Friday, July 20, 2018


The Lord has mercy on those who have given everything:on those who have nothing left,
on those who travel bereft.

The Lord knows who each of his true ones are to be, that they might seek the True One, and speak in His Name, the Father is most forgiving, it is we who condemn ourselves

What we lack tends to melt away in His completion, known as the Reunion, after
the long separation. After a while his servants
begin to see the hand of the Lord in everything, and as a result everything begins to be forgiven.
For all is forgiven that has been redeemed. And all is redeemed when the hand of the Lord is seen in everything.

The creation is not a part of history. It proceeds daily.

"It is today" says the voice of the True One,
"It is today, always today, where you must find me.Do not search for me in books or in churches: but outside and within yourselves."

"For I am within all things; and all things partake of me. Forget everything and you shall remember. Lose everything, and you shall gain Me."

For I greet desperate men, widows and orphans;    those who are well-established tend to ignore and fear Me. They see me as a threat, that I might take what they have.

from the Clifftop Writings   p.116

(C) 1970-2018 by W.G. Milne

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