Friday, February 24, 2017

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William Milne (JOHNNY ROCK)
singer, poet,,bandleader, rhythm guitar, Walker Ballantine(facebooK). jjwillijohn (twitter)


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YEAH, big crowd, great band.... the air was full of spirit and power! So new verses just flowed thru my mouth... Thank you all --- for your insight, love and support. (see the William Milne channel on YOU TUBE) Or check out VIDEOS on WALKER BALLANTINE site on FACEBOOK. oVER TWENTY of my songs are posted now.. and more are coming...
Once we open our arms wide to the sky, MAGIC HAPPENS!!
I did none of this on my own... It takes a village to make a song. It takes a village to transport joy!

Peter Rowland on lead guitar
Wm Milne on vocals and rhythm guitar. It's hard to believe this full sound comes from a duo...
Great song, fine sound...
(C)2017 by W.G.Milne All rights reserved.

A heartfelt song of yearning and passion... Blues in E minor - "WHO WILL BE MY LOVE?"

Shared only with you

We were playing this song somewhere well east of here. There was a group from Nova Scotia. They were clapping and enjoying the music. Then I played this song which is: “ROSEMARY.” A woman came out of the audience and stood beside me during our break. She…

This is an amazing story... about one well-paid editor who makes an incursion into the North West Territories... in order to edit the Mad Poet of Rat River... hilarity ensues.

I like this one... one of Bob's best.

I did this all myself in a small studio in a garden shed. Song's about passionate love in a pink room.
(C)2016 by W.G. Milne of JOHNNY ROCK

One of my songs out of the PUNK era

Here are a few sayings from the Gospel of Thomas.

because I do.

Waking in Alexandria ________________ He woke up in Alexandria. He didn't know where he had been. He thought there was a woman        somewhere Who had mattered once to him. He looked out a window, Saw a madman called Khalim; Uttering predictions  In the ...

This poem's growing on me.

Behaving well at a party...With Marlo & Mark


Here are the lyrics for: 'ROOFS OF NOTRE DAME."

We recently had a bash on Main Street at The Grande in celebration of the life of Barry Green.

He was my piano player off and on for 7 years.

We wrote this song together Barry - the music
Bill - the lyrics

Shared only with you

I was born in London On the dark side of the Thames You said that you’d meet me there In the year of I don’t know when * You always say,” Tomorrow” But I don’t understand that word I’d live with you in that house in Spain But I don’t think that you heard…


Hi! Here are some of earlier songs. Peter Rowland - lead guitar
Bill Milne - vocals & rhythm guitar
(C)2016 by W.G. Milne

Shared only with you

zz POSEIDON’S DOOR’S WIDE OPEN “What you search for you have found,”         the prophet said to me, “You don’t know it yet but you will see; That elusive place called home         you so deeply need Will appear when you attain          tranquility.” *…

This POEM wrote itself quite quickly last year.

"What you search for you have found,"         the prophet said to me, "You don't know it yet but you will see; That elusive place called home         you so deeply need Will appear when you attain          tranquility." Across the brazen sands Beyond the fo...

Angelo, The core truth in the Gospel of Philip is this:

"For one must first be resurrected, and then die. And to the one
who has known resurrection, there is no death. And to the one
who has not known resurrection in this life, there is nothing
but death.
And the dead are not alive and the living shall not die."

It's a disturbing statement, but not so much once you have
delved into it. The word, "resurrection' is used rather like
realization, enlightenment. Only it's a stronger word.

The "dead" were the people who have not had the "foundation

Raising the dead was an expression for bringing light into
their darkness.

Basilides said this: "The dead went to Jerusalem and they did not find there what they sought, so they have returned asking questions of me."

The Gospel of Phillip is a deep well, and to understand it it's necessary
to re-learn how the earliest Christians used their terms

Making the blind to see is also a reference to the realization experience.
A lot of these phrases cannot be taken literally. 
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  • angelo difabio's profile photo
    I do understand that the Gnostic Gospels are writen in parables and alot of these little sayings are like riddles to me...
    I love riddles

  • William Milne (JOHNNY ROCK)'s profile photo
    That's good. They used entirely different meaning to words and terms back then.
    We can understand the words, but we simply do not know how they used the words/terms...
    The problem with most "modern" translations, they assume they know the terms and therefor translate the basic words into an absurdity., a basic idiocy that supports the monopolistic view of the truth...
    In their translations no thought is required... so what is the result? A re-affirmation of the same old deceptive views and prejudices. They have learned nothing. They merely restate their own prejudices and erroneous beliefs...

  • William Milne (JOHNNY ROCK)'s profile photo
    The Parable of the Dyer is a very significant one. I wrote an article on it in the Gnostic Gospels group. The true dyes dissolve completely into what is being dyed. Rather like a man seeking God dissolves completely into the True One, the Christ within. As Christ dissolves completely into the seeker.
    It's a mystery how this holy communion happens. The Grace of the Father is certainly involved. The Lord of Hosts cleanses us and makes us ready for joy. The Eucharist indeed.
    We must prepare a space within ourselves - a place where the Holy Spirit may live.

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