Thursday, August 29, 2013


          Years ago a friend came to ask me a question.
He was studying Buddha`s philosophy and he was taking it seriously...So he asked me, "How can I live and not
kill sentient beings."
      We were living in a small village and we had street
sweepers, who passed by at six A.M.  I said, "You know
those guys who sweet our streets each early morning?"
      "Yes," he said.
       " Every time they sweep a broom across a sidewalk,
thousands of organisms are killed.  You can`t live, you
can`t take a step without killing something...Without killing
sentient beings, you cannot take a step."

        Thinking back on this discussion, it feels like I was
quoting the beginning of the Bhagavad Gita
when the god gives Arjuna advice....

         So...  this is exactly what I was talking to myself about... what concerns me....
I do not want you to suddenly see a
nasty, ugly.... truly offensive passage from me -
one that`s like a kick in the pants...

That`s not my game or my idea,,,,   ,,,I don`t have
a game! Or an idea! But some pretty ugly moments
can emerge on the virgin page
                   I do not want to hurt your
feelings.... with some sudden eruption...   By being...
 the prick that I often am.

             I`m hoping you have your bad moments, too,
yourself - like when you step on a nail... or
your cousin convinces you to take the wrong
medication anally... or....
           Or... anything! 
            Perhaps you will be understanding....

            You know those beautiful look-outs you
see when you are driving along a highway....
say, in Pennsylvania .... after turning a corner
and rising up above a cliff....?
           And you pull over off the highway...  and...
you look at the magnificent view.... well,
you don`t need some fool to kick you in the face
right then...!  Is that right? Is that correct?

           The problem is... humour is based on exactly such surprises.
           It`s annoying...And when it`s really ugly and a shock, it`s funny!
           Still...  I don`t want
to bore you like some noon-day preacher.
I really hate those guys!
         They are duplicitous fools! And one thing
I don`t want to be is duplicitous ----
         Being a fool doesn`t worry me so much...
No fools, no fun!

          I suppose there is no answer to this dilemma,
except more careful editing.  That`s what I`ll try to do.




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