Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I wrote this song hitchhiking across Canada. I started in Toronto, passed thru north-western Ontario, then on to Winnipeg, then across the prairies... into the mountains - up and over, coasting down the Fraser Valley to Vancouver... then to the west coast of Vancouver Island. Then, soon as we tasted the Pacific Ocean, we turned around and hitched back all the way into Northern Quebec... Chicutami, Chibougameau (SP?) ...round the Gaspe, up to Sidney... and on and on and finally back to North Bay. That's when I wrote this song... eventually, I'd lie back against a road sign and I didn't care if I got a ride or not... Then the song came to me. (C)2017 by W.G.Milne. I'm singing and playing rhythm guitar and harmonica. Peter Rowland was the engineer & also played great lead guitar.
The idea was that the song should sound like the waves coming in and the waves going out --- at equal tempo. Not a normal rhythm for a Western song. Song is called, 'NOWHERE TO GO BUT WHERE YOU ARE." This is the take with no mixed songs.**
Hope you enjoy it. Cheers!😉😉

To be released with my next album, "WILD KINGDOM".
See many of the songs that will be on that album at William
Milne Channel on You Tube.

   ( C    ) 1988-2018 by W.G. Milne

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