Wednesday, September 26, 2012


          The above title is a quotation, I believe, from the German poet, Rilke.
           I found it in a very old notebook of mine. This makes me think I was smarter than I now think I was, when I was nineteen.

              Here are some other quotations from the same scrap of paper:

              "Every angel is terrible."

               "For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror we can just barely endure."

                "Always distracted by anticipation."
                 "To wish wishes no longer."

              "Not that you could bear the voice of God"

                  Now I'm going to have to go back and study the fellow again... But his story as I remember it is this:
                  Let's say his name was Rainer Maria Rilke. I think this is correct, but I'm not sure. Remembering a time 30 years ago, is for me like remembering a dream.
                  He was a young man, and obviously a genius, so this older woman found him and set him up in a tower. She gave him a place where he could do his work. And by God, he did it!
                   She was right and he wrote magnificent things, like the quotes above.

                    But let's go on in my dream fantasy. I know it sounds like a fairy tale.
                    She set him up in a tower on the side of a hill, overlooking a wide, low valley... and farther away there were other hills.
                     This area was subject to some fantastic storms.
                     And in this tower, lightning struck, lightning in a bottle, he had Mystical Experiences
of the Divine. Now the divine goes higher than the highest star and deeper than the the deepest subterranean cavern, under the lowest hell. It's like when lightning strikes from high up in the clouds
to deep into the earth.
                      This is one way to describe a Mystical Experience, and make no mistakes, in the School For Mystics, a mystical experience is the goal.
                       No kidding around, I honestly believe that mystical experiences are the highest form of learning we can approach as a species, because science and religion, emotion and cold analysis... and a sense of Wonder... all combine in one Knowing.
                        I'm also quite sure that "Awareness"
this is the purpose of mankind. Through us the universe becomes aware of itself,
                         We are not separate from God; we partake of God. God is the universe around us the organizing of atoms bemeath our feet, and the  organising of intergalactic beauty. The Universe seems to be intelligently creating itself.
                          A scientist studying the mysteries of the quantum world knows that his awareness
changes the reality of what he is watching. Through the microscope, his awareness changes the equation, the gestalt of what he is watching. His awareness must be considered to be part of the equation.
                           Mind affects the ever-changing structure of reality.
                            I'm almost positive that our awareness changes what is happening in the sky above us, though our concentration cannot usually focus long enough to see the change... macrocosm
and microcosm. Does one reflect the other? Is the only difference their size.Is their everchanging nature essentially the same?

                            These are questions for Grade Four of the School For Mystics. And I gotta tell ya,  I don't have the answers.
                             The answers are in the Process,
the Flux, the River that Heraclitus said we cannot step in twice.

                              By the way, here are three mystics that all came out of Germany, or the area we now call Germany - Hildegarde of Bingen,
Meister Eckhart, and Rainer Maria Rilke.

                             "I am the living and fiery essence that glows in the beauty of the fields."Hildegarde
of Bingen. (somewhere around the twelth century)
                             This is from memory and I'm getting sleepy again, so please excuse any
misquotations and spelling mistakes.

                               Respectfully submitted.  R.R.
                               Discard nothing. Everything
                               must serve.


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