Friday, August 16, 2013

nuts and not so...nuts

you know the one about
Igor who`s looking for
a normal brain for Frankenstein
and he chooses a normal one
all right - Abby Normal?

well, more or less, some kind
of mistake has been made with
all of us... and that`s what we call
Destiny... and that`s part of it also
I know this whole thing is not just
random bullshit...

I can`t do anything expected of me
anymore...not at all! last year
it took me a year to mail a

I can`t/won`t/will not do
normal stuff that would be fuckin
good for me and maybe would
keep me out of jail
and the crazy houses

I almost punched a guy
in the head because he was
sitting next to me
listening to a walkman
earphones and the music went
click ""click  click

I suppose it was the artificial cymbal
sound... anyway the music was
so horribly 4/4 with a godless
lack of syncopation
I wanted to kill somebody
while waiting at some church
to get some food

fuck food! that`s what I say
if I have to go thru shit like this
to get it... oh yeah and then
I get moralistic with myself
and I want to kill the bugger
in my head most of all

the Mine Captain, oh I`m gonna
get that prick one or these days..
he judges me and makes me
feel bad...BAD

and so
no birdsong at twilight
no sun on the storied stone
of the old country church
at the crossroads
in disuse now

but I sit there alone and
give thanks
thanks that I`m finally
away from all the noise
and stupidity
and bad smells of ass
and breath

I don`t mind the smells so much
but the way people look at me and
think I`m nuts...
and they`re right i am nutsI am a maniac!
and it`s just as well

someone`s got to talk about the bell on the hill
about the church without a roof in the meadow
about a kitten`s paw on a frozen pane
of glass

about the still light in the cedar grove
 behind the chapel..

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