Thursday, May 21, 2015


Talking about spiritual and sexual love between
2 people...

               I always thought that when you're having sex with a person you care about, and you stare
into her eyes and your sight goes deep into that person's being ( spirit, soul, heart-mind)
and she stares back into you... until the two of you are one, and you don't know where her body ends and your body begins... and you're feeling pleasure all through that One glowing
being that is the two of you.
             This is COMMUNION. Of course it is! 
And don't let any narrow-minded prelate tell you differently.


             Hell, there's a John Rock song that goes like this:

        There is love that is communion,             
         And there's love that is war;
         There's love down at the union
         And driving in your car.
          And love it will lift you
          As you are flying across the sky
           But don't you ever trust the wind
           To be with you...
            If your life's a lie.

  from, "If Your Life's a Lie" (C)1984 John Rock.       

            Living in the same house as your partner, well things can get evil pretty quick,
especially if you both come from backgrounds where your parents lied a lot. Then it's hard to trust.
            Then trust has to be built between you, as you wander alone and/or together across a hellish countryside.  And you see the bodies bleeding and the smoke from burning cities.
Then love is war!  And no one knows who is going to be the last man/woman standing. 
        And, yes, oh yes - demons do appear in the midst of this WAR And these beasts who seem to have a preternatural consciousness ,  smile and laugh and smirk at you, winking at you as if to say: "You know me, and I know you," and the beast smirks as if to say, "I'll be back. You'll see me many times again. "


                                                              (C)2015 by W.G. Milne

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