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                                        TRY A MINDSHOCK!


             it`s good to remember that we live in the
midst of inexplicable Mystery all the time.                                                
             We live on a rock that`s travelling something like
eighteen thousand miles a second through space.
              The sub-atomic world is a not just different than
we thought it to be; it`s  stranger than we CAN rationally
analyse  it to be.
               How can the rational mind understand chaos theory?
                Rigid thinking will not get us there.
                 "Anyone who thinks he can understand
quantum physics, does not understand quantum physics."

          It`s a seething whirl of infinitesimal particles and
charges that  appear at unpredictable times and places.
And these miniscule charges and waves or particles
appear at unpredictable times  to be CONSCIOUS
            Consciousness can be encountered in
places you`d never expect  awareness to be.
              I have encountered  mind
in places school and science insists
it cannot be.

         We are not in a position to make
"final" scientific statements
about anything.

      We can say X and Y behave this way
together most of the time.... but, if you bring
p1 into the equation, all bets are off. And if
Z is anywhere nearby, forget about it!     

              Let me ask you a question. If
there mysteriously appears to be consciousness
in the microcosm, is it not possible
there is consciousness in the macrocosm, also?                        
              If you spend long enough  in the bush
watching the water, and watching the birds
(as they watch you), and watching the skies...
 And if you have no radio, phone or T.V.,
you will be surprised at what you may see.
               For one thing, your telepathic
abilities increase dramatically.
               You know when someone is going
to visit you, long before they appear.
                 Other forms of consciousness
may well approach you, as well.


             **  This is Rule 3 in the School For Mystics, what
we call our, "Foundation Rules." There are not very many
of them. 

                 One of my favourite mystics
we talk about in the School For Mystics
is Meister Eckhart 
                 He said: 

           This is what I`m getting at... this is what you might 
start seeing in the bush.If you sit and watch
long enough, you might see yourself.


      But which self do you intend to see? 
           I choose to live in a mysterious universe, and so this is
how the universe responds to me.

Try this:       A MINDSHOCK

            Look into yourself long enough and you will
discover a mirror-like effect... in which consciousness
mirrors consciousness
             What your mind mirrors is your own mind,
and it is NOT your own mind.
              What is it that stares back at you in this
immaculate mirror within? 


       When  you are exploring  inner space,
it`s best to leave logic and rationality. You can`t catch a
catfish with a rigid bowl; you can catch a catfish
with a screen. 
         (There`s an old Japanese sketch to this effect.  I`ll cite the artist)        
       It`s necessary to explore with an open mind - a screen
has holes in it; it is not a rigid system.  This is what
mindshocks are about.... implosions that aid you
in apprehending fluid reality, implosions that aid you
in realization - so you can walk comfortably in this world of paradox
where we all live.

A FIELD TEST:             This is something else that you might try. Greet the
universe out loud... Shout out your greeting.
           Then ask a question at the sky and rock and trees.
If you can pay attention for twelve hours...if you pay attention
to the earth, and sun and clouds and trees and bush around you
and the birds and animals.... Give it twelve
           See if you don`t get an answer.................(if not, give it three days).
            The human mind is very powerful. The human mind
can guide reality,  inter-relating with the things
around us.

          I choose to live in a mysterious universe
          And so this is how the universe responds to me.

         This is Existentialism at it`s most basic.
          To quote Mohammed Ali: 

                     EVEN BEFORE I KNEW I WAS THE GREATEST."

            This is the power of the human mind. 
            It in fact can actually change reality.     

NOTE:   TRACKING THE WOLVERINE, TRACKING YOURSELF                                                                                            

 *When you track a wolverine, he`s been know to circle around behind you and track you.
So you`re tracking yourself. You have to be extremely careful he doesn`t bite you in the ass
when he follows you following him.
       After he`s eaten his fill, he will bury his food the food but first he will piss all over it....and
His scent is almost as bad as  a skunk`s.  When he fights a bear, he goes right
for the balls. Since he`s faster and lower than a bear, he will often chase a bear
away from it`s kill.

        He`ll break into a solitary trapper`s cabin, eat all his food
and ruin the rest and decimate the place, tearing everything up.  You
get back to your cabin and your pillows are torn up; your long underwear is
in shreds, your blankets and your winter coat are torn
in half.  And the place reeks... from the nasty  fellow pissing everywhere.
        Dangerous as the wolverine can be, he`s never been known
to laugh out loud at human folly, far as I know. Also, he`s never been
known to hide in your bed and jump you and penetrate you  by
surprise when you arrive home and try to light your oil lamp
in the dark.
         This is what happens in the Wait-A-Bit stories, to Artie and
to several others.     
         BUT these are stories about the bush. And myths are born in the
wilds, because strange things happen there. I`ve seen stranger stuff
than the king of the weasels having sex with a human being.
          I won`t tell you these things all at once, because you`ll think
I`m crazy.
          So I`ll slip these singular events into my stories one
by one, like I`m doing now.
           These are stories about the bush, like a campfire
story, or a fishing story. Exaggeration has been known to
enter into these kinds of stories all the time.










                                                       The School For Mystics (C )2000 by William G. Milne
                                                        As a title and a term of art, as an internet process
                                                        of teaching and learning, as  a title of a collection
                                                         of articles and stories.

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