Wednesday, December 6, 2017



       This is not an enlightened view, or maybe it is... My thinking is that you should get plastered every month or two, at least once.
        It blows out the tubes and clarifies the situation... Ho! Ho!  You know that mad clarity that comes after a 3 day bender?  You can see for miles. But don't make any important decisions... Because you're still loaded.
        There are tests and signs, but who cares.
You know when you're blasted to the gills. No one needs to tell you.  You won't listen anyway.

        There are different kinds of trips. I just took one into the great beyond.

        Whatever doesn't blow out half your brain 
cells, makes you stronger.   

        Notice I didn't say,'makes you smarter'... And with good reason.

         I like to write when I'm hungover because I don't take myself so seriously. It's hard to take yourself seriously when there's a pounding in your head that sounds like someone's knocking on the door.  And at the end of the dark hallway here... there's a red EXIT sign.    I know very well it was not there before.


      I FEEL LIKE A DOG TOOK MY                                           PLACE*

* I've always liked this expression. It used to make me
laugh until I woke up this morning and it was true.

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