood archetypes.
It is not necessary to understand. Travel as if you
are asleep, but you are still awake. Journey from one
luminous point to another in the dark and the light of your
psyche’s core.
I have been around the world more than once.
I have taken ships, planes, trains and bicycles. I have
hitchhiked for more than 10,000 miles. And I have spent
many nights in mystic sitting in various places
of power around the planet.
It’s a wondrous world externally. But equally wondrous are
the galaxies within.
Don’t think of sitting as an ascetic discipline.
Sitting is a luxury, perhaps the greatest luxury of all.
It is no hardship to enter the timeless
Babes  in their mothers’ wombs are in the
timeless. We are born from the timeless
and at death we return to the timeless – that
chaste immaculate place that is beginingless
and endless – that beautiful realm where
saints and bodhisattvas are conscious still.
The signposts of the Way are in the timeless.
Images are brief maps. Symbols are signposts
along the way. Follow from one glowing point to
another. Travel wherever your heart desires.
There are great surprises in the timeless world,
the dream time.
        The divinity you find might just be your own.

(C) 2015 by W.G. Milne

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