Wednesday, November 23, 2016


        This song is an outtake from my "It's So Serious!" album. But the song cooks like mad.
So I'm bringing it out to the fore now.
        There's also a story which the song embodies, which I think I'd better talk about now.
         The hopscotch is what men do in order to get next to a woman. The honey pie is kind of self-explanatory; it's part of a woman's body and psyche. The chalice it embodies has even been called the holy Grail.

         I heard this quote in a movie: "If you're not thinking about pussy, you're not concentrating." The quotation applies to this song. And our hero in the song sure was 

        He discovers the heroine of the song
standing with her back to him in a restaurant.
She is ordering some take out food and she is bending forward over the counter reading the menu and talking to the waitress.

       She is a light-skinned Jamaican woman with an ample posterior... and she's wearing
a tight white dress.

words of the song:

      "I saw her standing in the restaurant
        I said, "Baby, you are what I want"
        She was leaning over the counter top.
        I prayed... she wouldn't stop."

they leave the restaurant:

       "Then I saw her walking on down the                            street
        I said, "Sister, you are what I need."
        She said, "Mister, you might be right
         But if you want to be with me tonight -"

( Hook)

"There's hop scotch and then there's honey pie
You gotta take what you want before you die
If you don't learn to take what you  need...
You're never gonna lay a glove on me!"

"I put my suitcase into my hand
I followed her across the land
Now she's my woman and I'm her man
Because I finally understand..."


She say:   "Don't you cross the street
                    Without your '45
              I say sister don't you worry about me
               You got yours, I got mine."

... saxophone solo and repeat ...

(C)2000-2016 by W.G. Milne
      All rights reserved.

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