Thursday, October 30, 2014


  1.    I was reading one of the Bible translations early this morning as I was just getting up… before coffee. I looked in the book of Ecclesiastes and I saw the phrase, as translated, “Everything is meaningless”
           The translation I’m used to is: “Everything is vanity.”
            ‘Vanity’, however, has a connotation that the word, ‘meaningless’ does not have. Vanity is best translated as
             I like the word ‘emptiness’ not just because it has a
    Buddhist resonance.
              “Meaningless’ suggests a search for meaning has taken place.
              ‘Emptiness’ suggests an attempt at self aggrandizement
    has taken place and failed. All attempts to puff up the ego result in ‘emptiness’. This is a lesson people of our kind have to
    learn again and again… learn painfully this lesson many
                Power and Grace and fertility rest only in
    the  mind of the Creating One, the One who rides  the clouds, the Lord of the meeting rivers, the Lord of Abraham, of Isaac, the Lord of Israel and New Jerusalem (a city rarely  built in the physical world) Lord of Albion and of the Semites, Lord of the gentiles, Vishnu of the Hindu, suchness of the Buddhists, Allah of the Sufis, Lord of all creation: he who makes galaxies instantaneous with making quantum foam - sub atomic particles and waves that we never dreamed of in past centuries.
                As above, so below. As within, so without; as internal so external, male and female as one. The Eye at the core of the burning, unfolding crucible of creation, all glory to Him, the source and the Seed of Life. With the heart of Christ who intercedes for us, who purifies and forgives us with  unending  Mercy.
                 The One who cannot be named, the one with many names,
     the I AM at the timeless point in the midst of time.
                 The Mind at the core of things. The source of all that is holy,
    the bell that rings on the hill, throughout the ages,
    calling men to meditation and prayer.

                                                         (C)2014 by W.G. Milne

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