Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Screamin Jay Hawkins - CLOWN AND GREAT TALENT

It's so easy to underestimate Screaming Jay,
but he was a big talent --- who had the courage to be funny.
       He cheered people up, pure and simple. And while he was cheering them up, he impregnated 57 women.
       So...biologically he was a great success.

       He had the big voice... and he played great piano. I suppose he could have sung opera...
but the very idea is ridiculous.
       An ebony dancer at the Zanzibar said to  me:
        "NO FOOLS, NO FUN!"
     That's what her grandmother used to say.

      But you can't play the fool all the time or people just think you're an arsehole.

       So this leads back to Screaming Jay. I love him because he makes me laugh... and laughter is a great gift.

      He played the fool so much - people forgot that he was a great talent.

How this guy... could play with a bone in his nose.... and write a song about being constipated on the toilet.... and still be loved by his fans...... well- he had a great voice and he was funny and he could play that piano, baby!

He had a magnetic personality... just like some women have magnetic attributes..... good God!
Women loved him... he fathered 57 children...and those are just the ones we know about. God bless ya, Jay!
He's my idea of some kind of inverted saint.

Yeah, Baby!

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